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Your outer expression number has been calculated from the numerical value of the consonants of your name. It represents the Outer persona that you present to the world. Like the packaging of a product! This is the you that everyone sees as opposed to your Soul Urge which for most people remains hidden from others. People usually assess you by your Outer Expression and of course this will color their expectations of you, based on merely outer appearances. What happens if the Outer Expression number fails to support the Foundational or Soul Urge numbers? Probably you find that people complain that you are not who you appear to be. Therefore it is most important understand the synergy or relationship dynamics between your Soul Urge, Foundational Number and your Outer Expression.

Your Outer Expression Number indicates that you have a deep desire to leave an impression on all you meet and are a bit of an entertainer. You derive great pleasure and give much to others, by being the life of the party. People remember you for your quick wit and a bright outlook.

In gatherings you are extremely charming, affable and sociable. You have an attractive manner and desire pleasure and fun. Communication is a vital part of your personality, and you express yourself easily. An avid conversationalist, you shine in the midst of any group. You are given to the enjoyment of the good life and are often noted at the hub of social activities expressing your point of view. You are like the sun, lighting up the world of those you encounter, spreading sunshine and optimism wherever you go. Loyalty and honesty enhance your idealistic nature. People naturally gather around your warmth. However be careful your conversational talents do not degenerate into gossip, exaggeration and superficiality.

The planet Jupiter governs this Outer Expression Number and this expansive energy enhances an appreciation of beauty and worldly possessions.

You should also take the time to express the deeper, spiritual aspect of your nature, or perfect one of your obvious talents. Take care not to ignore any opportunities for positive expression personality. If you refuse to develop your latent talents, its likely you may develop a cynical outlook upon life as the years go by. A jaundiced view of life will hinder and perhaps even lead you to abandon your spiritual purpose

Now take some time and consider how your Outer Expression Number effects your dealings with the world.
At present are you expressing the positive or negative aspects of you Outer Expression Number?

NOW FOR THE BIG THREE QUESTIONS: Take some time with this section. Once you understand these dynamics you are going to make your life a whole lot easier! Working with your strengths, accepting your weaknesses and understanding how you function on many levels will bring illumination into your life. The Oracle of Delphi has carved above its entrance..."Know thyself". So this is your big chance. Don't leave it till later - do it now!

Write down the factors point by point under each of these headings:

In what way can my Outer Expression Number support my Soul Urge?

How does my Foundational Number become externalized through the persona, indicated by my Outer Expression Number?

How can I utilize these various aspects of myself for the betterment of all?

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