The school of Jewish mysticism which originated with the Torah 3,300 years ago. While the Torah is the primary teaching of Judaism through the ages, Kabbalah is known as it's soul. The term means "That which is received" in Hebrew. It inspires mankind to seek union with God while maintaining a full social, family and community life.

The historical origin of the true Kabbala centers on a short book, Book of Creation by Sefer Yetzirah. Its exact date is unknown, but it may have been written in the 3rd century. It presents a discussion on cosmology and cosmogony and sets forth the central structure of the Kabbalah within the 32 secret paths of wisdom, the 10n sephirot and the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

The sephirot originally referred to numbers (see numerology), and later they were interpreted as emanations by which all reality is structured. The first sephira emanated from God, and at least the following three from each other. The rest represent dimensions of space. Together they constitute a unity. The twenty-two letters of the alphabet and their sounds comprise the foundation of all things.

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