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Bob Dylan

Born: May 24, 1941

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This number is calculated by the addition of all the numbers present in your birthdate. It represents the foundation upon which your destiny in this world lies. This number contains four elements representing: We are all travellers on the road of life and each of us has our own path to travel at our own pace. Your Foundational Number represents your primary life purpose and provides the theme for your overall life experience. Once we embrace and integrate our 'reason for being' we no longer seek excuses, blame others or deny personal responsibility. Then we travel our personal path with knowledge of what our primary path looks like and thus avoiding unnecessary detours. Then the journey will be travelled with excitement, joy and renewed energy

Once you learn how to become truly philanthropic. Work from a perspective that encompasses the welfare of the planet then shall all doors be open to you.


You have the ability to channel your energies to alter any given situation, so you will ultimately find yourself a leader one way or another. The power you exert over the material world is a product of the discipline you expend. You have the potential to be a great success financially. You have sound business judgement and know the value of money. You are shrewd, resourceful and ambitious for power. Failure just spurs you to greater effort. You do not give up easily. Being a natural money maker, you'll probably become wealthy through your efforts. Some Foundation 8's make and lose more than one fortune in their lifetime. Please remember however that working for material gain alone will not provide the satisfaction you need. Learn to share your good fortune with others. It's important for your spiritual development. You are endowed with originality and inspiration and you like to create so you are multi-talented in all areas of material achievement. With these qualities and your diplomacy, persistence and courage you can accomplish almost anything you set your mind to. You have the uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time - walking into opportunities that others not as keen witted at yourself may miss. You are able to make precise 'one-the-spot' decisions, a great benefit to you in matters of material gain.

You regard independence and particularly financial independence as a vital aspect of life. Being a very complex person it's lucky if you possess great wisdom and strength of character. Most Foundational 8's do. You have an enormous capacity for compassion and sympathetic tenderness for those in trouble. However, not always do you express yourself in this manner for long. You tend to grow impatient with those who become dependent on you, particularly if they exhibit lazy habits. WARNING: Do not let your emotional misunderstandings interfere with commercial decision making. This is one aspect of your character that could downgrade your ability for enormous success. You take noticeable pride in your dress, giving great attention to your appearance and the appearance of those you love. You tend to hide your sensitive nature as it generally makes you uncomfortable to express this aspect of yourself. You walk the world with a very self confident manner, exuding the exuding the strength of your of independence and dependability. This of course makes you a natural for positions of seniority and responsibility in which you excel. While this fierce independence works well for you in the outside world, it can translate into undemonstrative coolness, bordering into indifference on the home front. This relates directly to your difficulties of self-expression. Your marriages are more than likely based on a need for security or social image-approval rather than love. You want to be proud of your family, home and possessions.

As a person with a Foundation 8 you know no half measures. It is either personal limitation or spiritual freedom, splendour or degradation. You must learn accept personal responsibility and handle it to the best of your ability. Remember "what you sow, so shall you reap". So use your positive aspects to create a stable material world for yourself - one in which you are willing to share your fine capabilities and creative talents. Your major lesson is to learn the futility of material possessions and realise that they mask a far greater reality.

Your fierce independence is so zealously guarded that you can sometimes develop a deep resentment towards any form of interference to your plans. You have difficulty developing a middle path. Where your children are concerned you are either over indulgent with them or exceptionally strict. You could well find that you have difficulty in love relationships, tending to create a barrier that holds your feelings in check. It is important that you learn to express your feelings more fluently as you will find that your happiness and your personal security will improve.

Foundation 8's make excellent executives or senior officers. You have a sound understanding of finances and banking. If you reach Tycoon status please remember that your ultimate success in personal growth relies on your power to share with those less fortunate. Many outstanding athletes are Foundation 8's and they achieve their success though their discipline, effort, will and strength. Remember that your Soul Urge Number and your Outer Expression Number will greatly influence your choice of career

Your Soul Urge Number has been calculated from the numerical value of the vowels in your name. It represents your inner feelings and the more subtle aspects of your spiritual sensitivities and your inner strengths. It speaks of your innermost drives and motivations - your dreams. These are usually expressed in feelings, emotions, desires. Your Soul Number represents what your inner secret self desires to be. Most people keep these desires locked away and do little to bring them to fruition. Some people stumble around attempting to 'make their dream' come true. However few in this world at present have the drive combined with insight and self knowledge to realise these hidden dreams and allow them to manifest into reality on the physical plane.

