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INCLUSION CHART (what it means):
The Inclusion Chart is used to analyze all of the numeric vibrations that are present in your birth name. Each letter vibration will be accounted for and we will use this chart to analyze how strong the energies of each numeric value are from 1-9. From this chart we will indicate your Hidden Passion(s): the vibration(s) in your name which is the strongest and which indicates what your most superior talent is. We will also look at which Karmic Lessons (missing traits) you might have brought along with you in this life, and therefore need to be worked on.

Your inclusion chart is represented by 6 vibrations from the total of 9 vibrations which are possible: the 9 number vibrations are related to the energy of each letter in the alphabet which holds a specific value 1-9. We will now look at your entire Inclusion Chart in the table below to get an understanding of your unique makeup. The energy that each letter holds is the vibration value that you see indicated and the total count of that energy vibration within your name indicates how much of that trait you have. Note that this chart will only briefly describe the 9 vibrations (in summary) and indicate the amount in your name. It is essential that we focus on the vibration(s) which are strongest in your name (your Hidden Passion(s)), and those which are missing from your name (your Karmic Lessons). We will do that in the text following the chart, for now lets look at each vibration and how much of it is part of your overall person:

INCLUSION CHART for Susan Lynne Johnson
Vibration ValueAmount in your nameBasic interpretation / energy from this Vibration
16Sense of independence, desire to be a leader
20Your desire to feel fellowship and affiliation with others
32Self-expression, out-going, originality / creativity
40Ambition to work and persevere
56Freedom of choice and sense of personal freedom
62Responsibility toward home, family and marriage
71Deep urge for knowledge, learning and understanding
82Compulsion to be successful, also need to own material things
90Your need to feel universal love, kindness for humanity, spirited and unique.

This part of your Inclusion Chart will indicate which vibration(s) holds the most powerful affect on your life and should therefore be used to help you reach your true goal. You should read this number(s) while keeping your Heart's Desire and Soul Urge energy in mind, since the skills that are indicated by the Hidden Passion Number will be those that you are most talented at and you will be able to use these skills to activate your innermost dreams and desires that are indicated by your Soul Urge and Heart's Desire numbers.

You have a strong desire and ambition to be the best in everything that you do. You may be very competitive, dynamic and creative. You have the ability to be a leader and influential, possibly to the point of dominating someone. Keep your ideals high, and be wary of those who may try to manipulate you in business and politics and you will fulfill your hidden passion and become a true leader.

You have a high desire for personal freedom and independence. You enjoy traveling and being part of change. You are probably very good in conversation or with the written word and it could suit you as a good vocation. Due to your strong sense of independence it may be hard for you to stay focused on a project for long periods of time. Try to bring new and fresh ideas into everything you do and it will keep you interested. There is an inner desire to be unconventional and interested in many things at the same time. This sense of scattering your abilities may wear you out, and even though you value commitment in all things, you may roam from one situation to the next. This makes a deep relationship difficult. Try to find something new in your closest relationships every day, and you will become a positive person that accepts the strong bonds you feel with others.

This part of your Inclusion Chart will indicate which vibration(s) are missing in your name and will help you interpret those things that you may need to work on improving in this lifetime in order for you to be your very best. These missing numbers indicate lessons from past lives that you may have brought along with you to work on in this lifetime. You should read this number(s) while keeping your Outer Expression energy in mind, since the expression that you represent to the world may be lacking the specific energy of this number(s). By learning to overcome or increase the vibration of this energy through working on the spiritual lessons of the number you will find a greater joy in your life and you may feel that overall you are more adept at handling more diverse situations than you were able to in the past.

This lesson implies a need for you to be more diplomatic and cooperative. You may have a lack of concern for others in your actions. You may find that you will be faced with many situations in your life where it is necessary for you to work as part of a team without being praised for your own work. These situations will help you to learn the effects of this lesson. Cooperation and caring for the sensitivities of others should be part of our common courtesy towards the acceptance of others. Remember it is the uniqueness and individuality of everyone that makes this world interesting. Learn to respect those differences and you will have learned this lesson.

Questions for learning
Is there a friend or past friend who may no longer speak to you? Think about the situation and decide if you may have been imperceptive to your friends feelings. Choose one situation where it might have been your lack of feelings that caused the break up.

Write down your own thoughts and feelings on this situation and then draft a letter of apology to your friend. Express all of your inner thoughts and ask for your friend's forgiveness in this matter. You can prepare the letter and envelope, and then contact your friend personally on the phone or in person to discuss the matter. Keep the letter for yourself to remind you of this karmic lesson that you have learned.

This lesson will teach you to establish an organized and focused work ethic. You may need to create a foundation for your life, and you might notice that you have trouble deciding on a line of work that suits you best. You may have a lack of organization and discipline, however by developing your natural organizational skills and paying attention to details you will eventually come to love and appreciate your work. Try to search for answers inside of yourself more often instead of looking outside of yourself.

Questions for learning
Do you appreciate your family, friends and line of work? Take the time to think of how much your family and friends have helped you through many trying times. Think of how they have been there for you whenever you needed help. Focus on the details of one or two specific times when someone from your family or a close friend came to help you.

Write down all the reasons that you can think of that inspire you to work. Think of of the personal and monetary rewards you receive for doing a job well. Order your list from most to least important and write a detailed description of each characteristic. Take your time and work slowly and carefully until you have listed at least ten things that you enjoy about your job. Remember to include things like company parties and friends, holidays off to enjoy with your family, a secure environment where you know that your skills are appreciated and many others.

This lesson will teach you to be more tolerant of others around you. You may not always see things in the broad scale that they represent. Concern for others helps us all as we live our lives. Remember that everyone is unique, we are all different. Tolerance toward others helps us to show are own true identity. You may be kind and capable, but unable to recognize when help is needed, or unable to determine the importance of your own potential. You may not feel a kinship or community with man/womankind, but by listening to your own intuition and being empathetic with others sufferings you will soon realize that we are all part of one another.

Questions for learning
Ask yourself when the last time was that you judged someone else? Write down your reasons for being judgemental, and then think about some part of you that annoys others. Write down how you feel about having others tell you they dislike this part of you. Can you see how being judgemental may not be productive or helpful.

Think for a moment about the differences that we all have. Think of all the different religions and cultures throughout the world. Can you see how we must all be respectful and compassionate of each other in order to live together in this world? Take the time to visit a different church, or a part of the city where there are other cultures that you have not experienced before. Smile at the other people as you greet them and think how different we all are, even though we are all part of 'humanity'.

Click here to order a Pro reading, this sample from our 30 Page Professional Numerology Reading sample.