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FACETS: More unique dimensions of your character
There are many calculations used to highlight your unique characteristics these are very influential in the formation and development of your character.

One of these consists of certain combinations of numbers are found in your birth chart and are calculated by the presence or lack of specific numbers. We call these Facets: These act in a synergistic manner that create specific and very unique personality traits. Some of these represent areas of strength, and some represent deficiencies that can be overcome by using the strengths already apparent by the other numbers present in your birth chart.

Please be mindful that even seemingly negative aspects of your character serve to create an environment for personal growth. Where deficiencies exist, look for the hidden gift in this.....if you search you will find that there is always an opportunity even in apparent negativity. The power of your original birth chart is not nearly as important as what you do to overcome the challenges you have set yourself. Some of the most successful people in history have had very challenging charts. Their success has only come about by developing the qualities in which they were originally deficient in. That is the purpose of life - to evolve.

Facet of Method:
This Facet indicates a very methodical approach to life. You are likely to have inspired ideas which you then go about very carefully planning effective structure to bring your ideas into reality. You love order and always strive to understand a problem before setting out to plan a strategy for its solution. Even though you love to plan you may not like to actually get down to the nitty gritty of actually doing. Try to guard against using your methodical approach as a subtle form of procrastination.

As a child you were trusting and gentle with little understanding that not everyone is the same as you. This most likely ended at some stage with your being hurt by those around you. If this happened to a great extent then you most likely used your great organizational skills to organize those around you to ensure you wouldn't get hurt again. Be aware that this trait can turn into control issues if left unchecked. It would be a better use of your fine planning abilities for you to create strategies for your own life rather than trying to organize others. Once you have integrated this lesson you will be of great benefit to humanity and could even find yourself in a position of setting plans that will lead us into the coming millennium.

Facet of Expectation
This Facet is a hard road to travel, its all about unfulfilled expectations. In all likelihood by your mid teens there were considerable disruptions within the home. Life is never easy on people with this Facet in their birth chart. Many frustration's would have plagued your life until now. Life plans often seem to come crumbling round your feet and your left standing wondering why? Well, its a tough road to travel but then when your as evolved as you are it's the necessary fine tuning that you need to go through to restore unity to your being. It's strange but we can only learn about unity through separation and once we learn to stop clinging to others for support and find that unity within ourselves then many amazing things are possible. These life experiences have given you the opportunity to gain much compassion and wisdom. Have you met this challenge or become lonely and dejected as a result of your earlier life experiences? No matter what your circumstances the choice is yours.

Once you get over this hurdle you have the capacity to be a natural conduit for divine energies - some people call this process channelling. You have the potential to be a great healer or psychic channel. It is up to you to find that place of unity within you because you have much to share with the world.

Now take some time and reflect on a few more questions and write down your answers.

Do any of my personal Facets support me in my life?

Do my Facets stop me from getting what I want out of life?

If they do then ask yourself:
How can I best utilize these aspects of my character to support me on my journey?

What positive benefits for personal growth can be attained from them?

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