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Friends and Lovers

The Relationship Between

Angelina Jolie


Brad Pitt





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The Astrological Charts


Angelina Jolie
Jun 04, 1975
09:09:00 AM PDT +07:00
Los Angeles, CA
118W14'34" 34N03'08"
Placidus House System







House Cusps






01 28°Ca54'






02 20°Le50'



22°Ge20' R



03 16°Vi37'






04 17°Li53'






05 23°Sc15'






06 28°Sg01'






07 28°Cp54'



28°Li48' R



08 20°Aq50'



10°Sg20' R



09 16°Pi37'



06°Li31' R



10 17°Ar53'






11 23°Ta15'






12 28°Ge01'


Brad Pitt
Dec 18, 1963
12:00:00 PM CST +06:00
Shawnee, OK
096W55'30" 35N19'38"
Placidus House System







House Cusps






01 13°Pi56'






02 26°Ar31'






03 26°Ta50'






04 20°Ge32'






05 12°Ca48'






06 08°Le18'






07 13°Vi56'



10°Vi04' R



08 26°Li31'






09 26°Sc50'



14°Vi14' R



10 20°Sg32'






11 12°Cp48'






12 08°Aq18'

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Astrological Compatibility

Astrologically, each individual is represented by a chart of the planets and houses at the moment of his birth. By comparing and contrasting the interrelationships of two separate charts, the astrologer can reveal the many ways and many levels that two people relate with each other. This is the astrological art of synastry as it has been practiced for several thousand years.This report analyzes each of the two selected charts and interprets the astrological connections between them. The charts' data, along with planetary positions and house cusps, are printed on the previous page. There are four possible sections to this report, two for each of the charts. Any one of them, or all four of them, will be included here depending on which were requested. For each individual the two possible sections are: 1) How this person approaches relationships. This section considers only the one chart, and is appropriate for all relationships this individual makes. 2) How this person relates specifically with the second person. Here each paragraph interprets a contact between the two charts from one chart's point of view. The text here pertains to this one relationship only, and should be understood in light of the actual nature of the relationship.Remember that every relationship contains points of similarity and harmony as well as points of conflict and discord. Through understanding, it is possible to cultivate and encourage the positive and harmonious, and keep relationships growing and fruitful through the highs and lows of the passing years.


Report for Angelina Jolie
How You Approach Relationships


You are always sensitive to others' feelings, and you pick up on even the slightest change in mood. Life for you is, above all, an experience to be lived and felt, and you find yourself sometimes up and sometimes down. You look to your partner for continual advice and guidance. You prefer a mate who is able to give you an overview or picture of what is happening. It's even OK if your partner runs a tad cool, because you tend to run a little hot... sometimes gushy. You depend on the calm, disciplined advice of a good manager -- which is what your partners often turn out to be.

Capricorn on 7th Cusp

You like a partner that is a hard worker, perhaps a little on the serious side -- a mainstay of the community. They may tend to run a little cooler than hot, and this is OK with you. You may benefit from the discipline that an older, more accomplished, life brings to you. You may have a tendency to find your partners restrictive and too serious at times.

Saturn Ruler of 7th

Report for Angelina Jolie
Strengths in your relationships


You are comfortable with your sexual identity, and tend to be emotionally well balanced. There is a natural rhythm in the way you handle the day-to-day problems of work and play, with the result that you are capable of sustained effort. These same qualities affect your relationships too. They tend to be harmonious and long lasting.

Moon Sextile Sun (orb: 00 20')

You are, from time to time, really inspired to the point of moving others with your enthusiasms. You exercise an almost hypnotic quality over those who listen in when your imagination takes over. Dreams, psychology, and all things occult and metaphysical are your especial province. You're never afraid to take the plunge when matters of idealism or imagination come to the fore. You feel and experience the unity of life -- that we are all in some way, one. Others sense this about you.

Mars Trine Neptune (orb: 00 22')

You are attractive and tend to be physically active. You just might participate in or manage some athletic endeavor. You are in tune with your feelings and really know how to play a crowd for the maximum response. You can always count on support from those around you. You seldom hide how you feel and therefore are no stranger to an occasional argument. You probably got a lot of emotional support as a child, especially from your mother.

Moon Conjunction Mars (orb: 02 23')

You have great emotional control, and this allows you to pace yourself in ways average people cannot. You can keep control when others lose it. This suggests the capacity for sustained effort on your part which may manifest in a natural athletic ability. Your relationships, which tend to be long lasting, are easy going. There is an accent on leadership and masculinity.