Many people alive on this planet today ignore their Soul Urge and live grey, unsatisfied lives because of it. People see them and say 'how can they be unsatisfied they have everything?' But no one is truly happy until they start on the road to expressing their Soul Urge - after all that's why we're here

This number implies that you possess a strong inner desire for love and creativity and these are at the base of all you do. Whether it be at work or home. You must always ensure that you have an outlet for your creativity.

You respond well to Love and beauty, and this gives your a deep soul level satisfaction. Your mission could well be to teach others to maintain peace and harmony in their lives and to spread an appreciation of beauty to all people you contact. Your Soul Purpose is to reconcile your high ideals with practical reality. Learn to accept yourself, your world and each moment through the expanded perception of life's perfection. Instead of always looking for something better. Taken to extremes you may find that you go through life unsatisfied because nothing and no one is ever good enough. It is important to modify your inner perfectionism by remembering the bigger picture and what your true priorities are. Don't become obsessed over petty details. Your challenges are in the areas of idealism and perfectionism. This includes the judgements and resulting disappointments you experience in yourself and others.

You have within you a superior model, of an idealistic world vision toward which we are all eventually evolving (just be patient, where not there yet). You keep the flame of idealism alive and burning brightly. Deep within you lives the visionary who can inspire humanity to do their utmost. Without the vision of the 6 we might be doomed to a destructive, chaotic form of tunnel vision. Your high ideals entail a cost however, because they aren't always grounded in reality. Sometimes you gauge yourself and others by such 'lofty' criteria, that you set yourself and everyone involved with you up for failure. Every one falls short because no one ever satisfies perfectionists, least of all themselves. Our ideals come from basic models within human consciousness, reflecting our highest concept of possibilities for us and for the planet. Ideals of justice, ideals of structure, ideals of connection and ideals of spirit lead and encourage us onward and upward. It's hard to imagine what humanity would be like without our archetypes. High ideals call the dreamers - and modern day visionaries who construct images of what may be. These images in our civilisation in our hopes and dreams may be essential to our survival and evolution. They inspire us and fill us with hope and direction. Your Soul Urge could well inspire not only your self but also others and bring forth inspirational works to lead humanity on to a better world.

We all have vision and hope, for seeds of idealism are planted in each of us. But you experience these more keenly and feel the pangs of disappointment when these ideals are not met. However, before you can guide people to reveal other spheres of potentiality, you have to come down to earth and appreciate the perfection of the here and now. Learn to accept yourself and others in the present moment.

Ironically, those of us with the highest vision and the highest standards occasionally hold back because we're always measuring ourselves against our ideals. People with low standards often feel that they measure up just fine. So, try to bring your standards out of the Ethers and try to delight in your life a little more each day Start acknowledging and nurturing your Soul Urge and you will find that once again there is an increase of energy and joy. Our innermost dreams should be watered and nurtured as one would a garden. Then they can be created in outer reality and exist in our world as truth! - Remember to regularly pour water on you dreams. This water is the water of desire, expectation and action.


Having read about your Soul Urge Number take some time to write down your personal observations.

1: How did you react to reading your Soul Urge? Did it ring any bells?

Write down the positives and the negatives.

What things do you feel strongly about in your life at present?

How do these align with your Soul Urge....

2: Does this Soul Urge have any relevance to fantasies, daydreams or dreams you had as a child?

Now take a look at what you've got. Are you denying expression of this Soul Urge? Ask you self these questions: - If I put energy into creating my desired life what would it be?

Is it close to your life now or is it a far cry?

