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(4 out of 10 romantically - highest Pisces rating see Pisces - Cancer or Pisces - Scorpio)

The Moon Compatibility of Pisces with Virgo

Your two moon signs are completely opposite from each other (Opposition). This relationship may be extremely good, or it may lead to arguments over your own differences! You must watch for intollerance and lack of understanding: overall these two signs are only slightly compatible, though you are more likely to be friends. You are different in your understanding and opinion, from a feeling aspect. Your Moon signs indicate that you are are only slightly compatible: Virgo is typically a Moon sign of detail, practical know-how and serious instinctive reactions. A Pisces Moon is gentle, nurturing and protecting of others, they also may be somewhat out-of-touch with reality and overly sensitive at times. The two of you must learn to keep your differences intact while at the same time enjoying your similarities.

Read the 'by themselves' section below, Moons in Pisces are generally gentle, sympathetic, caring and nurturing to others.

By themselves:
Pisces - The Fishes: Those with their Moon in Pisces are usually gentle and sympathetic to the needs of others. You may need special care, and nurturing from others as you are usually sensitive, romantic, dreamy and somewhat unrealistic in your approach toward life! You may tend to live in a fantasy world of your own making, so be careful. The Moon in Pisces will make your emotions and feelings ultra-sensitive as you go about your life.

Virgo - The Virgin: You have a strong sense of practicality and attention to detail. You are usually described as serious, and quiet in your emotional interactions with others. You have quick instincts, but you don't normally show them to others. Inside you have an intelligent and incisive mind capable of great wisdom and strong critical judgement and discrimination. You expect discipline and control in many of your relationships with others, especially with family members.

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