Sun Sextile Mars (orb: 02 43')

You are enchanting, and can transport a group of people with your mesmerizing words, action, or music. Through you, others catch a glimpse of a world more unified than the one they find themselves in, and hear from you of the life they know exists beyond the mundane. Once under your spell, you could motivate them to do almost anything. You owe much to your upbringing, which tolerated and gave support to your dreamier side. You can be very compassionate, and understand the feminine side of life.

Moon Trine Neptune (orb: 02 45')

You have an uncanny sense of justice coupled with an innate ability to interpret the law, whether manmade or natural. This may manifest thru your showing others the way thru, or beyond, the problems in their lives. A practical sense of how to manipulate the opportunities that appear in life. Just plain luck! A natural love for those with more experience or authority. A teacher, or benefactor, is likely.

Sun Sextile Jupiter (orb: 04 00')

You were born lucky and have never had trouble finding support and approval from others. You may find that working with people is what you want to do for a career. Whether professionally or not, you will find yourself guiding and directing other people in one way or another. You have a way with other people and could do well in advertising, sales... any occupation that works with the public. If anything, you might have had it a little too easy, been a little too lucky.

Moon Conjunction Jupiter (orb: 04 20')

You are a great problem-solver, and can always think of a way to do almost anything. Your friends know you to be fair, and your integrity is unquestionable. You may find yourself interested in legal matters, publishing, philosophical and religious subjects, and would make a good teacher or instructor. Scientific investigation would interest you.

Mercury Sextile Jupiter (orb: 04 54')

An original thinker, perhaps an inventor. You have a very sharp mind, capable of real insight. You are always thinking of new ways to do things or a new use for something. You are great at finding solutions for existing problems where others have run out of ideas. Almost anything can be turned to an advantage, once you put your mind to it. Communication of all kinds, especially computers, electronics, and the new technology, is right up your alley.

Mercury Trine Uranus (orb: 06 28')

You really know how to pace yourself and seldom waste a moment or a move. It would be difficult for you not to be a success at anything you choose to do. Career problems seldom last long or prove very difficult. Others remark on your creative energy, great drive, and the fact that you never seem to let up. It all runs so smoothly. You may be moved to work with the law, publishing, education -- any field where you have an opportunity to guide and educate others.

Mars Conjunction Jupiter (orb: 06 43')

You manage to cram many lifetimes into one, for it seems like you're always being reborn and starting life over again. Others may have a hard time keeping up with your changes. You do well in face-to-face and gut-level situations that would exhaust most people. You really come into your own when the going gets tough or when it's time to "get down" and face facts. Good leadership potential for emergency situations

Sun Trine Pluto (orb: 06 54')

You communicate very well, and it is easy for you to give others a feeling for whatever you're thinking. You tend to believe that there is almost no problem that cannot be handled with words, by talking it out. You could be a fine speaker. Your natural sensitivity for the feelings and thoughts of those around you makes you a valued community member. Needless to say, you want a partner who is at home with feelings and -- above all -- likes to talk.

Sun Conjunction Mercury (orb: 08 54')

Report for Angelina Jolie
Challenges in your relationships


You could have a fear of the new and different -- of sudden changes. However, once they occur you really get a charge out of them. You would like to break away and live an unusual, exciting existence, but your conventionality holds you back from making the move. The result is that you often feel frustrated and mired in the humdrum. Jealousy in love affairs could present a problem.

Venus Square Uranus (orb: 00 39')

You may have a fear of taking the plunge, letting go. Perhaps you are hesitant to trust your vision or your dreams, lest they overpower your day-to-day routine. As for relationships, you tend to worry about being deceived. There is tension present as to just how much you dare trust your more mystical side. Perhaps you have been disappointed by authority figures, more due to your over-idealizing them than to their own faults.

Sun Opposition Neptune (orb: 03 05')

A history of insecurity, possibly fear of confrontation and of getting to the heart of things. Competitive to the point of power struggles. Frequent blow-ups. Things tend to build up to the point where you go through some big transformation and start over. Your attempts to control relationships end with your feeling rejected. A very understanding, psychologically oriented partner is in order.

