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(6 out of 10 romantically - highest Pisces rating see Pisces - Cancer or Pisces - Scorpio)

The Moon Compatibility of Libra with Pisces

Your two moon signs are 135 degrees apart (a Quincunx angle). There may be a karmic lesson to be learned in this relationship. One of you may feel like you are constantly working to please the other, this may be the sign of a relationship that is out of balance so take extra care to watch out for this. An imbalance could be created, however even if you can overcome this lesson, there is some compatibility between these two Moon signs. You share only a little bit from a feeling aspect. Your Moon signs indicate that you have conflicting desires however there is still a great deal of romance and desire between you: Libra is typically a Moon sign of charm, tact, and elegance. Pisces is a Moon sign of sensitivity, gentle sympathy and respect. Each of you may find that you have just enough of the stuff that the other needs to make you feel complete, though the Libra Moon may have to learn to be careful with the sensitivity of the Pisces Moon. In the end however, it may be difficult for both of you to maintain your sweet loving nature for each other; you may end up finding fault with each other's own sweet ways.

Read the 'by themselves' section below, Moons in Pisces are generally gentle, sympathetic and nurturing of others.

By themselves:
Pisces - The Fishes: Those with their Moon in Pisces are usually gentle and sympathetic to the needs of others. You may need special care, and nurturing from others as you are usually sensitive, romantic, dreamy and somewhat unrealistic in your approach toward life! You may tend to live in a fantasy world of your own making, so be careful. The Moon in Pisces will make your emotions and feelings ultra-sensitive as you go about your life.

Libra - The Scales: You are constantly weighing every decision and every person you meet. Eventually you may find that you have a hard time making any decision. You truly seek harmony, peace and beauty in your life, and discord and chaos are to be avoided at all costs. You prefer elegance, charm and sophistication around you. You may be creative and artistically inclined, attractive and known as someone who dislikes stress and conflict. Libran's tend to excel in teamwork.

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