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In this section of the reading we will explore each of your Total Outer Expression numbers and their compatibility, followed by your Personality traits matrix and how it influences your relationship. We will start with your Total Outer Expression numbers: these personal, physical attraction numbers for each of you represent your personality and physical appearance selves. This number indicates how others first see you, and will tell you how you appear to others when they first meet you. From this number you can learn how you both first saw each other, and you can find out how compatible you are from a personality or physical attraction outlook.

Note that this is commonly the first thing that attracts others, but it is the least important attraction issue when considering a long term relationship. This is because the personality is usually only 'playing a role' at any particular time. It is easy for that partner (personality) in a 'role' to change quickly and deliberately if required to support their own emotions which may surface from the past, or to grow into new feelings which may arise in the future.

Remember that the paragraphs of interpretive text describing the traits for each person below are printed in the order of strength in that person, from the strongest (most prominent) trait to the weakest (least prominent) trait).

Sue - how others first see you, your 40/4 Total Outer Expression
You are looked at as being extremely reliable and as being somewhat reluctant to accept new ideas. Others get the impression that once they win your respect that you will stand by them forever. Sometimes though, they think that you are a little tight with your money and too conservative.

You appear to be mystical, protective of others, and all-knowing to those who first meet you. In fact you probably have a fairly strong intuitive ability that others seek out. Your instincts are finely tuned and they allow you to feel your way through most situations. You seem to have an instinctive awareness of things that impresses those you come in contact with. Inside of yourself you know that it is an ability that we all have and can use, though sometimes you may play up to the excitability of others.

Dave - how others first see you, your 38/11/2 Total Outer Expression
Others see you as someone who is cooperative and a person that likes to create harmony in most situations. You seem to accommodate everyone. Unfortunately, you may make more promises than you can keep, and sometimes others feel that it is hard for them to show their true feelings to you. You appear to seek a perfect relationship, and sometimes others feel that you don't put enough trust in them.

You look like a bold and confident person to others who first meet you. Under your exterior they recognize that you are loyal, trustworthy and supportive of others when you need to be. They recognize you as a natural authority on most topics and a leader in most situations; in fact they may get the feeling that you are a little arrogant or pushy in trying to get your own way.

You appear to be a born idealist: ready to fight over your principles, or eager to support your own causes. Others see you as someone that is difficult to get close to, and they sometimes feel intimidated by your presence. They know that eventually if they win your affection that you will remain faithful and loyal to them for the rest of your life.

Others recognize you as cheerful and confident. They see you as the life of the party, though they also have the impression that in your private life you may be lonely. They feel that sometimes you desire to be the center of attention. To them you appear as if you need to be needed, and yet they feel that you rarely allow others to get close enough to you.

You have a tremendous drive and energy to be successful in what you do. You are seen as a powerful figure, especially in the business world, where you excel at financial and other material issues. Because you are extremely goal oriented you appear as being high-handed and demanding of others. They may think that you sometimes push them away with your superior attitude. Try to keep your focus on sharing your accomplishments with others as well, and they will respect you as a true leader.

Comparing the Physical/Personality compatibility of you two we find that:
In Personal Relationships - Rating: Good (3 out of 5)
From a personality standpoint this friendship or romantic relationship is not too compatible. You are very different, especially personality wise. Sue is bound to the material world: down- to-earth, practical and a hard worker. Dave, on the other hand, is very spiritually oriented, idealistic and interested in fantasy worlds that may not exist in reality. Together this does not make a very good combination unless you are both willing to work at this part of the relationship. Sue must try to get excited in the spiritual senses of Dave, and at the same time, learn to temper the sometimes idealistic nature of Dave. Dave must come back down to earth and try to live within the practical world of Sue without feeling too tied down. It is possible for each of you to make this relationship work if you are both willing to put in the time and feelings necessary from a personality sense.

In Business Relationships - Rating: Very Good (4 out of 5)
Together this makes a fairly compatible business relationship from a personality standpoint. You are both very different, but if you learn to apply your talents in the areas where you are lacking individually, you will succeed. Sue is a steady worker and she usually likes to follow the lead of Dave in this partnership. Dave is inspirational and a strong leader, but also may be a bit too idealistic and unrealistic when it comes to the goals of business. This is where Sue can learn to help. Together the two of you must create a stable and secure environment for Sue to feel comfortable. Dave must try to influence Sue without being too overpowering, and Dave must learn to accept some of the practical ways of Sue in this partnership, especially personality wise. Work on these issues and you will strengthen your compatible relationship at this level.

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