Libra Moon
Libra Moon
(2 out of 10 romantically - highest Libra rating see Libra - Gemini)

The Moon Compatibility of Libra with Libra

Your two moon signs are very close together (in Conjunction). This means that both of you will generally share a common understanding about many things, especially from a feeling aspect. You may both feel the same way about many subjects, including how you feel about each other: for two Libra Moons this could be a disaster! Both of you are elegant, have sophisticated tastes and enjoy beauty, but unfortunately when it comes to making a decision it will be nearly impossible in this relationship. There is very little chance that you can get along. One thing to watch out for with this type of relationship is that your negative feelings are twice as strong when you are in a relationship with this person: since each of you feel the same in many situations you may both feel negatively at the same time and cause even more bad feelings between the two of you.

Read the 'by themselves' section below, Moons in Libra are generally charming, agreeable, and indecisive. Libra Moons seek to please everyone, two of them together may never be able to decide on how to please each other.

By themselves:
Libra - The Scales: You are constantly weighing every decision and every person you meet. Eventually you may find that you have a hard time making any decision. You truly seek harmony, peace and beauty in your life, and discord and chaos are to be avoided at all costs. You prefer elegance, charm and sophistication around you. You may be creative and artistically inclined, attractive and known as someone who dislikes stress and conflict. Libran's tend to excel in teamwork.

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