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Your Personal Years
As you travel through your life you will journey through 9 year cycles of opportunities, learning and growth. Each year is represented by a Personal Year Number which is calculated from your date of birth. The power of each personal year is felt from 1-3 months prior to the actual calendar year (January 1), and can also be felt for up to 1-3 months after the end of the calendar year (December 31). Note that these cycles fall on the actual calendar year, but the Pinnacles/Challenges occur and change only on your birth date.

As you learn to work with your own personal year influences you will find that they provide you with a balance and rhythm that you can use to assist you in your journey. You can then learn to work with the specific aspects of each personal year. To apply them to the tools and skills which are present in your chart you should consider your Life Path (included here), Personal Soul Urge, Personal Outer Expression and your Planes of Expression (see our Professional Reading for more details). These techniques may help you make better decisions about which way to go, or provide you with thoughtful and careful consideration for methods or ideas of change.

To help each of you become more compatible and learn to help each other, we have listed the most current year and the year to come for each of you along with a compatibility rating and interpretation for those years.

Sue your personal year for 1999 - PERSONAL YEAR 3:
This will be a year when you will express yourself. Words, writing, singing or some other expressive/artistic field will most likely attract your attention throughout this time. Take the time to express your own sense of fun and excitement during this year. This is a time of social activities, parties and many other opportunities for fun and inspiration. You will most likely be optimistic, charming and happy throughout the year as you really let your hair down and have fun! You will eventually come to work with your own inspiration, imagination and creativity during this time as you apply yourself toward a new awareness that lets you enjoy your inner emotions. The future plans or opportunities that you have setup in your 1 Personal Year from two years ago will come into focus at this time as you start to accomplish what your heart and inner emotions desire.

You will feel more charming and attractive, as well as quite lucky throughout this time. You must try to remember to keep your focus on your goals through this time. You may feel the urge to travel more frequently during the year, and this may be a fairly good year for you financially too.

Your mental abilities are enhanced during this time. You may notice that you are adept at using your imagination and creativity to fulfill your desires and plans. You have no trouble in expressing yourself, and in feeling your inner feelings during this time so it really is important for you to try to stay focused on completing your true goals. Your feelings must be made known and you may experience emotional outbursts during this time. You must remember to hold your tongue in some situations as you communicate. This is a good time to explore business opportunities that make themselves known to you through your heightened creativity this year. If you maintain your focus you will surely find a financial gain as well that helps to keep you inspired during this time.

Overall this is a great period for working with others and sharing your dreams and goals. Your incredible sense of communication will serve you best. You are mentally alert during this time, and you may find that when you concentrate deeply that you can even fulfill a few of your fantasies during this year.

January - security/stability, February - adventure, travel, March - family and responsibility April - spiritual knowledge, May - money, success issues, June - humanitarian, emotional concerns July - new beginnings, August - cooperation, partnership, September - self-expression, October - security/stability November - adventure, travel December - family and responsibility

Dave your personal year for 1999 - PERSONAL YEAR 5:
Change is the key for this year. You will use your wisdom and make some quick decisions throughout this year. This time is one of visiting new places and finding new friends. You love the growth and change that seems to happen quickly during this time and you will find that you may feel an impatience or restlessness that urges you to explore. This is a time of fun exploration and one that will work best for you if you follow your Soul Urge as a guideline for how to approach this time. Review your Soul Urge during this month and try to free yourself to explore the deepest desires that you hold within. You are searching for fulfillment and you will most likely find the source of it as this year progresses.

You may want to let go of any old habits, or things you don't need anymore to make way for everything new which will show up in your life: from people, to houses, to jobs - the possibilities are endless. You must take advantage of those things while they are here. So do what you like for a change, travel when you feel inclined, or accept that new position or promotion. Remember to stay focused with some sense of practicality and don't go too overboard by trying out too many new things at one time. But one thing is for sure, you should not try to hold on to old, outdated things, especially as this year comes to a close. You will need to be ready for a fresh start to take advantage of the responsibility and love to come next year.

This is not a good year to try to manage your finances. You may be a bit over-zealous in your spending this year; so try to stop yourself from getting too carried away. Also you may be prone to making sudden decisions without taking the time to truly think them through. Spend some extra time on those big decisions which demand your highest attention. This is a good time for traveling, which is best done if you can keep your long term goals in mind, or if you do it for pleasure alone. You may find opportunities far from home rather than close by. Overall this year is one of change, adventure and new experiences; so take the time to enjoy it and prepare for next year which will bring a renewed sense of responsibility back into your life.

