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INTELLECTUAL Compatibility

This part of the reading looks at the way each of you think about life and how your talents and lessons affect you: intellectually and mentally. This is the part of the reading that will explain what each of your life paths and life lessons are. Your intellectual outlook is determined by the lessons and assets that you were born with in this lifetime and how you apply and use them. The Life Path is calculated from your date of birth and it indicates the specific path, and life lesson that remains to be learned for that person. This number is one of the most important numbers in the chart along with the Fate number (fate compatibility) and the Destiny number (intuitive compatibility). The intellectual aspect represents the way in which each of you perceive your view of the world. This is the part of you which develops the models for how you live your life, and it determines the things that you aspire to and pursue as you grow into maturity. We will look at each of your individual Life Paths (talents/assets), as well as the life lessons for each of you. This is followed by a compatibility interpretation for these two numbers, both personally and in a business relationship.

Sue - how your talents/lessons affect you, your 17/8 Lifepath
Your main purpose in this life is to realize your potential for success and power through generosity as you work with the creativity and abundance and inner spirit to formulate your own ideals. You have a challenge in this lifetime to accept your success with a spirit of sharing.

There is a need for you to put trust in your inner-self in this life. You must learn to be confident in your skills and creative energies which are highly developed, and to bring them forward into the Earthly world. You have a delicate and highly imaginative spiritual sense about you and you are known for seeking the truth: you like to get to the root of the mysteries of life by searching the depths of your own consciousness and hidden knowledge. You have a fine intellectual mind that requires some time by itself for contemplation.

You are quite lucky and you seem to find or attract the money you need to live from your creative energy. You have a highly creative mind and a very strong intelligence: others may think of you as brilliant, and you are! Remember to combine your mind with your strong drive for success and manifestation in the material world and you will truly create a miracle. You will come to create the kind of life you enjoy living and it will make you happy and joyous, fulfilled and spirited and of great service to others. You will also enjoy the great praise and respect that others have for you because you have learned to follow through with every success toward a higher spiritual purpose.

You are brilliant: intuitive, creative and expressive. You work at bringing these powers into alignment with your intuitive skills when you are at your most positive. You have learned to place trust in letting the divine power of this world direct the things that happen in your life. This spiritual uncovering allows you to become powerful and abundant as you follow your path.

Sue - your life lesson
You are known as being ambitious, career-minded, determined and persistent. You have an endurance that stands above all others, though you should beware of becoming overly conscious of your own status. You enjoy hard work, and your self-assured and controlled emotions help you pursue tenaciously any goal you set your mind to; even if this means that your relationships may suffer. You may become lonely and isolated if you continue to strive to fulfill your material ambitions without letting others into your personal life.

Your most powerful lesson in this life is to learn to share with others: if you refuse this lesson you may be faced with an emotional emptiness. You must work to keep your motives straight-forward and with a concern for others.

You function best while working hard in a business position or any job that allows you to climb a ladder of success toward a higher and more powerful position. You must learn to let others share in your greatest achievements as well.

Dave - how your talents/lessons affect you, your 27/9 Lifepath
Your primary purpose is to trust yourself and to value honesty and cooperation with others as you come to a great spiritual understanding serving others and living within your own higher purpose. To do this implies that you have a deep sense of trust in yourself, as well as in others. You will learn to accept the opinions and criticism of others, but you will also learn that your own intuition and inner knowing are just as important.

You will discover wisdom and a deep set of personal principles and values along the way. You must learn to integrate them into your own inner self by applying trust and intuition. Eventually you will form your own spiritual laws that are unique and your own - because you realize that even though the words of others are important, it is the inspiration and heartfelt emotions of your own soul which are correct.

You must come to balance your feelings with the intellectual and analytical side of yourself so that you can open up fully to others. Only in this way will you find the cooperation and service of others which are so important to your path in this life. You will eventually be an example for those around you. As you find truth and sincerity you realize that others will respect and follow you for your spiritual awareness and desire to be of help to all those you meet. Your great compassion for others and wisdom make you an inspiration to many.

In your most positive you are trusting of the spirit within all things and you have a deep realization of your own spirit as well. You are a natural teacher, a healer of those around you who know that your incredible commitment to humanity is genuine and one that creates feelings of awareness and fulfillment for you.

You are known for being original, inventive and creative, and your mental strength is phenomenal. Others seek you out and are willing to help you implement your great ideas.

Dave - your life lesson
You are energetic, restless and aggressive to pursue your supreme goals that serve others. Your enthusiasm is boundless, but you also enjoy working with the efforts of others. Your powerful and dynamic personality means that you are excellent at initiating any new project or task, though you may lack the patience required to sustain your interests long enough to follow it through to completion. Your deep competitive spirit puts you in many challenging positions which you are adept enough to win in most cases. You may be forced to make rash decisions at times, so beware of becoming involved in too many tasks at once.

Your greatest lesson in this life is to learn to become more considerate of others and to exert more restraint and self-control when completing your tasks. You may have an undue fear of loss and limitation. You must learn to accept the spiritual as well as the material side of this life.

Your competitive nature and vigorous personality suit you best for positions in fast-paced organizations which require quick-thinking and little emotional attachment. You do best when you work with humanitarian causes that allow you to feel like you are accomplishing something on a spiritual scale beyond this physical earthly world.

Comparing the Intellectual compatibility of you two we find that
In Personal Relationships - Rating: Very Good (4 out of 5)
As a friendship or romantic relationship at a intellectual level this union is compatible. Sue is materially driven, ambitious and very responsible. Dave is compassionate and inspiring of others as a leader and very spiritually oriented. Together the two of you can turn into an excellent team, as long as Dave is given a chance to be creative as well as to inspire/teach Sue at the intellectual level. Dave must be warned to not be too controlling. Sue can make use of her strong organizational skills and apply them to Dave at this level of the relationship. Together you will build a compatible and potentially long lasting relationship.

In Business Relationships - Rating: Very Good (4 out of 5)
As a business partnership this relationship is compatible intellectually. You each have something to share at the intellectual level. Sue is very ambitious and driven to succeed, especially in business and in financial matters that require intense organization. Dave is compassionate, inspiring, and a leader of others. Dave can provide the leadership in this relationship, especially from a spiritual or personal feelings standpoint. Sue has strong organizational skills. Together your intellectual compatibility will keep you working together throughout this partnership. Sue must try to listen to the spiritual and visionary ideas of Dave as much as possible, for inspiration and strength. Dave may have to let Sue be the organizer, or financial manager for this level of your relationship to remain compatible.

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