Mars Opposition Pluto (orb: 04 11')

You don't have much faith in people seeing what is good about you on first meeting. You want to do something for them, somehow show them by action and work what you are really about. You are never a lightweight, for you take feelings very seriously. Sometimes you can't help but be a party-pooper. You won't just let your feelings out without examining them. Contact with others may have the effect of putting them in touch with their more serious side. Some may see you as religious or meditative.

Moon Square Saturn (orb: 04 18')

You have always felt vulnerable when deep emotional issues are brought up, and may have a history of avoiding confrontation and self-examination. You are ever so sensitive to ideas of death, helplessness, and vulnerability in general. You see them only too well, and they haunt you. There may well be some childhood experiences that were rough or harsh for you to accept. Any partner will have to tread very gently when it comes to matters of feelings and security. You may tend to dominate a relationship, but without success.

Moon Opposition Pluto (orb: 06 34')

You may have difficulty expressing your feelings, with the result that tension accumulates to the boiling point. You may get the feeling sometimes that situations and other people unite to repress you, to hold you back. You probably have had some really harsh experiences, hard feelings. You feel you must push and strain to get anywhere at all. You would do well with a partner who can help you through the process of getting your feelings out without exploding.

Mars Square Saturn (orb: 06 41')

Report for Angelina Jolie
Your Relationship with Brad Pitt


The two of you may end up working with the public on some health or service-related project. That may even be how you met. Brad personifies, and brings to your attention, concerns that you have known about for a long time but perhaps never acted upon. Things like diet, smoking, exercise, preventetive medicine...anything that exemplifies a caring attitude. He is very supportive, and when you are with him it seems that all these endless details are easy and even fun to care for.

His Moon in Your Sixth House

Here is a real playmate, a lover in all the traditional sense of that word. Brad really gets those creative juices bubbling, and through him you discover artistic tendencies you never knew you had. You might even write a poem or two. There is a first blush and sense of mutual discovery in this relationship. Through knowing him you have become more self-expressive, more active. There is a growing sense of self-confidence and pride in yourself that you gain from this relationship. There is a good feeling to this relationship.

His Sun in Your Fifth House

When the two of you get together for an intensive talk session, watch out. You love to discuss the details of work and matters relating to your health, self-improvement, and general well-being. He brings out ideas on how to improve and care for yourself. On the down side, both of you can slip into a very critical vein, especially of others. You may find yourself working together in some editorial or managerial capacity.

His Mercury in Your Sixth House

He appreciates your sense of duty and concern for others. Time spent together tends to enhance these qualities in you. You may not have known how much you care about life and other people before you met. You find yourself taking better care of yourself, by attending to the details and odds & ends of your life. He values you for your more conservative qualities and tends to see you as painstaking and particular when it comes to attending to details.

His Venus in Your Sixth House

When all is well, the two of you manage to get a lot done, attending to all of the responsibilities that need caring for. He drives you to a greater response than you could provide on your own when it comes to taking care of business. However, if you are the least bit upset or overloaded, you may experience Brad as too much of a good thing. He may irritate you. Or you may get critical and petty with one another. The whole thing can be hard on your nerves.

His Mars in Your Sixth House

Brad may be a real leader or inspired teacher for you. Through him you may discover a more philosophical and religious side of yourself. You respect his integrity and judgment, and have no trouble following his lead, because he is always fair and knows the right way to handle things. You may have long walks and long talks. Traveling somewhere together would be ideal. He tends to open up your mind to new horizons, perspectives, and possibilities.

His Jupiter in Your Ninth House

A serious and perhaps lasting relationship, but not necessarily a romance. Brad can't help but exert a certain influence or control on your social sense -- how you react to other people. You may find it difficult to respond to him, for he might be more at home at a funeral than a party. If you are too loose and free on the social scene, this could be a beneficial person to know. You will learn a lot in a hurry.

His Saturn in Your Seventh House

Brad has an unusual, original, way of appreciating or caring for you. The way he shows affection is different, and this could make for an interesting love life. Or he might introduce you to alternative ways of financing or making money. His ideas on handling your resources and providing for yourself may be just the ticket. Whatever else, they won't be just more of the same.

His Uranus in Your Second House

You share a sense of the unity of life, and this could mean a very happy, almost dreamy domestic scene. There is a tendency to lose yourself in dreams and fantasies, so strong is your imagination when you are together. You could make very beautiful music together. You may have to be a little careful not to get carried away with all of this and neglect your responsibilities (the details of life).

