Sagittarius Moon
Aries Moon
(9 out of 10 romantically - highest Sagittarius rating see Sagittarius - Leo)

The Moon Compatibility of Sagittarius with Aries

Your two moon signs are 120 degrees apart (Trine angle). There will be great understanding and respect for each other in this relationship. You are both adventurous and seeking challenges and excitement, it will make for an interesting and strong match. Your Moon signs indicate that you are extremely compatible: Aries is a Moon sign of high spirits and independent fire, whereas Sagittarius is a Moon sign of enthusiasm, and optimism. The Sagittarius Moon likes to experience everything, they may be restless, but they are always interesting. Together the two of you get along great. You may find that you get along well in this relationship as long as the Aries Moon can respect and understand the Sagittarius Moon, or vice-versa.

Read the 'by themselves' section below, your compatibility will be based on a karmic debt between the two of you (especially at first).

By themselves:
Sagittarius - The Archer: You are cheerful, happy-go-lucky and optimistic in everything you do and the way in which you present yourself. You may be quite restless in nature, always seeking adventure and willing to accomodate others as you go about your life. At times others may think you are not wbo you present yourself as being, but in fact you are very wise, deep and philosophical in your thinking. You enjoy being as much a friend as you do a parent or child in your relationships with family members.

Aries - The Ram: An independent spirit within, you have a strong outgoing personality. You have a strong inner desire to excel, and this makes you very competitive. You work hard to achieve your ambitions. Leadership and decision making is most important to you. Usually very independent.

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