I'm not sure if you believe in reincarnation or not but let me suggest this:

If you don't strive to express your Soul Urge this time round and get side tracked from what you are here to create and learn, then it's highly likely you'll face a second, third and fourth round under this vibration till you do. Speaking of past lives there is something I feel I should mention at this point. Soul Urge numbers relate to your Soul so quite likely there will be past life experiences associated with it. Many people experience quite irrational fear when confronted with the prospect of stepping into the dominion of their Soul Urge. There's a really good reason for this. Take a look at the history books and legends and religious texts of our society. This world isn't renowned for its nice treatment of those who are expressing their Soul purpose. Noah got heaps from his neighbours for building the ark. Nine million European woman died in a three hundred year period by being variously tortured and burnt as witches. Every single one of us carries scars from previous incarnations in which we attempted to express our Soul Urge and got persecuted for it. Now is the time in human history for as many as possible to overcome these fears and transmute them to become who we truly are at the very core of our being.

3: Remember and write down at least one time in your life when you have strived to express your Soul Urge.

How did you feel?

What were you energy levels like?

4: Remember and write down at least one time in your life when you have participated in a scenario totally at odds with your Soul Urge?

How did you feel?

What happened to your energy level?

How did you react?

Which situation gave you the better long term results?

At this point you may have this inner voice saying1/4."excuse me I'm not playing this game - last time I was burnt at the stake!" (if you're a male reading this don't think yourself exempt many a male alive today have experienced previous incarnations as females).

5: Now take a look at a current situation in your life.

How do you feel about this situation?

How can you best introduce the positive potential of your Soul Urge?

What is it that you fear will happen if you do?

If there a way to ensure that your subsequent actions and behaviour align with your Foundational Purpose and your Soul Urge combined

Your outer expression number has been calculated from the numerical value of the consonants of your name. It represents the Outer persona that you present to the world. Like the packaging of a product! This is the you that everyone sees as opposed to your Soul Urge which for most people remains hidden from others. People usually assess you by your Outer Expression and of course this will colour their expectations of you, based on merely outer appearances. What happens if the Outer Expression number fails to support the Foundational or Soul Urge numbers? Probably you find that people complain that you are not who you appear to be. Therefore it is most important understand the synergy or relationship dynamics between your Soul Urge, Foundational Number and your Outer Expression.

Your Outer Expression Number indicates that you present an intensely practical face to the world. Always seeking involvement with you're hands, feet and body. You quite likely enjoy sports and repairing things. Building, renovating, sewing, gardening or working on sculptures or Pottery?

You present a determined, work oriented attitude to the world. You are the honest, hard-working type who respects values and industry. You appear conservative, self-disciplined and practical. You desire an orderly existence through which your ability for physical and mental application will produce conventional and useful results. You like the earth, nature, your home and country. You can appear so disciplined that there is no time for play, which can isolate you from others. Good sports clothes appeal to you, as they are designed for hard use and need little care. You select your clothes for service, insist on good quality materials, and often have them tailor made. You want to look neat and trim at all times. You are conservative in dress as well as conduct.

On the negative side this Outer Expression Number can exhibit a tendency toward stubbornness an rebellion against authority. Unnecessarily cautious and frugal, you can become defensive and stingy. Crudeness and bad temper could remove you further from social contacts. Or, as an opposite reaction, you could appear completely undisciplined and lazy. A tendency toward miserliness is another negative trait encouraged by the lower aspect of this Number. You should bear in mind the fact that money is an energy, one which you should use wisely. These are reflections of the negative aspect of this vibration and should be overcome if you desire a measure of happiness.

You know you have the ability to be hardworking, and responsible. However, you do need to watch the tendency to become a workaholic. If you have the same expectancy of super work dedication from other people don't be surprised if their friendship lacks warmth!

Possessed of a practical nature you should channel your energies into business undertakings for there could be the opportunity to build empires, both large an small.

You tend to be wary of emotional displays whether in private or in public and may have difficulty in relating to others emotionally. This weakness may rob you of many of the simpler joys of life

Now take some time and consider how your Outer Expression Number effects your dealings with the world.
At present are you expressing the positive or negative aspects of you Outer Expression Number?

NOW FOR THE BIG THREE QUESTIONS: Take some time with this section. Once you understand these dynamics you are going to make your life a whole lot easier! Working with your strengths, accepting your weaknesses and understanding how you function on many levels will bring illumination into your life. The Oracle of Delphi has carved above its entrance..."Know thyself". So this is your big chance. Don't leave it till later - do it now!

