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CYCLES - their effect on the Relationship

Relationships can change dramatically over time, depending on the cycle or period that each person is going through individually, as well as within the relationship. In this part of the reading we will try to point out major issues and crisis points of the relationship, when possible, however a more thorough study should include a detailed Numerology Transit reading (being developed now) for each person in the relationship, so that the issues of each year, month and pinnacle can be looked at and compared to determine the individual feelings of each period. We will look at your Pinnacles/Challenges as well as the Personal Year that each of you are currently going through and how this may affect your immediate future together. If you wish to look at the compatibility throughout your entire relationship you may want to consider a detailed Numerology Relationship Transit reading (also being developed now) which compares the influences affecting each of you at any time in the relationship.

Your Pinnacles/Challenges
As you move through the cycles of your life, there are four specific periods that are unique to you and determined by your date of birth. Each of these periods is called a Pinnacle (for the time that you reach the pinnacle of the energy pattern for that cycle). Each Pinnacle also has a Challenge that is specific to that period. The Challenge will be a major issue which will arise or be faced during that specific Pinnacle.

The Pinnacles/Challenges occur and change on your date of birth at the age that is listed for each one - though their energy can be felt for up to 1 year prior to your birthdate and after your birthdate as you move from one Pinnacle cycle to the next.

The Pinnacles and Challenges are very important for personal growth and development and consequently they will significantly affect a relationship as each partner feels the strong pull of the energy in each Pinnacle and tries to adjust to it, and to the energy of the Partner's Pinnacle. It is important that we look at each Pinnacle and at each Challenge to determine how you can help and comfort each other through these intense periods of change.

Sue your current pinnacle is affecting you now
From 38 to 46 years old (ends on your Birthday in 2006 when you turn 47 years old)
This will be a time of great cooperation, patience and consideration for others. You will be overly sensitive to the feelings and thoughts of others throughout this time; this may lead to new partnerships or cause disharmony and breakups as you try to overcome situations of diplomacy, service and sharing with others. You will most likely be known as a great advisor during this period - one who cares deeply for others and who has an intuitive awareness to everyone else around them. Your sensitivity to others will teach you about beauty and harmony, inner strength and cooperation with others.

You may notice an extra awareness of music and the arts during this time. You may also notice an added desire to form new friendships and find new love as you work toward creating an environment of harmony and beauty. Overall this will be a time of growing toward others and of learning to accept and be happy with the company that others like to share with you. You will be admired and respected as you come to enjoy being with those around you.

Sue your current challenge is affecting you now
The Challenge of this Pinnacle is 2
From 38 to 46 years old (ends on your Birthday in 2006 when you turn 47 years old)
The challenge during this period will be one of overcoming sensitivity to those around you. You may be seeking out relationships or situations where you have little control. Every word and feeling of others around you may seem like it is directed at you. You will soon overcome these feelings, but to do so you may have to seek out your own independence - try to get away from the crowd and be yourself.

Your deep intuition is valuable and all-knowing: respect it, but learn to protect yourself at times from the unfeeling words of others who may not be as sensitive as you - try to work on accepting them but not always accepting their words.

Dave your current pinnacle is affecting you now
From 37 to 45 years old (ends on your Birthday in 2004 when you turn 46 years old)
This is a time of inspiration, emotional awareness and powerful personal growth. You will face many obstacles and personal challenges throughout this period. You may be directly tuned into your own spiritual awareness and this brings strong revelations of personal and humanitarian growth. As you work through this period you will do your best to focus your energy on looking within and serving others. You should also focus on the intense creative energies you have and your intuitive sense which will blossom into an amazing awakening of your soul during this time. Do not take this too lightly or you will be given emotional tests repeatedly until you have learned the path you are to follow.

The psychic abilities that you have will strengthen or appear for the first time now. You will live through this time with a personal vision that inspires you to work and serve others for a peaceful and artistic new world. You may follow the tendencies you have to teach during this time, or you may feel as if you are an outcast or outsider who is not respected. You may feel that you are out of sorts as to your true path. Your creative and original ideas may alter your balance, but remember that this is also what makes you unique throughout this time and learn to appreciate the gift of growth that you have been given during this period.

Dave your current challenge is affecting you now
The Challenge of this Pinnacle is 3
From 37 to 45 years old (ends on your Birthday in 2004 when you turn 46 years old)
The challenge of this period may mean that you will unknowingly stifle your creative powers. There may be an intense self-doubt or painful event that causes you to ignore your own true creative powers. Your own individuality may be threatened as well, however don't take either of these events too seriously.

Take the time to re-evaluate your own true values and sense of self. Remember that you are just as important as anyone else and your self-expression and creativity is unique and important too. Do not try to conform to others ways and you will share your self-expression with others who truly value it.

The compatibility of each of the cycles that your Pinnacles are in is very important to your relationship. Below we have interpreted the compatibility of this cycle. Study this, as well as the Pinnacle and Challenge that both you and your partner face at this time. If you can learn to understand and work with your partner on their Challenge and help them achieve their Pinnacle, and they do the same you, will have a much more compatible time through this period. If a previous Pinnacle/Challenge is affecting you from last year it will appear above. Be sure to read that section as well since Pinnacle boundaries usually bring great change!

The Compatibility of your Current Pinnacles (Sue - 2 and Dave - 11)
This is generally a period of harmony in your relationship. Each of you are in a time of accepting cooperation and patience from others. You are probably intuitively connected during this time, and you feel a powerful connection with your partner which intensifies as you both reach the Pinnacle of energy during this time. As long as you are both happy and accepting of this situation then all will be fine, but if you are in need of someone to lead, this partnership is lacking. Neither of you is willing to lead in any situation, and you may both feel like the other person is a gossip who cares little about your problems. This is not the case, though it may seem that way. Try to be accepting of the sensitivities that each of you are feeling at this time.

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