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Your Soul Urge Number has been calculated from the numerical value of the vowels in your name. It represents your inner feelings and the more subtle aspects of your spiritual sensitivities and your inner strengths. It speaks of your innermost drives and motivations - your dreams. These are usually expressed in feelings, emotions, desires. Your Soul Number represents what your inner secret self desires to be. Most people keep these desires locked away and do little to bring them to fruition. Some people stumble around attempting to 'make their dream' come true. However few in this world at present have the drive combined with insight and self knowledge to realize these hidden dreams and allow them to manifest into reality on the physical plane.

Many people alive on this planet today ignore their Soul Urge and live grey, unsatisfied lives because of it. People see them and say 'how can they be unsatisfied they have everything?' But no one is truly happy until they start on the road to expressing their Soul Urge - after all that's why we're here!

This number implies that you possess a strong inner desire for doing things in a balanced and harmonious way. Harmony is at the base of all you do. You were born to be the peace maker and diplomat. Whatever your Foundational Number is you have a deep drive to create unity in a world that is in desperate need of your ability to harmonize. Keep this as your focus and you will find much joy, happiness and abundance throughout your life. Your interactions with people are usually fair and balanced as you have a deep sense of justice. You have a preference for natural things over artificial..

You are considerate and tactful, adaptable and gentle. You are a follower rather than a leader, so it is highly unlikely that you have secret ambitions to take over the company or 'run the show' better than someone else. This is your natural state of being on a very deep level. Allow your sensitivities to guide you in balance with all aspects of your life and the world around you.

Emotional stress occurs when the mind resists or tries to control circumstances. Deep within you is a duality that remains in continually active. It is the pulls of these oppositions that create inner friction. Racing thoughts and new plans create miscellaneous muscular tension that can jeopardize the healthy functioning of both the lymphatic and immune systems. On a deep level you have the tendency to resist change but this can leave you with the nagging feeling that you are out of control. You may experience mental conflict, emotional stress or physical tension as a symptom of this. Watch out for allergies in times of stress. You need to discover how to calm your intellect. Find that equilibrium within yourself between what you feel comfortable doing and what you won't. Learn to say "Yes" when you choose to - and "No" when you don't. Meditation will help you to attain this inner balance and retain the harmony that your Soul needs to function.

You are a natural empath, with the ability to directly linking into the unconscious and conscious mind of others. Having the ability to see deeply into things, gives you a conscious awareness of the feelings and thoughts of others. It would be very beneficial for you to further develop your psychic and clairvoyant powers. Developing your intuitive talents will help you maintain balance and peace in your life - inner with outer.

Because of your efforts to please and the inborn drive to seek "peace at any price" you can sometimes be a 'people pleaser'. If this tendency is left unchecked it could well lead to loss of your sense of self. Your key is to learn HOW TO NURTURE YOURSELF ON ALL LEVELS. This will open the doorway to your spiritual growth. SERVICE is your key word! However, this must be balanced with caring for yourself. Start acknowledging and nurturing your Soul Urge and you will find that once again there is an increase of energy and joy. Our innermost dreams should be watered and nurtured as one would a garden. Then they can be created in outer reality and exist in our world as truth! - Remember to regularly pour water on you dreams. This water is the water of desire, expectation and action.


Having read about your Soul Urge Number take some time to write down your personal observations.

1: How did you react to reading your Soul Urge? Did it ring any bells?

Write down the positives and the negatives.

What things do you feel strongly about in your life at present?

How do these align with your Soul Urge....

2: Does this Soul Urge have any relevance to fantasies, daydreams or dreams you had as a child?

Now take a look at what you've got. Are you denying expression of this Soul Urge? Ask you self these questions: - If I put energy into creating my desired life what would it be?

Is it close to your life now or is it a far cry?

I'm not sure if you believe in reincarnation or not but let me suggest this:

If you don't strive to express your Soul Urge this time round and get side tracked from what you are here to create and learn, then it's highly likely you'll face a second, third and fourth round under this vibration till you do. Speaking of past lives there is something I feel I should mention at this point. Soul Urge numbers relate to your Soul so quite likely there will be past life experiences associated with it. Many people experience quite irrational fear when confronted with the prospect of stepping into the dominion of their Soul Urge. There's a really good reason for this. Take a look at the history books and legends and religious texts of our society. This world isn't renowned for its nice treatment of those who are expressing their Soul purpose. Noah got heaps from his neighbors for building the ark. Nine million European woman died in a three hundred year period by being variously tortured and burnt as witches. Every single one of us carries scars from previous incarnations in which we attempted to express our Soul Urge and got persecuted for it. Now is the time in human history for as many as possible to overcome these fears and transmute them to become who we truly are at the very core of our being.

3: Remember and write down at least one time in your life when you have strived to express your Soul Urge.

How did you feel?

What were you energy levels like?

4: Remember and write down at least one time in your life when you have participated in a scenario totally at odds with your Soul Urge?

How did you feel?

What happened to your energy level?

How did you react?

Which situation gave you the better long term results?

At this point you may have this inner voice saying: "excuse me I'm not playing this game - last time I was burnt at the stake!" (if you're a male reading this don't think yourself exempt many a male alive today have experienced previous incarnations as females).

5: Now take a look at a current situation in your life.

How do you feel about this situation?

How can you best introduce the positive potential of your Soul Urge?

What is it that you fear will happen if you do?

Is there a way to ensure that your subsequent actions and behavior align with your Foundational Purpose and your Soul Urge combined?

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