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TOTAL SELF - Strongest Traits Compatibility

Now that we have looked at and interpreted your entire Overall Compatibility Chart and found the Life Lessons that each of you are to learn, we will take some time now to look at all of the numbers in this chart to create a Total Self Chart which details the traits that will be most prominent for each of you individually. We will also create an Essential Self Chart. The Essential Self Chart will tell us the traits that are the strongest/weakest, and those that are out of balance in your relationship when your traits are combined. Note that each of these charts use unique calculations which have been discovered by The Dreamtime and which are not used by any other Numerologists. We have found them to be extremely valuable in helping to determine overall compatibility issues.

These charts are similar to, but much more important than the Personality Traits chart that we looked at earlier. While the Personality Traits chart indicated aspects of your personality and how they compared with your partner, the Total Self and Essential Self will indicate aspects of your entire person (including your intellect, intuition and emotions) as well as your personality. You can see that the Total Self and Essential Self charts should be used to help you learn to work with each other throughout this relationship and especially if you are considering a long-term relationship. These traits are sure to be evident throughout the growth of each individual and past maturity. Since these charts represent the aspects of each of you that makes you unique and different, we hope that you also find them important in interpreting your relationship at many levels.

Total Self for Susan Lynne Johnson and David Allen Smith
VibrationAmount in SueAmount in DaveBasic interpretation / energy from this Vibration
13-Independent, unique (active)
2-3Diplomatic (receptive)
3--Outgoing, ambitious (completion)
45-Hard working, routine (earth)
53-Imaginative (self-discipline)
6--Domestic (practical)
7-2Introspective (spiritual)
81-Organized (material)
9-7Sympathetic (harmony)

Sue - your Total Self indicates that your strongest vibration is: Practicality (4)
This indicates that as this trait influences your entire self, you will most likely react to others and to relationships in the following way as a lover, friend and in business relationships:

Lovers You are happiest when you function within a secure and stable family. This makes you an excellent family partner in love relationships since you will do anything to maintain your sense of security. You love being the dependable foundation within your family that others depend on. You take great pride in your ability to always be on schedule and never late, even by one minute. This may cause friction in love relationships if you expect your partner to also be as timely and organized as you. You must learn to be a little more accepting of your partner in this respect. Overall you make a dependable, and extremely stable partner in love relationships.

Friends As a friend with others you are well sought out, however your strong desire for security can cause you to sometimes be possessive of your closest friends. You are always eager to help others when hard work or dependability are required. You are respected greatly by most of your friends for the security and stability that you give to your relationships together. You may tend to focus on one or two very good friends, and because of this you should work at accepting more friends into your circle. Your strong adherence to routine and schedule may keep you away from those who love to travel, or who seek dynamic and vibrant friends who are always on the go.

Business In business relationships you enjoy working within large corporations more than independently and you are extremely reliable and always on time. You may be one of the best employees in the company because of your determination and persistence to complete a task at all costs. You are also favored because of your timely and perfect attendance which has others wondering how you ever do it. You may not miss a single day, but you should also try to be a little more curious and willing to try new methods of doing things if you want to truly challenge yourself.

Sue - your Most Outstanding Traits
Your most outstanding traits that appear in your Total Self above are interpreted below:

