What other people are saying
about our Numerology Readings

" I'm still studying the comprehensive report that I just received from you and I am in awe of how accurate it appears to be, especially as it relates to my current situation.

Incidentally, in your comprehensive report it stated that I would do really well in property management. Well guess what? That was my business for the past 17 years until I sold it a year ago June!

I now see (from your report) that my selling my business was no accident as well as this transitional period that I am now currently experiencing. Your comprehensive report is so revealing and it has provided me with clarity on what I need to focus on when making important decisions about my current and future situations. Thank you so much again! "

Becky S. - California, USA (Professional Reading)

" The questions you ask throughout the reading have strongly quided me toward my true inner wisdom, talents and stengths... the overall tone reflects on the positiveness we all have which automatically transforms bad habits and negative attitudes... "

Yulan L. - Queensland, Australia (Professional Reading)

" The reading you sent me was fascinating to read and you answered my key questions stunningly accurately. I have been in a whirlwind of change for six years now, and I am really looking forward for things to quiet down a bit. Your explanation of the cycles and pinnacles and the forecast for the coming years were especially helpful... Thank You, Brett! "

A. Tuominen - Finland (Professional Plus Reading)

" Thanks for the personal numerology reading. I especially appreciate this 'life tool' at this time in my life... The numerology reading helps me to stay focused on my 'purpose' in life and assists me in understanding those difficult relationships and situations...

It's not a 'tale of the future' but a mirror that I can gaze contemplatively into. Most valuable is the hope the reading inspires in me that I will live a purpose filled life, as is God's intention. "

Teri H. - Ohio, USA (Professional Reading)

" I am already impressed with the content. It comes across very personally... not the same old generic blah, blah, blah.

The review is an awesome way to further personalize the report. I respect the way you approached the compatibility issues by saying, look... here you're going to butt heads, but here's where you compliment each other. Thank you so much for all of your help and effort !!
You get an A++ in customer service and customer satisfaction !! "

Debbie M. - Oklahoma, USA (Compatibility Reading/Review)

" Your report was so awesome!! Easy to read and understand and so EXACT! I had one done before but yours is by far superior. Worth every penny.

What a fabulous report!! I have had one done before but this one is so much better with the charts and descriptions. You have totally and truly described both of us. It's almost as if you knew us personally. Thank you, I will recommend this report to my friends. "

Marsha - California, USA (Professional & Compatibility Reading)

" I've just completed a 3 year university degree... and was contemplating how I was going to put it my learnings into action. Your numerology reading has "hit the nail on the head" has also depicted my younger years and myself in general very accurately....and it appears I'm in for a fantastic, busy, enlightening and fulfilling future. "

Debbie H - NSW, Australia (Professional Reading)

" I just wanted to say thanks for the Numerology reading that you did for me. It was very interesting, and enlightening. It made me smile in places, sad in some, and excited in others. I feel that you have nailed it to the wall, so to speak, and i'm grateful and appreciative of this. "
Satnam B. - London, England (Professional Reading)

" It is absolutely who I am --- I knew before I was on my right life path -- I am a Religious Science Minister and have been for 17 years. Blessings to you for your work! "

Rev. Angelica - Vancouver, B.C., Canada (Birthday Reading)

" I keep referring to the numerology reading you did for me last year, and so much of it is very, VERY accurate... "
Rita M - Pennsylvania, USA (Professional Reading)

" My life is firmly in the centre of unequivocly the most significant juncture I have faced thus far. I won't go into details, but suffice it to say that your Numerology Report has found its way into my hands at a moment when clarity is the one needful thing.

I am amazed at how accurate and how helpful the information has been thus far, and obviously this is just a shadow of the enrichment it will bring in the months and years to come.