Write down the factors point by point under each of these headings:

In what way can my Outer Expression Number support my Soul Urge?

How does my Foundational Number become externalised through the persona, indicated by my Outer Expression Number?

How can I utilise these various aspects of myself for the betterment of all?

There are many calculations used to highlight your unique characteristics these are very influential in the formation and development of your character.

One of these consists of certain combinations of numbers are found in your birth chart and are calculated by the presence or lack of specific numbers. We call these Facets: These act in a synergistic manner that create specific and very unique personality traits. Some of these represent areas of strength, and some represent deficiencies that can be overcome by using the strengths already apparent by the other numbers present in your birth chart.

Please be mindful that even seemingly negative aspects of your character serve to create an environment for personal growth. Where deficiencies exist, look for the hidden gift in this.....if you search you will find that there is always an opportunity even in apparent negativity. The power of your original birth chart is not nearly as important as what you do to overcome the challenges you have set yourself. Some of the most successful people in history have had very challenging charts. Their success has only come about by developing the qualities in which they were originally deficient in. That is the purpose of life - to evolve.

Facet of Tenacity:
Everyone born in the month of May in the 20th Century has this Facet and everyone born in the 1950's. This is a major contributing factor to the rapid development of the 20th. People with the Facet on their Birth Chart push boundaries to the limit.

As a child you probably showed very decided tastes. Your strong determination needed freedom of expression, so it's probably likely that you threw some pretty awesome turns when you didn't get what you wanted. How did your 'family' deal with this aspect of your nature? Did you receive loving kindness? Did they try to reason with you? Where you allowed ample opportunities to assert yourself? If not, it's highly likely that you have developed a reactive stubborn streak that is not conducive to a successful, happy life.

Tenacity underlies almost everything you undertake. You also have a persistence that you use to overcome objections to the executing of your plans, sometimes to the point of downright stubbornness!

One of your most difficult lessons is to accept that not everything you determine is intended for you to do. You regard obstacles as stumbling blocks that must be overcome whatever the costs. Whereas, if you use your intuition and your wisdom you would realise the value of appropriate timing and have a clearer view when action was appropriate to take. If you develop this faculty you will avoid many frustration's during your life.

Your decisiveness can be a great quality and most certainly it is a powerful one. Try to learn to use it wisely rather than bulldozing your way through situations.

Now take some time and reflect on a few more questions and write down your answers.

Do any of my personal Facets support me in my life?

Do my Facets stop me from getting what I want out of life?

If they do then ask yourself:
How can I best utilise these aspects of my character to support me on my journey?

What positive benefits for personal growth can be attained from them?

Existing Periods of opportunities:
Throughout your life you go through nine year cycles of opportunities for development and personal growth each year is represented by your Personal Year Number. These energies influence and provide the focus for that 12 month period. When you recognize the influence that we are under at any particular time in our life it ceases to be such a roller coaster ride. If you work with the energy of the time you will find that you achieve far more than working against it.

In addition to these Personal Year Numbers there are four major Gateways we experience throughout our lives. Your personal Gateways will always coincide with a Personal Year of 9. This is timely and appropriate as Personal Year 9 is about resolution and change. Your first Gateway will open somewhere between 29 and 34 years of age as it is dependant on your Foundational number. These Gateways provide a specific focus at different periods of your life. These Gateways are very important for your personal development. The number of your Gateway will provide additional opportunities for your evolution in this life. It's energy and influence will be felt for approximately three years following the year it commences. So be prepared to approach each Gateway and utilise that incoming energy and focus to improve your life circumstances.

28 years old: YOUR FIRST GATEWAY is Number 11
This period of your life will be focussed on intuitively inspired action. This is a Gateway of spiritual unfoldment. It is a fairly narrow Gateway to travel through and many demands will be made on you. The Universe will demand that you exhibit compassion, temperance and total integrity. As I said it's a fairly narrow Gateway to slip through, maybe we should call it a crack instead. But take heart you would not have incarnated with this Gateway in your life unless you were capable of fulfilling these most rigorous of standards.