January - family and responsibility, February - spiritual knowledge, March - money, success issues, April - humanitarian, emotional concerns, May - new beginnings, June - cooperation, partnership, July - self-expression, August - security/stability, September - adventure, travel, October - family and responsibility, November - spiritual knowledge, December - money, success issues

Sue your personal year for 2000 - PERSONAL YEAR 4:
A time of practical orderliness will be with you during this year. You will feel a strong sense of self-management and organization as your concentration and mental powers are much increased this year. This is a time of focusing on completing your tasks through orderliness and quality. You may feel that you are working too much, so try to take some time off now and then as you need it. The fun that you had last year was great, but this year you must return to a new sense of dependability and security. You will accomplish a great deal during this time, and you will use the goals you accomplish at this time as a foundation for a secure and stable future.

You will work during this time in fulfilling your obligations and in establishing a steady foundation for helping others. You will attend to all the details with honesty and commitment as you fulfill your duties. You may have to deal with issues of honesty and integrity as you accept these new obligations. You may eventually find that a practical and persevering attitude help you make it through any situation during this year.

You will be practical, thrifty and find a new financial stability throughout this time, you must learn to use it well. You are working to establish a new strong foothold that will help you overcome the changes and adventure that you can expect next year. Remember to keep the feelings of others in your thoughts during this time and to share and care for them as much as you do your business matters. This month you manage your finances and money with a beauty that you may have not known before. You will get your finances in some type of order before the year is through! You should follow all of the tried and true ways throughout this year, do not attempt to follow luck, it may backfire. Overall this year is a period that finds you establishing a solid and stable foundation for the years ahead.

January - adventure, travel, February - family and responsibility March - spiritual knowledge, April - money, success issues, May - humanitarian, emotional concerns June - new beginnings, July - cooperation, partnership, August - self-expression, September - security/stability October - adventure, travel November - family and responsibility December - spiritual knowledge

Dave your personal year for 2000 - PERSONAL YEAR 6:
This is a year of family, responsibility and possibly new love! You will spend much time during this period with others in your family, being a friend, or just helping around the house with new things. This is a time to think of service to others. You will have many responsibilities and family issues come up this year. Your efforts will help you achieve as long as you keep the thoughts of others in your mind while you go about your business. Remember to work for the good of humanity and you will accomplish more than you ever imagined. You may have to care for a relative during this time too, or it may be a time of reunions, weddings and get-togethers that keep you active. Either way you have a strong sense of love, compassion and understanding throughout this year.

You may have many rewards and opportunities this year, your spiritual, and financial goals may be both met as you work toward bringing others into your life with compassion and understanding. This is not a good time to travel, your talents are needed more at home. You must learn to be responsible and dutiful during this time: you are working to create a new home and a sense of security for the years ahead.

This time will be one in which you apply yourself with a deep sense of cooperation, commitment and purpose. Others may not feel so happy to share, so you must work with them to erect changes that follow your eventual goals of higher ideals and peace. You will be known throughout your community in this time as you bring others together through flexibility and understanding. You will surely receive as much as you give in this time, and the domestic affairs that keep you busy will help you grow toward a new spiritual awakening which will follow next year.

January - spiritual knowledge, February - money, success issues, March - humanitarian, emotional concerns, April - new beginnings, May - cooperation, partnership, June - self-expression, July - security/stability, August - adventure, travel, September - family and responsibility, October - spiritual knowledge, November - money, success issues, December - humanitarian, emotional concerns

The compatibility of your Personal Years is very important to your relationship. Below we have interpreted the compatibility of this cycle for the current year and next year. Study this, as well as the Personal Years that both you and your partner face during this time for ideas on acceptance, caring and change that may help your relationship grow during this time.

The Compatibility of your Personal Years for 1999 (Sue - 3 and Dave - 5)
This is a period of harmony in your relationship. During this time each of you are in an outgoing and spirited cycle. You both will be enjoying all that life has to offer at this time, Dave is a little more inventive, intellectual and business-oriented and Sue is a little more charming, inspiring and creative throughout this time in the relationship. You will both get along with each other just fine, though you may have trouble managing your financial situation or planning or organizing clear goals at this time since Dave is so excited by change, and Sue has a happy-go-lucky nature throughout this time.

The Compatibility of your Personal Years for 2000 (Sue - 4 and Dave - 6)
This is generally a period of harmony in your relationship. Throughout this time Sue is busy with keeping a sense of order and being in a secure and stable relationship, whereas Dave is in a time that highlights his responsibility and family oriented commitment. Dave can use this time to express her feelings and to accept Sue's desire for security while providing comfort and compassion. Each of you will be happy to spend time together in a stable environment throughout this time, perhaps in a close friendship or a committed and loving relationship. Sue should learn to be more loving, open and caring with her feelings during this time.

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