Capricorn Moon
Pisces Moon
(2 out of 10 romantically - highest Capricorn rating see Capricorn - Taurus or Capricorn - Virgo)

The Moon Compatibility of Capricorn with Pisces

Your two moon signs are near 60 degrees apart (in Sextile). This relationship will most likely be based on friendship and loyalty. You may share some understanding and opinion, along with respect for each other, especially from a feeling aspect, your Moon signs indicate that you are only slightly matched: Capricorn is typically a Moon sign of caution, practicality and responsibility, while a Pisces Moon is gently, sympathetic and understanding with a deep empathy for others. Together you each may find some success in this relationship, but it may not be possible unless you come to an agreement on your approach to life in general!

Read the 'by themselves' section below, Moons in Capricorn are generally hard-working, responsible and serious.

By themselves:
Capricorn - The Goat: You are Earthy, hard-working and serious in your attitude to be responsible as you work to gain power and respect from others. You may seem cautious at times, and you usually prefer to keep your living area simple and organized.

Pisces - The Fishes: Those with their Moon in Pisces are usually gentle and sympathetic to the needs of others. You may need special care, and nurturing from others as you are usually sensitive, romantic, dreamy and somewhat unrealistic in your approach toward life! You may tend to live in a fantasy world of your own making, so be careful. The Moon in Pisces will make your emotions and feelings ultra-sensitive as you go about your life.

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