Temperance is an expression of balance and following 'the middle path' in all things. So, if your to navigate through this Gateway successfully and reach your highest spiritual potential I advise daily meditation and regular exercise. Seek to balance everything in your life and eliminate all excesses

37 years old: YOUR SECOND GATEWAY is Number 3
This period of your life will be focussed on intellectual pursuits. It's a time for learning, reviewing and analysing. You may find that you have the urge to travel to far off places when this Gateway hits. Travel will provide many opportunities for growth and expand your insight into the world. Its also time for love affairs, marriages births and lots of joy and laughter. It time to get in touch with your joy of living. Explore your creativity because it flourishes under this vibration. If you want to make the most of this time in your life do not become overindulgent or scatter your energies.

Dedicate some time and finances to your personal appearance as how others perceive you is important. Pay attention to the way you dress, go through your wardrobe and cull anything that is out moded or does not flatter you and of course get out there and replace them with some more appropriate outfits. Remember appearances are important at this time so keep them up. If you want to live and be treated like a millionaire then start presenting yourself like one.

Business and pleasure go hand in hand so have fun socialising. Give parties, join groups, attend courses and get out there and become involved with meeting people. You need your freedom to find your own personal expression at this time so don't commit yourself to anything that could limit that. You will be center stage now so bask in the light while it shines on you as you travel through this Gateway and share with others the joy you feel in your heart

46 years old: YOUR THIRD GATEWAY is Number 5
This period of your life will be focussed on your emotional state and creating personal freedom. This is a fundamentally spiritual Gateway. Your psychic abilities will undergo considerable growth during this period, so why not work with them. Emotional control is vital as this will reduce your reactiveness to people and situations.

It 's a time to break free of stagnant old patterns and look into new opportunities. It's "out with the old in with the new". New places and new people. Many new doors could open for you unexpectedly, so always be ready to take the opportunities on offer. You may find that taking on a new course of study fills the gaps and will lead to mental growth and development.

You could well be faced with many decisions this year and you will find there always seem to be two paths that seems equally appealing. So, how to make the choice? Look to your Soul Urge and Foundational numbers and make sure any choices that you make during this time are in support of those energies. This Gateway can be a major threshold for you, so select wisely and don't let other peoples opinions get in your way. You may find that under the energy of this Gateway that you change jobs, partners or move. This of course will change your lifestyle considerably. Don't scatter your energies, use your self-control and act decisively as this could well be a major turning point in your life

55 years old: YOUR FOURTH GATEWAY is Number 11
This period of your life will be focussed on intuitively inspired action. This is a Gateway of spiritual unfoldment. It is a fairly narrow Gateway to travel through and many demands will be made on you. The Universe will demand that you exhibit compassion, temperance and total integrity. As I said it's a fairly narrow Gateway to slip through, maybe we should call it a crack instead. But take heart you would not have incarnated with this Gateway in your life unless you were capable of fulfilling these most rigorous of standards.

Temperance is an expression of balance and following 'the middle path' in all things. So, if your to navigate through this Gateway successfully and reach your highest spiritual potential I advise daily meditation and regular exercise. Seek to balance everything in your life and eliminate all excesses

Throughout your life you go through nine year cycle of opportunities for development and personal growth each year is represented by your Personal Year Number. These energies influence and provide the focus for that 12 month period. When you recognize the influence that we are under at any particular time in our life it ceases to be such a mystery. If you work with the energy of the time you will find that you achieve far more than working against it.

This is a year when your dreams really can come true but you need to be organised and plan ahead to see them manifest into reality. This is an excellent year for breaking free of old habits. You have the opportunity for commencing a new lifestyle if you wish. So adaptation is the key word this year.

There may be a severing of old ties, but do not grieve. This is timely and relevant - all things can be made anew.

This is a great year for getting things done, especially in the areas of growth and expression. The energy of this year encourages you to dare to be different as you improve your self-confidence. Independent action will bring many rewards. You will stand out from the crowd. Don't try to be one of the pack this year. It will only serve to reduce your energy levels.

Your energy levels will be soaring with this burst of new energy. Make sure you utilise it to broaden your horizons. Any new people that come into your life this year will eventually turn out to be helpful to you in the future.