His Neptune in Your Fourth House

He may be responsible for a deep change in your values, all that you consider important in life. This may involve some very sensitive issues and real self-facing on your part. Through knowing him, your status in the world (especially in regard to finances) could undergo a transformation. He may help you strip away many unessential qualities and concentrate on those resources that can actually benefit you.

His Pluto in Your Second House

Report for Angelina Jolie
Strengths in your relationship with Brad Pitt


This might turn out to be a great working (business) relationship. You have no trouble getting behind him, and can urge him to greater success. There is a natural sense of harmony and flow to the relationship.

Your Mars Conjunction His Jupiter (orb: 00 52')

Brad may be a real help when it comes to disciplined thinking, mental organization, and study in general. You are able to talk about his problems easily. You are able to put into words situations in which he finds himself.

Your Mercury Trine His Saturn (orb: 03 10')

Brad will find you very supportive when it comes to matters of his career or life direction. He can trust your advice, and you tend to act as a guide for him in many ways. This could be a good business relationship too.

Your Moon Conjunction His Jupiter (orb: 03 14')

Brad may be one of your most valuable assets and have a great influence on your career and life direction. Through his support you may succeed in finding solutions to many a problem. You work well together and would make good partners.

Your Sun Sextile His Jupiter (orb: 03 35')

This could be a real working relationship. Brad has an organizing effect on you, and brings discipline and good sense to any project the two of you engage in. Although somewhat cool and conservative, this has every sign of being a very durable relationship.

Your Sun Trine His Saturn (orb: 05 45')

Report for Angelina Jolie
Challenges in your relationship with Brad Pitt


Your relationship can have all the humor of a "push me-pull you" comedy routine. It is surprising how the two of you manage to come up against each other time after time. If there is not an understanding of this tendency, it could end up with endless arguments and harsh feelings. It's amazing, with all the energy you both have, that you can't seem to come together very often.

Your Mars Square His Mars (orb: 00 30')

He may feel that you pooh-pooh his fears and worries. His own need for sensitive self-examination and transformation may not appeal to you, with the result that you may sidestep his little confrontations. There could be a bit of a power struggle, complete with explosions.

Your Sun Square His Pluto (orb: 00 48')

There may be some hurt feelings on Brad's part because he feels unappreciated by you. You don't always give him the credit that he feels he is due. He may refuse to give you the kind of support and nurturing that you're looking for. You both tend to be at loggerheads over this.

Your Venus Opposition His Moon (orb: 02 31')

There are a lot of hurt feelings in this relationship. Argument and power struggles are to be expected. You tend to ignore, or not be sufficiently supportive of, Brad's feelings. He can't help but get in digs at you on a regular basis.

Your Moon Square His Mars (orb: 02 53')

From time to time there may be some hard feelings and harsh words between you. You may not feel like talking, or find that you can't support a lot of what he is saying. He may not be able to understand how you feel, and resents your attitude.

Your Moon Square His Mercury (orb: 03 16')

You never know what to expect with Brad. His need for variety and the unusual may conflict with your own more conservative trends. He may tend to be a rebel, with you always playing the authority figure. Sometimes hectic; seldom boring.

Your Sun Square His Uranus (orb: 03 21')

There may be some problems in communication. You may find it difficult to talk with Brad, or attempts at communication end up in a standstill. His attitude and manner may leave you feeling frustrated, unable to communicate.

Your Mercury Opposition His Sun (orb: 03 46')

This may never do. Neither of you are able or willing to give the other much credit. There is a lack of appreciation, and very little sense of shared values. You may not like the same things.

Your Venus Opposition His Venus (orb: 04 24')

Brad refuses, or is often unable, to get your meaning. He may feel that your own feelings are lacking as a motivating force in your life. This can lead to harsh exchanges and hot tempers.

Your Mars Square His Mercury (orb: 05 38')

Report for Brad Pitt
How You Approach Relationships


You are so forgiving and accepting that some would think you wooly-minded. You are by nature philosophical and understand how things are in the world to such a degree that it is hard for you to take anyone to task. And very sensitive too. Unquestionably, a bit of a dreamer. There will be few who will be able to really understand and get to know you. You tend to fall for very down-to-earth and practical types. You would prefer to leave all the details of life to your mate, a trait that does not always endear you to them. You love their gentleness, and the care and fastidiousness they expend in your behalf.

Virgo on 7th Cusp

Above all, you have a need for partners that are bright, witty, and that like to talk and communicate. You must have mental compatibility before you get serious about someone. Aside from talking, you like others who are interested in speaking and writing.

