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ARROWS: Traits and emotions
The arrows were originated by Pythagoras (we use our own corrected/modified version of them here) and they are used to indicate specific traits/emotions in your chart Pythagoras and most traditional Numerologists calculate the Arrows using the Birth Date. We use the full name at birth for calculating our Arrows and have found this method to be much more representative of the underlying personality.

The Arrows are found in your Full Birth Name and are indicated by groups of specific numbers/traits being present. These traits will act within your chart to point out specific personality traits or emotions that you may have.

The Arrows in your chart will point out small, and sometime unnoticeable traits of your personality. They may not be readily apparent to you, so search for them within (using your intuition) as well, and you may find that these are tools, and further actions/lessons for you to learn!

Arrow of Communication and Determination:
You have the arrow of communication and determination in your chart: you are an excellent communicator with an incredible sense of perseverance and completion. You are excellent at communicating with others and at pulling off enormous tasks that require immense organizational skills.

You do well when you focus your mind on completing a task. You have a desire to complete projects quickly and this Arrow shows that you have the resources, senses and humanitarian communication skills to pull it off! When you set your mind on completing a task you work to finish it quickly and easily.

You can communicate your tasks to others and even delegate them if you need to. But you have also learned how to communicate with fairness and understanding so that others respect and admire you for your leadership as you show them how to complete the task at hand.

Your sense of determination is so well developed that you might become too wrapped up in one task and unable to take your mind off of it until it is complete. This could slow you down at times, so you must learn to realize when a task can be separated into smaller ones to allow you to finish each one, in a 'step at a time' fashion as you work.

This trait is a good one to have and one that will help you overcome many challenges throughout this life.

Arrow of Emotions:
You have the arrow of emotions in your chart: this reveals that you are highly emotional and consciously aware of your emotions in everyday life. You can accept your feelings and balance them perfectly with your intellectual thinking as you need to. This helps you understand the feelings of others and allows you to almost see inside of them when you try to understand what they are thinking.

You are balanced, artistic and truly aware of your feelings. This allows you to explore the depths of your emotional being when you need to for comfort, or for personal insight. You have an intuitive sense that serves you well and that helps you to realize the potential of your feelings and emotions as you work toward a world of peace and understanding.

You have a unique understanding of fate and the powers of your own unconscious mind which is powerful and all encompassing. Remember that others may not see things the same way as you. Accept that you are well aware of your senses and of those around you and remember that your way of emotional thinking is not the same as most others. You may feel more deeply than most and so you might have to work on protecting yourself emotionally from time to time. This arrow will serve you well throughout your life and provide you with a way of analyzing your own feelings intuitively and the emotions and feelings of those around you.

Arrow of Creativity:
You have the arrow of creativity in your chart. This arrow indicates a strong intellectual and creative capacity. You are very good at visualizing and applying your idealistic visions to humanitarian principles and concepts. There is a deep sense of idealism and integrity in your thoughts and you may tend to become to attached to your own ideas at times. Try to listen to and accept the thoughts of others as well.

You are full of potential in using your mind to produce reality. You may have to become aware of a way to reach this high peak, but once you do - look out world.

You have an innate ability to express yourself through creative outlets and a communicative skill which sets you apart from others. You also have the powers to make the correct judgment as needed based on your excellent reasoning abilities. This arrow will serve you well and provide you with excellent creativity and intellectual skills throughout your life. You will come to use this Arrow when you are called on to find a solution to any issue that requires a new way of looking at things in your life.

Arrow of Spirituality:
You have the Arrow that represents spiritual awareness and compassion in your chart. This Arrow means that you will have a spiritual outlook on many areas of your life as you go about your daily activities. You tend to seek nourishment and comfort from spending time alone or while researching answers to the mysteries of life.

You are serene and caring of others in your day to day interactions and you have a genuine need to be of service to others as you go about your life. You have a distinct compassion and caring within you that is evident to all whom you meet. It flows from you and others cannot help to feel your sense of beauty and caring when they are near you.

You have a spiritual sense of awareness and a peaceful demeanor that helps you throughout this life. This Arrow will be useful to you through any trying times in your life when you can use it to help you stop and pause and contemplate before making a hasty decision.

Now take some time and reflect on a few questions.

How do your Arrows support your personality?

Do any of your Arrows stop you (or hinder you) from following your Life Path?

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