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This number is calculated using the vowels in your First and Last name as it is used in day to day conversation. It will provide you with additional information about your true nature or what you might desire to achieve in this lifetime. You should look at this interpretation and use it together with your Soul Urge number to help you determine what it is you desire from this life.

Your Soul Urge number itself may hold a stronger vibration and will probably be more representative of your true inner desires, however your Heart's Desire will also describe the nature of your deepest wishes and desires.

Your inner feelings lead you to value ambition and personal intensity. You may have an exceptional ability and desire to work in business and with organizational matters. You have the skills that you need to focus on your goals and attain them with extreme determination and ambition if it is required. You have good judgment and a desire to lead others. Try to think of the others around you while you are pursuing your goals, and be kind to them as well; they are seeking their goals too. The good of humanity and family has much to offer as well.

Nurture your Heart's Desire along with your Soul Urge and you will find that once again there is an increase of energy and joy as you go about accomplishing your goals. Your wishes and desires are very important; so try to find the time to ackowledge them too. They will help you as you create your outer reality and define your own unique principles.

Consider your soul urge & heart's desire along with your hidden passion.
You should also keep these two numbers in mind when reading your Hidden Passion Number which will appear later in the reading. Your Hidden Passion is the numerical vibration of the strongest potency in your Name. It will help guide you by showing you what your true passion / talents are in this life. Use your Soul Urge/Heart's Desire numbers as a map of your goals, and your Hidden Passion number as the navigator: pointing you a way which will be best in line with your inner talents and capabilities.

Click here to order a Adv reading, this sample from our 28 Page Advanced Reading (100k).

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