Libra Moon
Aries Moon
(4 out of 10 romantically - highest Libra rating see Libra - Gemini)

The Moon Compatibility of Libra with Aries

Your two moon signs are completely opposite from each other (Opposition). This relationship may be extremely good, or it may be a disaster! When you are getting along, it may be great, however, if you it is going bad nothing could be worse. One of you may feel like you have to please the other, however this may be the sign of an imbalance in the relationship so take extra care to watch out for this in this relationship. Your Moon signs indicate that you are only slightly compatible: Aries is a Moon sign of high spirits and independent fire, whereas Libra is a Moon sign of balance and indecision. The Libra Moon seeks to please everyone. Together the two of you get along ok. You may find that you cannot fully get along well in this relationship as the Aries Moon may feel impatient with the tranquil and peaceful ways of the Libran Moon, on the other hand the Libran Moon may feel that the Aries Moon is too spontaneous and unpredictable.

Read the 'by themselves' section below, your compatibility will be based on a karmic debt between the two of you (especially at first).

By themselves:
Libra - The Scales: You are constantly weighing every decision and every person you meet. Eventually you may find that you have a hard time making any decision. You truly seek harmony, peace and beauty in your life, and discord and chaos are to be avoided at all costs. You prefer elegance, charm and sophistication around you. You may be creative and artistically inclined, attractive and known as someone who dislikes stress and conflict. Libran's tend to excel in teamwork.

Aries - The Ram: An independent spirit within, you have a strong outgoing personality. You have a strong inner desire to excel, and this makes you very competitive. You work hard to achieve your ambitions. Leadership and decision making is most important to you. Usually very independent.

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