Compatibility Plus Numerology Reading

(3 Readings, Approximately 85 pages total)
Full color charts of every aspect of relationship!
1 Compatibility Reading (Approximately 25 pages) PLUS 2 Professional Readings (over 30 pages each) (1 for each person in the relationship). Emailed to each of you, if you wish, or to just you.

You receive: (1 Compatiiblity Reading for both of you,
and 2 Professional Readings - 1 for each of you):

1.) - Sample Compatibility (105k)
2.) - Sample Professional (120k)

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Your personal Compatibility Numerology Reading is a detailed report 24-25 pages in length that includes Personal (love/relationship), Friendship and Business compatability ratings in 5 sections (Intuitive, Emotional, Personality, Intellectual and Fate). The reading is designed to help two people find their true compatibility and awareness of each other. It includes the following sections:
  • Rating Chart :
  • Personal and Business Compatibility Ratings presented in a colorful chart along with key traits in 5 sections (intuitive, emotional, physical/personality, intellectual, fate) which are presented in detail throughout the text of the reading. Also includes a total/overall rating.
  • Personality Matrix Comparison:
  • The Personality Matrices for each partner compared side by side and compatibility issues indicated. Stronger and weaker traits are pointed out where there are conflicting differences of personality.
  • Life Paths/
  • The Life Path numbers and Life Lessons let each of you to learn about long-term influences and how they afffect your relationship. Personal and Business compatibility rating indicates intellectual harmony.
  • Fate Numbers:
  • These numbers explain your possible karma here and interprets the Overall, Personal and Business compatibility for the relationship. Compatibility rating at this level indicates a chance for long-term relationship growth and understanding.
  • Total Self:
  • Indicates your strongest traits in a chart, rates your compatibility and explains each individual's overall strongest traits as a percentage of the entire person. Individual trait strength analysis for each person in 3 areas: Lovers, Friends and Business.
  • Essential Self:
  • Detailed and in-depth chart determines the strongest/weakest traits (balanced as an individual) of each of you within the relationship. Explains traits from a Personal and Business viewpoint.
  • Pinnacles/Challenges:
  • Current Pinnacles/Challenges for each of you and interpreted compatibility explains what you may expect during this major life cycle.
  • Personal Year:
  • Personal Years for the current and next year for both individuals and personalized compatibility interpretation for each year.
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