Gemini Moon
Aries Moon
(8 out of 10 romantically - highest Gemini rating see Gemini - Libra)

The Moon Compatibility of Gemini with Aries

Your two moon signs are very close together (in Sextile). This relationship will be based on friendship and loyalty. There is a strong tie between you and your partner, however your Moon signs indicate that you are not completely compatible: Aries is a Moon sign of high spirits and quick temper, whereas Gemini is a Moon sign of changing moods and restless emotions that finds it hard to keep a secret. Together the two of you may be at odds to each other, especially if you cannot learn to maintain your loyalty and friendship from a feeling standpoint.

Read the 'by themselves' section below, your compatibility will be based on a strong and loyal friendship (especially at first).

By themselves:
Gemini - The Twins: Changing moods and emotions can mean that having this in your chart will make you nervous and awkward. Only stability and security can provide some stabilization for the Moon in Gemini. These people may find it impossible to keep any secrets, and they especially enjoy talking about their feelings and emotions. They truly love learning, but they may experience difficulty remembering information or in maintaining their interests over a long period of time. They may be worriers, especially of small matters, while they pay little attention to bigger issues.

Taurus - The Ram: High spirited and quick-tempered, these people are very emotional. They are not inclined to listen to advice from others, even though they are eager to 'give it out'. They usually react to any form of criticism in a personal manner. Anger may blind them from understanding, but they rarely hold grudges and they are prone to fulfilling their own sudden whims as much as possible. With a strong need for action and haste and a very quick temper can be a problem here. The emotional energy is very strong here and needs to be channeled.

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