Be prepared for new romances this year because true love often comes knocking in a 1 year. Any new romance that comes your way will start with a mental attraction, so don't expect the fire in the belly romance that starts with just one glance. Remember, long lasting relationships start by being built on a solid base and mental affinity is a great place to commence. Babies are made and new life can be injected into existing relationships.

This is a powerful year for increasing your finances and for buying and selling on a large scale, for example real estate. This is not a good year to go lending money however. Be clear that your motivations are genuinely for the good of all concerned. That way you will ensure long lasting success for yourself. If you succumb to personal greed you will find that any gains this year shall slip through your fingers just as quickly as they came in. This is also a time of many new creative ideas. It may seem that sometimes your head is simply spinning with plans and ideas. If you are involved in the creative arts, this year will prove very significant. Most likely you will take a major new turn in your creativity. Long trips are not well aspected for you this year

Each month of your life is also numbered and exerts its own influence under the umbrella of your Personal Year Number. Working with your monthly influences enhances your ability to obtain maximum impact in your life.

May 1997
This month the focus is on your domestic circle, your home, your family and your community. There are changes occurring in your home. People may come and go, or you may change your residence.

You may choose to marry now or develop strong ties of friendship that bond you to someone. This month may well see you become the leaning post for others. So be prepared to put your personal feelings aside and be there for them when they need your support. But don't martyr yourself to the situation.

Love and harmony are important this month and could well trigger your artistic senses. Putting your house in order is appropriate this month. So get out the paint brushes and choose a new colour for the living room or learn about Feng Shui and move the furniture round to create more harmonious surroundings for yourself and your family.

This month is about love and compassion, its a month of the heart. So, commence each day with loving thoughts and let that carry you through till the next. During this month you may find your nesting urge comes to the fore and your focus will be on home and family life. This month isn't one for huge accomplishments, its a month for home and hearth. This can be a loving, rewarding and creative month for you, so maintain your balance and harmony. Make your home attractive and welcoming and people will come to just to be with you.

You may find that you can't help yourself. The urge to play house and make babies or get married will be overwhelming. So make sure you've selected an appropriate mate for the task. Don't let this heady air of Love blind you to realities.

Adjustments may have to be made but you will certainly reap the rewards from developing your ability to give and take. Act responsibly! See to your duties with honesty, and success will be yours. Progress will be slow and steady but it will be yours. This month you could well see a rise in pay or unexpected wealth coming your way.

If you are living in a harmonious way this month then you'll find that like magic money appears. But if your life is functioning on the other side of the coin then your finances may well disappear. Financial gains this month will only be made through safe investments such as land or Blue Ribbon stocks. This is not a month to risk money gambling, loan out money or travel, stay close to your nest and start feathering it

June 1997
This month is a time for rest and reflection, so become quiet and receptive. Let your thoughts turn to your goals, projects and relationships. Spend some time by yourself and write down your thoughts. You must pace yourself wisely, rest and take care of your physical body. Any excesses at this time could result in illness. Nothing major, but just enough to slow you down, because the time at had demands it and there's not a thing you can do about it. So, don't get frustrated. Just sit tight and wait things out.

You may be inspired by dreams and intuition now but you will need the quiet time to hear these inner promptings. So if you are unfamiliar with listening to your subconscious by using your intuition take some courses to develop these most needed skills. Try some Yoga, meditation, Astrology or Numerology. These will help relax you and give you a deeper understanding of the world and yourself.

It's also a good time to learn and master skills that will aid you in your professional life. Don't push your financial resource this month. It's not a time for impulsive action. It's a time for completion and attainment, so look at the consequences of your actions. Matters may mysteriously complete themselves without any personal effort on your behalf this month, so sit back and let things work themselves out. This is a time to spend alone in quiet contemplation of your life as it now stands and any dross must be cleared for you to make progress. You will find that time spent in nature will be very soothing for you and you should seek this as often as is practicable. This is the month to take a long hard look at your Soul Urge number and start formulating ways of bringing this expression of your inner potenial out into the world. Self discipline and inner strength are called for this month and as I said before: "Regular meditation wouldn't be a bad thing either".

