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ESSENTIAL SELF - Relationship Compatibility

We will now look at the chart for your entire relationship and for each of you individually in the Essential Self Relationship comparison chart. This chart is based on the Essential Self of each of you, and on the combined relationship as a whole that will develop because of these aspects. We will interpret the strongest traits for each person (within the relationship) as well as the strongest/weakest traits for the relationship. Using these traits we will interpret how you may get along for the life of the relationship. The Essential Self comparison may also indicate the type of relationship that you display to others who are outside of the relationship (as well as to each other). We will interpret that by calculating the strongest and weakest traits of the entire relationship. Please read the text below the chart for your individual and relationship interpretations.

Essential Self Relationship
for Susan Lynne Johnson and David Allen Smith
VibrationAmount in SueAmount in DaveRelationship BalanceBasic interpretation / energy from this Vibration
0110Intuitive (instinctual)
111-1.4Independent, unique (active)
2131.4Diplomatic (receptive)
312-0.4Outgoing, ambitious (completion)
4400.5Hard working, routine (earth)
521-0.5Imaginative (self-discipline)
611-0.7Domestic (practical)
7120.7Introspective (spiritual)
8410.2Organized (material)
904-0.2Sympathetic (harmony)
10410.3Inventive (ingenious)
11110Inspired (influential)

Sue - your strongest trait (compared to your partner): Ambition (8)
Sue in this relationship your strongest traits (compared to the missing traits of your partner) are your your ambition, desire for success and highly developed organizational skills. You are much more driven to succeed than your partner, in fact you are probably more driven than many others. You have a strong need in this relationship to search for ambitious tasks to complete, or financial goals to achieve. Your strong sense of organization means that you may like to control or set up the daily activities within the relationship as well. This can be a rough spot between both of you over time, as well as your constant drive to achieve. Your partner does not feel so strongly about reaching the top as you and they would rather be happy and without all of the headaches and worries. Try to give in from time to time and let your partner have their way. Let yourself have a blast once in a while and also learn to accept that your partner is not as concerned for being the best and you will come to appreciate each other more.

Dave - your strongest trait (compared to your partner): Compassion (9)
Dave in this relationship your strongest traits (compared to the missing traits of your partner) are your compassion, inspiration and your giving nature; this implies that in the relationship you will be more likely to be the caregiver. You have a strong need to be of service to others, and you enjoy serving your partner as much as possible, but you also serve humankind in general and this may bother your partner. Learn to accept that your sense of urgency for caring for others is not something that your partner enjoys. They may be more interested in making sure that their own needs are taking care of too. This is natural and normal, so you must learn to give in sometimes and spend that extra time with them. You are inspiring too, and you may enjoy teaching others as well. Try to choose your talents and classes carefully because you will learn best what you can teach best. As you both learn to work together in understanding and kindness in this relationship you will be able to do away with much of the conflicts and arguments that have come up in the past.

Overall as a relationship, your strongest trait: Cooperation (2)
Together in this relationship your strongest traits when you are together is your cooperation. This means that both of you will enjoy working with others and being with others more than you enjoy doing things alone. You may find that you get along great with each others friends and you will like to spend more time being with them. You probably notice that each of you together creates quite a sensitive pair who is aware of and sympathetic to the feelings of others around you.

In a business partnership this strong trait indicates that you both tend to work best when you are cooperating and working with others as a team rather than trying to accomplish a task alone. Because of your cooperative and caring way, you may work best if you allow someone else to provide some leadership and direction for the two of you. You are both a little more sensitive together to the needs of others as well and this means that you could work well together as a team of caring/considerate counselors or healers of others.

Overall as a relationship, your weakest trait: Independence (1)
Together in this relationship your weakest traits when you are together is your independence which means that you will be happier when you are with others than you are together alone as a partnership. You like to share your time with close family and friends in this relationship. Neither of you are leaders, and because of this you may seek out someone else to provide the leadership you need to help you along the way. If you learn to acquire some of this leadership and independence for yourselves and as a relationship you can grow and learn. You may feel out of sorts and without direction when you are together, or you may cooperate fully with each other to such an extent that the relationship is perfect the way it is.

This partnership is lacking in the terms of leadership skills and independence. You may depend on others too much, or even search for someone to lead you. Overall you both prefer to work with others in cooperation instead of leading or providing direction. If one of you can learn to lead a little bit, you will be freer to achieve the goals and direction that you are searching to accomplish with this partnership.

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