Mercury Ruler of 7th

You depend on your relationships to learn about yourself. You tend to be intense and confrontive, and love to strip away the social amenities in a group situation and get down to the nitty-gritty. Others find you passionate and always interested in sensitive issues -- skeletons in the closet, and the like.

Pluto in 7th House

Report for Brad Pitt
Strengths in your relationships


You have a real drive to discover or invent things. You are always pushing the envelope, going the limit. You know it is at the leading edge where all the real breaks occur. You are fascinated by what is happening in technology and communications. Others find you original and nonconventional, especially in your love life. You have your own very original idea of love, emotions, and marriage. You march to a different drummer when it comes to relationships.

Mars Trine Uranus (orb: 00 08')

You have a fantastic imagination and are somehow tuned into what we all dream of at the deepest levels. The dream worlds, the more eternal thoughts of mankind, come easy for you, and you would be a convincing speaker on occult, metaphysical, and religious subjects. The way you talk about the intuitive and imaginative realms is very moving to others. You are able to put into words the sense of unity that we all know exists in the world but can't always keep in mind. You could be a fine poet or musician, especially a composer.

Mercury Sextile Neptune (orb: 00 28')

People just naturally love you, perhaps because they sense that you really care for them too. This amounts to more than just a minor talent. You have lots of friends, and many relationships. You're just fun to be around. You may hang out with artistic types, or be one yourself. The feminine, in all of its aspects: fashion, beauty, style, etc., is your cup of tea. You love people and working with the public.

Moon Conjunction Venus (orb: 01 53')

Very sensitive areas of conversation that might intimidate most (taboo subjects, etc.) don't bother you at all. You always persevere and keep right on investigating. You are expert at getting straight to the heart of things, and would make a super sleuth, or researcher. The deeper a secret is buried, the more likely it is that you will turn it up. And when it comes to money, sex, and other highly charged issues, pity anyone who tries to manipulate you. That's your bailiwick, and there are very few who can stand to argue with you.

Mercury Trine Pluto (orb: 02 07')

You have always had a drive to delve into the unknown. The cosmos has real trouble keeping secrets from you once you have made your mind up to investigate. You have great perseverance and staying power. You work well in a crisis; emergencies of all kinds find you on the spot, ready to test your mettle. You are brave -- and unafraid of death or people. You do well with investments, property, and other people's money. You have very little sense of propriety and tend to call a spade a spade. You like to get your hands in the real stuff of life, blood and all.

Mars Trine Pluto (orb: 04 02')

When it comes to self-expression, you are a natural and can always put what you feel into words. Your mind is quick and tends not to get bogged down in emotional issues. You would do well in any of the communication fields, and are an excellent speaker. People find it easy to get a sense for a subject when you put it into words. You write well.

Mercury Conjunction Mars (orb: 06 08')

An original thinker, perhaps an inventor. You have a very sharp mind, capable of real insight. You are always thinking of new ways to do things or a new use for something. You are great at finding solutions for existing problems where others have run out of ideas. Almost anything can be turned to an advantage, once you put your mind to it. Communication of all kinds, especially computers, electronics, and the new technology, is right up your alley.

Mercury Trine Uranus (orb: 06 16')

You love to talk and write, and you probably do so beautifully. Your sense of color, harmony, manners, and all that is artistic, is beyond reproach. You know quality, and people love to let you pick out art or arrange color schemes for them.

Mercury Conjunction Venus (orb: 07 25')

You communicate very well, and it is easy for you to give others a feeling for whatever you're thinking. You tend to believe that there is almost no problem that cannot be handled with words, by talking it out. You could be a fine speaker. Your natural sensitivity for the feelings and thoughts of those around you makes you a valued community member. Needless to say, you want a partner who is at home with feelings and -- above all -- likes to talk.

Moon Conjunction Mercury (orb: 09 18')

Report for Brad Pitt
Challenges in your relationships


You may squander your money, tend to expand too rapidly, do too much. Your feelings often run counter to the status quo or accepted norm, with the result that you may tend to be a bit of an outlaw. This could extend to your married life too, which might be somewhat unconventional. A stubborn streak may find you refusing to walk the straight and narrow, doing what is expected.

Mars Square Jupiter (orb: 00 21')

You think you can get around doing things as you know they are supposed to be done. These shortcuts end up costing you a lot. You also tend to bite off more than you can chew and can have a million projects going at once. You get carried away with yourself easily in arguments, and those close to you sometimes accuse you of not being entirely fair with them.