Strongest Trait - 41% - Self-disciplined / Practical

  • Practical and efficient nature.
  • Strong organizational abilities, logical and able to handle routines very well.
  • Reliable and dependable.
  • Strong attention to details and accuracy.
  • Self-disciplined, determined to complete tasks.
  • Considerate and very responsible.
Other Trait - 25% - Independent / Original
  • Business executive and administration abilities, especially as a leader.
  • Ambitious and determined to be the best.
  • An excellent intellectual capability for solving problems and for climbing the business ladder to success.
  • Originality and creativity are very strong and you use them toward your own gain, especially in business.
  • Honest, loyally dedicated to others who are close.
  • Desire to achieve a high status and financial success. Excellent abilities to own and operate your own business or have a high management/operational position in another company.
Other Trait - 25% - Imaginative / Adaptable
  • Progressive thinker, ahead of others.
  • Quick thinking and wise, strong imagination.
  • Can maintain excitement and focus on interests.
  • Able to do almost anything, adaptable, talented and versatile at learning new things.
  • Enthusiastic and resourceful for using talents.
  • Strong commitment to ideals.
Other Trait - 8% - Ambitious / Enthusiastic
  • Excellent judge of character.
  • Works well under pressure.
  • Realistic and practical at solving problems.
  • Strong organizational, manager skills; keeps emotions under control.
  • Desire for success, achievement and financial reward.
  • Ambitious and confident, ability to establish and run your own business.
  • Knows how to manage money better than others.
  • Handles large projects well (depends on other traits and skills present).

Dave - your Total Self indicates that your strongest vibration is: Compassion (9)
This indicates that as this trait influences your entire self, you will most likely react to others and to relationships in the following way as a lover, friend and in business relationships:

You are generous and warm to everyone close to you, especially your love partner. You desire love, home and happiness more than anything else and this makes you a loving and caring partner in most relationships. You have an inner desire to be needed by others. You are romantic, intense, creative, and extremely passionate about your own ideals and beliefs. The only drawback is that you may tend to over-analyze relationships and this can certainly cause problems for your partners. Because of your tolerant nature you may draw many people to you; some that you don't want, and sometimes you may place your selfless feelings toward others above your own relationships. This can cause jealousy problems for some possessive mates so be careful.

As a friend you are a great choice! You are forgiving of others, kind, generous and fun to be around. You love to express your creative side and it is likely that you attract friends to you who also share this same interest. Your highly tolerant nature sometimes draws many people to you even if you don't really like them, but your high ideals and demand to follow your own interests filters out most of these people. You love change and have an inner restlessness that keeps you on the move. You enjoy many different kinds of friends and they also like to be around you. You may tend to question and analyze your friendships more than necessary and this can be uncomfortable to everyone; try to accept things as they are with your closest friends. Once you have become best friends with someone, you are loyal to them to the very end.

In business you love to work with others for the good and service of humankind. You work best in teaching or inspirational positions where you can use your curious and skillful mind for the benefit of others. As a partner you are full of new and innovative ideas, but you need a little prodding to get started on them. Your initiative for beginning something new may be hampered by an over- concern for practicalities. You work best as the manager or leader of a group of people where you can use your kind and accepting nature as a mediator or counselor that helps smooth over any conflicts that may arise. You have strong beliefs in your own ideals, but your compassionate and selfless character allow you to give in easily to the demands of others, in fact you may place their needs above your own, so it may be best if you are given guidance in some business matters.

Dave - your Most Outstanding Traits
Your most outstanding traits that appear in your Total self above are interpreted below:

Strongest Trait - 58% - Compassionate / Sympathetic

  • Humanitarian interests, generous and likes to work with others.
  • Sensitive, empathic, tolerant and understanding.
  • Compassionate and loving.
  • High ideals and personal motto.
  • Intuitive understanding of the meaning of life.
  • Helps others whenever needed, strong sense of service.
  • Inspiring to others, likes to teach and counsel.
  • Self-sacrificing; gives without requiring in return.
  • Creative and imaginative with strong artistic skills (may occur after maturity).
Other Trait - 25% - Cooperative / Sharing
  • Sensitive to the emotions and feelings of others.
  • Diplomatic and tactful at handling personality clashes or difficult situations.
  • Friendly and loving, shows affection easily.
  • Can coordinate and bring together large groups of people for sharing.
  • Emotional and may have psychic abilities (occurring later in life; usually past maturity).
Other Trait - 16% - Introspective / Creative
  • Good analytical mind and strong intuition.
  • Loves research as a teacher or thinker.
  • Private and respects personal space.
  • Seeks perfection.
  • Thinks differently than others, proposes unique solutions.
  • Tends to become authority on subjects of interest.
  • Special interests in science, technical and spiritual or occult.

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