Be patient with others and don't be critical. If you find yourself getting picky and critical, stop and check your own inner workings. It's a sure fire clue that there are some internal issues at stake.

This would be a perfect month to take a holiday or a long weekend in the country or lazing on a beach. Let yourself recuperate, preferably close to nature as you will return feeling a new sense of clarity towards your circumstances and be ready for the action ahead next month.

This is not a good time for signing legal documents or agreements. Leave them till next month. If you must however, make sure you get an expert in the field to check for loopholes and look at the implications of it from all angles.

This is a month of 'instant karma' so if you are not functioning for the highest good, you may well find the Universe slams you on your butt to put you back into place. Look to your Soul Urge number to remind yourself what your path is and aim yourself in that direction. It's time for the dead wood to fall from the tree to make way for new growth in the coming months. Don't become impatient and try and make things happen. You'll find that if you do, your in for hard work with little reward to show at the end of the month. The energies of this month will bring you many opportunities to share your acquired knowledge with others. You may find yourself magically placed in the position of guide. Do this with patience and humility and you will build the foundation for success in the following months.

Romantically this month you need love and understanding because your urge to go off by yourself will be overwhelming and appropriate. Treat loved ones with care and respect this month because with the energies surrounding you this month a parting of the ways could ensue.

Success this month depends on patience, hard work and persistence. Any selfish ambitions will fail. Hasty ill timed action will only lead to frustration. Next month will bode better for new adventures, so be patent. This is a month to start searching the mysteries of life. Learning the practice of meditation or some esoteric art such as Numerology or Astrology will only deepen your understanding of yourself and others.

As I said before: "This month would be an ideal time to have a holiday in some secluded place - no adventures this month just lots of peace and quiet.

July 1997
You will receive exactly what you deserve this month. Success on the material level will be yours, so remember to be efficient, organised and focussed on results. What is your desired outcome? Whatever you receive this month will be through your past efforts. Make sure all loose ends are tied up. Attention to detail is important so don't fob jobs off onto others. Do them yourself to make sure they are done correctly the first time. Don't get side tracked by your emotions you must stay focused to improve your situation this month. Recognition and reward will come only if you've applied yourself this month. You may well find new opportunities or a new job this month.

So, if you have prepared the ground, selected and sown your seed wisely your harvest should be a very good one indeed. You may get the pay increase or promotion you were looking for but with it will come extra responsibility.

Maybe you've been formulating a new business venture? This is the time to start building a solid foundation for your commercial undertakings.

Your inner drive for physical accomplishment will be very strong this month so be cautious and expend your energies wisely.

If in the past you have sown the seeds of love and concern for someone you may well find that this also brings rewards.

Because the Number 8 is about power, you may find that your love life is also subject to power plays. Try not to dominate others this month or you may miss the boat. This month of power is about dominion not domination. You may find that during this period matters of the heart also become hard work.

Your shopping sprees this month could reach epic proportions but finances should be there to cover them. If you do get to travel this month it will most likely be work related. So pamper yourself with some quality time off and get away for a leisurely break

August 1997
This month will take place very quickly! So stay focussed and keep on track. It's a month for "out with the old and in with the new". It's again time to clean out your cupboards both physically and metaphorically. Eliminate all things that don't serve you and give you joy. Travel would be good for the soul this month. It would give you time to think and separate yourself from your circumstances. It is vitally important now to see everything clearly.

Present friendships can be cemented and made more enduring. You may receive gifts this month. Don't get caught up in emotions! And don't hang on to the past, it will only result in discontentment. It's time to look forward with joy and high expectations.

Many goals may be realised this month and you should attempt to finish all projects that are close to completion. Don't make any new commitments this month. This is a time of month is the month of new beginnings.

It's a month of squaring off old debts and for extending the hand of peace to anyone with whom you might be at odds with. You may find that your more humanitarian instincts come to the for this month. This is a time to 'love thy neighbour as thyself'.

