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This number is calculated by the addition of all the numbers present in your birth date. It represents the foundation upon which your destiny in this world lies. This number contains four elements representing: We are all travelers on the road of life and each of us has our own path to travel at our own pace. Your Foundational Number represents your primary life purpose and provides the theme for your overall life experience. Once we embrace and integrate our 'reason for being' we no longer seek excuses, blame others or deny personal responsibility. Then we travel our personal path with knowledge of what our primary path looks like and thus avoiding unnecessary detours. Then the journey will be traveled with excitement, joy and renewed energy.

Once you learn how to become truly  philanthropic. Work  from a perspective that encompasses the welfare of the planet then shall all doors be open to you.


You have the ability to channel your energies  to  alter any given situation, so you will ultimately find yourself a leader one way or another. The power you exert over the material world is a product of the discipline you expend. You have the potential to be a great success financially. You have sound business judgment and know the value of money. You are shrewd, resourceful and ambitious for power. Failure just spurs you to greater effort. You do not give up easily. Being a natural money maker, you'll probably become wealthy through your efforts. Some Foundation 8's make and lose more than one fortune in their lifetime. Please remember however that working for material gain alone will not provide the satisfaction you need.  Learn to share your good fortune with others. It's important for your spiritual development.  You are endowed with originality and inspiration and you like to create so you are multi-talented in all areas of material achievement. With these qualities and your diplomacy, persistence and courage you can accomplish almost anything you set your mind to. You have the uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time - walking into opportunities that others not as keen witted at yourself may miss. You are able to make precise 'one-the-spot' decisions, a great benefit to you in matters of material gain.

You regard independence and particularly financial independence as a vital aspect of life. Being a very complex person it's lucky if you possess great wisdom and strength of character. Most Foundational 8's do. You have an enormous capacity for compassion and sympathetic tenderness for those in trouble. However, not always do you express yourself in this manner for long. You tend to grow impatient with those who become dependent on you, particularly if they exhibit lazy habits. WARNING: Do not let your emotional misunderstandings interfere with commercial decision making. This is one aspect of your character that could downgrade your ability for enormous success. You take noticeable pride in your dress, giving great attention to your appearance and the appearance of those you love. You tend to hide your sensitive nature as it generally makes you uncomfortable to express this aspect of yourself. You walk the world with a very self confident manner, exuding the exuding the strength of your of independence and dependability. This of course makes you a natural for positions of seniority and responsibility in which you excel.  While  this fierce independence works well for you in the outside  world,  it can translate into undemonstrative coolness, bordering into indifference on the home front. This relates directly to your difficulties of self-expression. Your marriages are more than likely based on a need for security or social image-approval rather than love. You want to be proud of your family, home and possessions.

As a person with a Foundation 8 you know no half measures. It is either personal limitation or spiritual freedom, splendor or degradation. You must learn accept personal responsibility and handle it to the best of your ability. Remember "what you sow, so shall you reap". So use your positive aspects to create a stable material world for yourself - one in which you are willing to share your fine capabilities and creative talents. Your major lesson is to learn the futility of material possessions and realize that they mask a far greater reality.

Your fierce independence is so zealously guarded that you can sometimes develop a deep resentment  towards  any form of interference to your plans. You have difficulty developing a middle path. Where your children are concerned you are either over indulgent with them or exceptionally strict. You could well find that you have difficulty in love relationships, tending to create a barrier that holds your feelings in check. It is important that you learn to express your feelings more fluently as you will find that your happiness and your personal security will improve.

Foundation 8's make excellent executives or senior officers. You have a sound understanding of finances and banking. If you reach Tycoon status please remember that your ultimate success in personal growth relies on your power to share with those less fortunate. Many outstanding athletes are Foundation 8's and they achieve their success though their discipline, effort, will and  strength. Remember that your Soul Urge Number and your Outer Expression Number will greatly influence your choice of career.

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