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The Moon Compatibility of Libra with Scorpio

Your two moon signs are very close together (in Semi-sextile). There is a chance that you may get along, especially if one of you is willing to be more tolerant of the other (most likely the Scorpio will need to fill this position in the relationship). You may share some common understanding, especially from a feeling aspect, however your Moon signs indicate that you may have conflicting desires: Libra is typically a Moon sign of charm, tact and harmony, whereas Scorpio on the other hand is a Moon sign of intensity, tenacity and strength. In relationships the Scorpio likes to take charge, the Libran Moon may be able to agree to this, for a while, however in the end it could be too much.

Read the 'by themselves' section below, you may find some compabitility only if one of you is quite a bit more tolerant than the other, otherwise this relationsihp could signify a karmic link that requires issues to be worked out by both of you.

By themselves:
Libra - The Scales: You are constantly weighing every decision and every person you meet. Eventually you may find that you have a hard time making any decision. You truly seek harmony, peace and beauty in your life, and discord and chaos are to be avoided at all costs. You prefer elegance, charm and sophistication around you. You may be creative and artistically inclined, attractive and known as someone who dislikes stress and conflict. Libran's tend to excel in teamwork.

Scorpio - The Scorpion: You are cool, moody and in control in most situations. You like to be mysterious, especially when it comes to letting others know what your true feelings are. You do have a tremendous strength of character and an unmatched ability to focus your attention on any objective. You prefer to be in cotnrol and take charge, though you don't like others to feel that you are consciously doing this. You usualy have an admiration for strong fiesty partners, and you may be strict in relationships.

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