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(5 out of 10 romantically - highest Virgo rating see Virgo - Taurus)

The Moon Compatibility of Virgo with Leo

Your two moon signs are very close together (in Semi-sextile). There is some chance that you may get along, one sign will probably be more tolerant of the other (usually the Leo Moon in this relationship), also the Leo moon is generally very emotional compared to the mentally driven Virgo Moon. Be aware that the Leo Moon will tend to feel things from an emotional aspect, while the Virgo Moon will feel them mentally. There is a strong indication that you are here to share a karmic relationship in this lifetime. There is some chance that you will get along, to create a strong family. One thing to watch out for with this type of relationship is that you may notice that your negative feelings are twice as strong when you are in a relationship with this person: since both of you feel nearly the same in many situations you may both feel negatively at the same time and cause even more bad feelings to flow between you.

Read the 'by themselves' section below, Moons in Cancer are generally insecure, emotional and sensitive, they have good intuition and a nurturing instinct.

By themselves:
Virgo - The Virgin: You have a strong sense of practicality and attention to detail. You are usually described as serious, and quiet in your emotional interactions with others. You have quick instincts, but you don't normally show them to others. Inside you have an intelligent and incisive mind capable of great wisdom and strong critical judgement and discrimination. You expect discipline and control in many of your relationships with others, especially with family members.

Leo - The Lion: You are very charismatic and popular with others. Among your contemporaries you are attractive and someone that they all want to get to know. You present yourself as honest, and generous. You love to live life, and especially in luxuiry if you can. You really enjoy being center-stage, and you may have trouble learning to stop yourself from feeling like you are not in control as this may affect your confidence.

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