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The Personality Matrix
One of the more important parts of the beginning of a relationship are the traits that each of you express toward each other, and feel within yourself, when you are with each other. The Personality Traits chart uses unique calculations that no other numerologists use (to our knowledge) and they will show you what makes up each of your overall personalities and inner motivations. By comparing your personality traits side by side you will be able to see specific traits of your personality that are also part of your partner's personality, or those that may be missing. Note that the stronger the value (amount in your name), the more prominent this trait will be in your personality. To help you further understand the personality characteristics and how they affect your interactions, we will point out any personality imbalances and differences (if they exist) in the interpretation that follows the chart. The energy of each letter, the vibration and count of the amount of that energy (quality) in both you and your partner are indicated in the chart by reading across the chart for each energy (1-9).

Keep in mind that this is not the strongest part of your reading for overall compatibility, but it is instead an excellent indicator of how you will get along at the beginning of the relationship. Many relationships are able to overcome some incompatibility in this section, however traits that show a 3 or 4 times difference between partners may indicate a very potent difference between the two personalities and this could cause a strong incompatibility for the relationship as a whole.

PERSONALITY TRAITS for Susan Lynne Johnson and David Allen Smith
VibrationAmount in SueAmount in DaveBasic interpretation / energy from this Vibration
121Independent, unique (active)
211Diplomatic (receptive)
310Outgoing, ambitious (completion)
421Hard working, routine (earth)
520Imaginative (self-discipline)
601Domestic (practical)
721Introspective (spiritual)
802Organized (material)
903Sympathetic (harmony)

Sue has a slightly stronger imaginative, versatile and curious personality than Dave.
Because of this imbalance Sue will be more interested in doing things which involve the mind and imagination. Sue is much more interested in everything that is around her and curious to explore all of those things which are new. Sue may also have a stronger desire to travel and it is likely that she is more versatile in adapting to new situations quickly and easily compared to Dave.

Dave has a slightly stronger ambitious, organized and realistic personality than Sue.
Dave is more interested in being successful and ambitious in all aspects of his life than Sue. Dave also has a high degree of organizational skills and is excellent at pursuing financial wealth and he may even be a manager or other type of administrative leader. Because of these traits Dave will usually be successful; sometimes at the expense of Sue, and so Dave must be careful to try to take that extra time off, or spend more quality time with Sue whenever possible. This may help to ease the effect of this personality imbalance.

Dave has a stronger compassionate, inspiring and giving nature than Sue.
This situation means that Dave is more interested in solving the problems of humankind than Sue is. Dave is a caring, giving and compassionate person who has a need to be of service to others. Sue must keep this in mind, because Dave may need some time away while working with others to inspire and lead them, or he may be away from Sue often when he is busy helping others. Sue could become jealous of the extra time that Dave seems to have to spend with everyone else except for Sue. If each partner takes the time to express his/her feelings with the other this imbalance can be lessened and you can find compatibility.

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