Mercury Square Jupiter (orb: 06 30')

Report for Brad Pitt
Your Relationship with Angelina Jolie


You knew from the moment you met her that here was a person who couldn't help but be supportive to you. She approves of almost everything about you. At times this could get a touch claustrophobic, but if you need a boost, here is a good partner. Because she is so undiscriminating, the temptation is to add her to your fan club, which negates the value of this support. Everyone enjoys being a hero once in a while.

Her Moon in Your First House

At last, someone you can really talk with. You should have become instant friends from the very start. Angelina is the kind of person that is intellectually stimulating. Together you could spend great amounts of time exploring ideas and concepts, taking walks, and even short trips. Talking until dawn is not impossible with her. The platonic thing was there from the start, and there is a sense of the brotherly and sisterly between you. Even if lovers, you will always be first and foremost, good friends.

Her Sun in Your Third House

You may get together with Angelina to talk about home and family, and sending down roots. Her ideas are down-to-earth and settling, and you find this a relief from all the jet-set kind of conversation that is the norm. She seems almost like a family member, and you feel good when the two of you are together. She always manages to remind you of the virtues of a simple life, without all the fancy stuff. You may learn of property or housing arrangements through her.

Her Mercury in Your Fourth House

Angelina appreciates your sense of self -- the way you feel and express yourself. She is proud of you and always urges you on to greater heights of creativity and self-expression when you are with her. Through her you may discover that you are more of an artist or performer than you had imagined. There is much affection and plain old good feelings. Great love potential. A healthy relationship. You also may have similar views when it comes to ideas about animals and children.

Her Venus in Your Fifth House

Angelina is nothing else if not stimulating, and she may be downright challenging or irritating at times. It all depends on what mood you're in. If you need a boost, a little competition, then she is tailor-made for the job. If things are already hectic, then you may not enjoy the ride. There is the potential here for a good sexual relationship too.

Her Mars in Your First House

Angelina is your good luck charm. She leads you out of yourself and makes it possible for you to come across looking better in situations than you might without her. People experience you as more expansive and outgoing when you are with her. Your relationship could become a highway to much greater things. There may be a tendency to spend everything and get carried away with projects and ideas.

Her Jupiter in Your First House

You easily feel stifled around Angelina, especially regarding your more expressive qualities. It seems she is always putting a lid on any outpouring of self-expression. You may feel that your creativity is being repressed. She may not like children and animals either. This could be a very important relationship if you have a history of no self-control and tend to spend, spend, spend.

Her Saturn in Your Fifth House

Angelina is very direct. She seems to cut to the very heart of a situation, which sometimes leaves you feeling exposed and vulnerable. Yet time spent with her can be terribly exciting. You find yourself wanting to get rid of a lot of excess social baggage when you two are together. You may tend to spend a lot of time alone due to the very sensitive and open relationship you share. She may be able to lead you into making some very shrewd and innovative business deals.

Her Uranus in Your Eighth House

Here is someone with whom you share a broad and far-reaching vision. Together the two of you are transported by late- night discussions and common dreams. She brings out the eloquent in you, and when you are with her you sense that you are part prophet and visionary. Your religious and philosophical ideas are in fine tune. There is a very heady kind of romance here.

Her Neptune in Your Ninth House

Angelina's influence could revolutionize the way you relate to other people -- your social life. You have found yourself re-examining ideas of marriage, social values, and relationships. She seems to exercise a strange power over you, and this was true from the very first time you met her. You may find yourself wanting to hide this relationship because you feel exposed. She is almost too personal at times. Knowing her amounts to a crash course in facing yourself.

Her Pluto in Your Seventh House

Report for Brad Pitt
Strengths in your relationship with Angelina Jolie


You both have an understanding that she is a little different and likes her independence. This is not a problem. She brings some excitement and adventure to your life, and may be restless and on the go. She may introduce you to unusual friends and situations.

Your Sun Sextile Her Uranus (orb: 02 42')

Angelina may be one of your most valuable assets and have a great influence on your career and life direction. Through her support you may succeed in finding solutions to many a problem. You work well together and would make good partners.