There are many question marks floating in the bubble over my head, but I believe this report will clear away many of them, perhaps even the really big ones that all the other ones are built on. "

Troy B. - Alberta, Canada (Professional Reading)

" I am an avid numerology and astrology believer and the reports I have ordered for myself, my Mom, Dad and friends prove to be incredibly accurate and insightful - they are just wonderful and so comprehensive - thank you!! "
J. Vitale - San Francisco, CA (Professional Reading)

" I loved the readings you sent me! They were absolutely marvelous, very insightful and helpful!! You now have a client for life. Bravo! "
Pina M. - New York, USA (Compatibility Plus Reading)

" Dead-on target! "
Bob S. - North Carolina, USA (Free Sample Reading)

" You have no idea what a blessing stumbling onto your site has been for me. After reading thru my reading and being hugely inspired by it, I set upon a quest for spiritual completion that has been brewing inside me for years.

Your site was the final catalyst that I needed in order to begin to further my development as a human. The tools I needed for this mission were, of course, inside me all along; I just needed some wise words to crystalize my intuitive messages. Although its only been a few days, I have already seen many signs that I have begun a process that will fulfill me in all ways imaginable. So, needless to say, thanks!! "
Marta - British Columbia, Canada (Free Sample Reading)

" Thanks for the soul urge reading, it was quite unbelievably acurate, and helpful.
Bianca - (Soul Urge 11). "

Bianca F. - South Africa (Email Sample Reading)

" I've tried numerology software before, several times, but this was fantastic. This software picked up on issues never before reflected in numerology reports.

When financially viable, I will be ordering the 30 page report. Absolutely amazing!! Thank you!"
Andrea S. - Florida, USA (Free Sample Reading)

" Thank you!! You have great customer service. "
Kim B. - Pennsylvania, USA (Professional Reading)

" I have really enjoyed these little updates and contacts. This is a facinating field. I am really impressed with how accurate they are."
Victoria M. - British Columbia, Canada (Free Sample Email Readings)

"Just read my numerology and it's great! I do a lot of coaching for professional business people and I will use your services as an additional resource."
Audra M. - California, USA (Professional Reading)

"I can't believe how on the mark you were with me...."
Theresa L. - USA (Free Sample Reading)

"Wow! The reading was brilliant and comforting."
Shannon T. - California, USA (Compatibility Reading)

"Thank you for the "personal touch" of email follow ups. I think they are great, and your site is excellent! Everything I have read feels very true or potentially true.."
Gary - New York, USA (Free Email Sample Readings)

"Thank you very much for the readings! I didnīt expect them so soon so this was a wonderful surprise. It is amazing to see how accurate this is, absolutely incredible! "
Frida J. - Iceland (Professional Reading)

"Thank you for the soul urge reading! I would like to know what you used to get to an 11. Actually, the 11 fits me better than the 8, so I really want to know your method!"
Lawrence H. - Oregon, USA (Free Sample Readings)

"Thank you for the reading. I found it to be very insightful."
Susan - Florida, USA (Professional Reading)

"Hi Brett, thanks for all your efforts - very interesting reading and mostly quite accurate...but need more time to digest - do you do that..:)) thanks again - sabine"
Sabine S. - California, USA (Professional Reading)

"Thank you so much for this wonderful interpretation. It's so so close to my truth and I have much respect for your work. I feel very lucky indeed."
Elizabeth K. - Aotearoa, New Zealand (Free Sample Reading)

"I must tell you that your numerology is really cool and that I'm spreading the voice around my friends at Uni! At first some of them laughed at me, but now, the ones that got in touch with you, seem to have changed their minds! Thank you very much for existing, all my love, LAURA"
Laura V. - London, England (Free Sample Reading)

"I am extremely impressed with your interpretations, you are very talented at what you do. I was very much amazed at the accuracy and I love the exercises you include for people to try to understand what all their gifts and traits mean to them and how better to integrate their understanding of themselves. One more thing I noticed about your work, is the way you use potential but leave it open ended. I am really impressed by that."
Wendy C. - Seattle, USA (Professional Reading)

"I just want to say thanks again. Last night, I read the reading again but more in depth and its frighteningly accurate. Keep up the good work."
Dereck W. - Arkansas, USA (Advanced Reading)

"Thanks for the comprehensive reading. This is far superior to others I have had."
Dave R. - Colorado, USA (Advanced Reading)

"Thank you for the Advanced Reading I purchased. I thought it was well done and suprisingly accurate."
Jon Y. - Massachusetts, USA (Advanced Reading)