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GATEWAYS: Existing periods of opportunities
Throughout your life you go through nine year cycles of opportunities for development and personal growth each year is represented by your Personal Year Number. These energies influence and provide the focus for that 12 month period. When you recognize the influence that we are under at any particular time in our life it ceases to be such a roller coaster ride. If you work with the energy of the time you will find that you achieve far more than working against it.

In addition to these Personal Year Numbers there are four major Gateways we experience throughout our lives. Your personal Gateways will always coincide with a Personal Year of 9. This is timely and appropriate as Personal Year 9 is about resolution and change. Your first Gateway will open somewhere between 29 and 34 years of age as it is dependant on your Foundational number. These Gateways provide a specific focus at different periods of your life. These Gateways are very important for your personal development. The number of your Gateway will provide additional opportunities for your evolution in this life. It's energy and influence will be felt for approximately three years following the year it commences. So be prepared to approach each Gateway and utilise that incoming energy and focus to improve your life circumstances.

28 years old: YOUR FIRST GATEWAY is Number 7
This period of your life will be focussed on sharing your knowledge with others. To travel through this Gateway successfully depends on patience, hard work and persistence. Any selfish ambitions will fail. Hasty ill timed action will only lead to frustration. This is a Gateway full of surprises - expect lots of changes in your life. There is an intense aspect of initiation when one enters this Gateway. Because before you are given the mantle of Master, the Universe will make absolutely sure you are worthy of it. This is the Gateway of 'instant karma' so if you are not functioning for the highest good, you may well find the Universe slams you on your butt to put you back into place. Look to your Soul Urge number to remind yourself what your path is and aim yourself in that direction. It's time for the dead wood to fall from the tree to make way for new growth in your life. Don't become impatient and try and make things happen. You'll find that if you do, your in for hard work with little reward to show at the end of the your efforts.

It's also a good time to learn and master skills that will aid you in your professional life. This is a time to start searching the mysteries of life. Learning the practice of meditation or some esoteric art such as Numerology or Astrology will only deepen your understanding of yourself and others.

Don't push your financial resources. It's not a time for impulsive action. It's a time for completion and attainment, so look at the consequences of your actions.

Matters may mysteriously complete themselves without any personal effort on your behalf, so sit back and let things work themselves out. This is a time to spend alone in quiet contemplation of your life as it now stands and any dross must be cleared for you to make progress. You will find that time spent in nature will be very soothing for you and you should seek this as often as is practicable. As you approach this Gateway take a long hard look at your Soul Urge number and start formulating ways of bringing this expression of your inner potential out into the world. Self discipline and inner strength are called for, and as I said before: "Regular meditation wouldn't be a bad thing either". Be patient with others and don't be critical. If you find yourself getting picky and critical, stop and check your own inner workings. It's a sure fire clue that there are some internal issues at stake.

Passing through this Gateway will bring you many opportunities to share your acquired knowledge with others. You may find yourself magically placed in the position of guide. Do this with patience and humility and you will build the foundation for success in the following years.

Romantically , you need love and understanding because your urge to go off by yourself will be overwhelming and appropriate. Treat loved ones with care and respect during your passage through this Gateway because with the energies surrounding you , a parting of the ways could ensue

37 years old: YOUR SECOND GATEWAY is Number 6
This period of your life will be focussed on creative development. This creative development will in most cases be directed towards the home, family and love. There are changes occurring in your home. People may come and go, or you may change your residence.

You may choose to marry now or develop strong ties of friendship that bond you to someone. This period of your life may well see you become the leaning post for others. So be prepared to put your personal feelings aside and be there for them when they need your support. But don't martyr yourself to the situation.

Love and harmony are important focuses as you pass through this Gateway and could well trigger your artistic senses. Putting your house in order is appropriate. So get out the paint brushes and choose a new color for the living room or learn about Feng Shui and move the furniture round to create more harmonious surroundings for yourself and your family.

This period of your life is about love and compassion, its a time of the heart. So, commence each day with loving thoughts and let that carry you through till the next. During this period you may find your nesting urge comes to the fore and your focus will be on home and family life. This Gateway isn't one for huge accomplishments, it will lead you back to home and hearth. This can be a loving, rewarding and creative period of your life, so maintain your balance and harmony. Make your home attractive and welcoming and people will come to just to be with you.

You may find that you can't help yourself. The urge to play house and make babies or get married will be overwhelming. So make sure you've selected an appropriate mate for the task. Don't let this heady air of Love blind you to realities.

Adjustments may have to be made but you will certainly reap the rewards from developing your ability to give and take. Act responsibly! See to your duties with honesty, and success will be yours. Progress will be slow and steady but it will be yours. This year you could well see a rise in pay or unexpected wealth coming your way.

If you are living in a harmonious way this year then you'll find that like magic money appears. But if your life is functioning on the other side of the coin then your finances may well disappear. Financial gains this year will only be made through safe investments such as land or Blue Ribbon stocks. This is not a time to risk money gambling, loan out money or travel, stay close to your nest and start feathering it.

46 years old: YOUR THIRD GATEWAY is Number 4
This period of your life will be focussed on increasing your material power. Its up to you what you do with this opportunity, but if you are prepared to work hard and stay in your integrity the rewards will be enormous.

This is a time for creating order in your life. Be prepared to spend time sorting out past mistakes. Your opportunity here is to build a strong foundation for the rest of your life. So, if the foundations aren't solid, the cracks will certainly show up during this phase. It's a time to attend to all those boring mundane things that you've most likely been putting off. So get your nose to the grindstone and start building those solid foundations for the years to come.

Creating a sound Structure is necessary for the coming years. So make plans, set goals and for goodness sake follow them through! It's through system and order that you will create success. Quality not quantity is the important focus as you travel through this Gateway. Work on what you do best and you will excel in many other areas of your life. There's no time for slacking off present, so get yourself some good vitamins and make sure you are physically up to the tasks at hand.

This is a time for clearing out all mercenary or negative attitudes towards material pleasures. So keep a wary eye on your motives. You'll find that if you are coming from a selfish focus then all your hard work will come to very little in the end. This could quite likely cause a severe strain on your immune system and health problems could be the result.

Please don't attempt any major new steps into lifestyle changes as it will very likely end in material loss. Instead, look to the foundations of your life and make sure they are solid. It's a time for tidying up loose ends and completing things that have been left undone for too long. This is all in preparation for the changes to come in your life, so make sure all your t's are crossed and your I's are dotted

55 years old: YOUR FOURTH GATEWAY is Number 3
This period of your life will be focussed on intellectual pursuits. It's a time for learning, reviewing and analyzing. You may find that you have the urge to travel to far off places when this Gateway hits. Travel will provide many opportunities for growth and expand your insight into the world. Its also time for love affairs, marriages births and lots of joy and laughter. It time to get in touch with your joy of living. Explore your creativity because it flourishes under this vibration. If you want to make the most of this time in your life do not become over indulgent or scatter your energies.

Dedicate some time and finances to your personal appearance as how others perceive you is important. Pay attention to the way you dress, go through your wardrobe and cull anything that is outmoded or does not flatter you and of course get out there and replace them with some more appropriate outfits. Remember appearances are important at this time so keep them up. If you want to live and be treated like a millionaire then start presenting yourself like one.

Business and pleasure go hand in hand so have fun socializing. Give parties, join groups, attend courses and get out there and become involved with meeting people. You need your freedom to find your own personal expression at this time so don't commit yourself to anything that could limit that. You will be center stage now so bask in the light while it shines on you as you travel through this Gateway and share with others the joy you feel in your heart.

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