It is a magical month and you will find yourself transported to some wonderful delightful adventures. You may find that you attract the unexpected this month. As I said: "It's a big month for endings", so don't halt your process by trying to hold on to things that are no longer appropriate for you. If you do you will only find that things grind to a halt.. Life has the reins this month, so let go and let the universe take action. Let life weave its magic ... trust in the process.

It's a time for completion and fulfilment. So spring cleaning is the order of the day. It's time to clean out everything that no longer serves you - people, places, ideas and possessions. Bless them by acknowledging the value they once had in your life, release them and let them go with love and understanding. This is appropriate to allow space for the new energies that are coming your way. Your romantic life could resemble a soap opera this month full of colour, drama and conflicts. Remember it is a time of separating paths and new opportunities. So hold on to your hat, you are in for a bit of a wild ride! Old flames may return and create chaos. This is a time to tie up any loose ends. Those without love in their life will surely find romance this month.

September 1997
This is a month of new beginnings so make sure that any loose ends that are hanging around are well and truly tied. This is an excellent month for breaking free of old habits. Try to remain open to new ideas and allow new concepts for self development to take hold. Your energy levels will be soaring. This burst of new energy should be utilised to broaden your horizons. Any new people that come into your life this month will eventually turn out to be helpful to you in the future - so treat them well. Your dreams really can come true but you need to be organised and plan ahead to see them manifest into reality. If you can get your attention fixed on a goal you will have the necessary energy available to you to attain it.

Remember to keep your thought positive because this months particularly where your attention is that is what you will create. So if your someone who worries constantly about negative things happening to out they probably will......not because it is an bad month, nor because people are out to get you.....simply because you have bought it on yourself.

You have the ability to separate yourself from your situation and take independent charge of your own life this month. You may be required to stand alone, to think for yourself and to learn independence. Are you ready to take on that responsibility? Because if your are you have the chance to choose and make your own path. Make sure your decisions align with your Soul Urge and Foundational Number and you will create a path to fulfilment. Your most important experiences this month will be the ones that you personally initiate. So don't sit back waiting for it all to happen, get in there an do it!

It's a good month to develop new skills. Promote your ideas and believe in yourself. Remain independent and decisive, and above all, have the courage to act on your dreams.

Be prepared for new romances this month because true love often comes knocking in a 1 month. This month you may possibly meet someone who will figure prominently in your life for some time ahead. So be selective and don't participate in any superficial relationships. Any new romance that comes your way will start with a mental attraction, so don't expect the "fire in the belly" romance that starts with just one glance. Remember long lasting relationships usually commence by being built on a solid base, and mental affinity is a great place to start. Babies are also made under these energies and "new life" in all its variations can be injected into existing relationships

October 1997
This is a time of co-operation, diplomacy and self-knowledge. Be patient this month as it is a time of gestation, slow and steady growth. But it's not a time to sit back . One step at a time is a very good idea this month, no racing ahead of yourself. Collect and process your experiences from the past and give them time to grow into something new. This is a passive, receptive time in which you will greatly benefit from reflecting and listening to the voice deep within. Don't become a victim to unhappy memories from the past, instead use the wisdom you've gained from these situations to help guide you now and in the future. Instant results are rare in this month, so be prepared to sit back once the seeds are planted, for the harvest may not be reaped for some time. The future may seem unclear at the present moment for you are like a chrysalis at this stage. Go with the energies of the time, be patient and you will surely emerge the butterfly.

Put off any major decision making till next month. Use diplomacy in all your dealings and be cautious about who and where you place your confidence. There may be meetings this month and you would be wise to keep your hopes and ambitions to yourself.

This is a great month for romance as the Number Two refers to partnerships. But things may fluctuate, this month is all about receiving and giving. This month is about balancing yourself out. It's timely to embrace calmness and seek some spiritual pursuits. Look at taking a course of action that will focus on developing your emotional control and spiritual awareness. Of course the most appropriate course of action is to start meditating on a regular basis. If you have never meditated before this is an ideal time to start, as you will make much progress along these lines. You may find that your intuition is functioning better than ever at this take the opportunity to check into those hunches.

If you are creative this month will let you access those hidden realms that are vital to creativity. Teamwork will bring great rewards, so if you can learn to be diplomatic and tactful much will be accomplished

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