Your Sun Trine Her Jupiter (orb: 08 40')

Report for Brad Pitt
Challenges in your relationship with Angelina Jolie


Your relationship can have all the humor of a "push me-pull you" comedy routine. It is surprising how the two of you manage to come up against each other time after time. If there is not an understanding of this tendency, it could end up with endless arguments and harsh feelings. It's amazing, with all the energy you both have, that you can't seem to come together very often.

Your Mars Square Her Mars (orb: 00 30')

She is critical of your ideas, and you may feel somewhat tongue-tied when you are around her. She may feel that you refuse to consider her problems or that you dismiss them with a few words.

Your Mercury Opposition Her Saturn (orb: 01 03')

A basic lack of communication, particularly regarding Angelina's career decisions. She tends to go against your way of thinking, or you refuse to talk about this subject with her. It may be difficult to communicate.

Your Mercury Square Her Jupiter (orb: 01 05')

She may not appreciate your feelings and emotions, and may not like your moods. You may tend to ignore her values and ideals and take them too lightly. She senses that you may not support her sense of values. There could be a kind of cold war going on.

Your Moon Opposition Her Venus (orb: 02 31')

Heavy feelings and emotional drama will be a part of this relationship. You may feel that she refuses to support your life ambitions. You may find yourself hurting her feelings again and again. A stormy marriage.

Your Mars Square Her Moon (orb: 02 53')

Angelina's feelings of independence, and her unusual ways, tend to rub you the wrong way at times. You refuse to support her oddball ideas. She may find you restricting and unimaginative. There is definite disagreement here.

Your Moon Square Her Uranus (orb: 03 10')

It's no secret that you and Angelina can have communication problems. You may find her lack of support for what you say and think unfair and hard to accept. Yet it is a two-way street -- often your thoughts and ideas rub her the wrong way too. They are contrary to the way she feels about things, and she finds it difficult to be encouraging at times.

Your Mercury Square Her Moon (orb: 03 16')

Power struggles are likely, as well as harsh feelings. Your drive and ambition may tend to ignore her need for confrontation and analysis. You may refuse to face sensitive issues. This is a very emotional, and possibly explosive, relationship.

Your Mars Square Her Pluto (orb: 03 41')

She may not always think highly of you and is not afraid to let you know when this is the case. You may sometimes tend to discount what she says and squelch communication. You don't always like what she thinks.

Your Sun Opposition Her Mercury (orb: 03 46')

This may never do. Neither of you are able or willing to give the other much credit. There is a lack of appreciation, and very little sense of shared values. You may not like the same things.

Your Venus Opposition Her Venus (orb: 04 24')

You may not appreciate her sense of independence, always having to do something different and unusual. You don't like surprises. It may go against your own set of values and thus be a cause for dissension.

Your Venus Square Her Uranus (orb: 05 03')

Harsh words and arguments may not be uncommon. She tends to irritate and get pushy, with the result that you may get sharply critical and say more than you intended. Your analysis of her feelings may drive her a little crazy.

Your Mercury Square Her Mars (orb: 05 38')

Romance aside, this is not a good combination for any business relationship. You are not very appreciative of her decision-making, and you probably seldom take her advice when it comes to career decisions. She may persevere against your best wishes, with the result that she may tend to overdue, overspend, and get carried away.

Your Venus Square Her Jupiter (orb: 06 20')

She may have a tendency to throw cold water on your enthusiasms and hurt your feelings. You may not take her problems seriously enough to suit her, and she may tend to restrict your natural sense of love and appreciation. There is cold-war tension to this relationship.

Your Venus Opposition Her Saturn (orb: 06 22')

You may feel that her attempts to discipline you are ineffective at best. Throwing cold water on your enthusiasms has never done much for you. You may delight in shattering her neat little universe from time to time. You feel repressed by her.

Your Mars Opposition Her Saturn (orb: 07 11')

Timing could be off between the two of you. Your drive and ambition fail to link up with her ideas of career and success. You may feel that she is not a good decision-maker and tends to squander your assets.

Your Mars Square Her Jupiter (orb: 07 13')

Angelina may feel that she doesn't have your support when it comes to matters of career and life direction. There may be hard feelings. You may find the decisions she makes upsetting to you emotionally. Her basic philosophy of life can sometimes be at odds with the way you are feeling.

Your Moon Square Her Jupiter (orb: 08 13')

You may find her somewhat repressive of your feelings. She manages to put a damper on you every time you get to feeling good and comfortable. There is no way you will support this side of her, and this could lead to a real standoff.

Your Moon Opposition Her Saturn (orb: 08 15')