Aries Moon
Leo Moon
(9 out of 10 romantically - highest Aries rating see Aries - Sagittarius)

The Moon Compatibility of Aries with Leo

Your two moon signs are near 120 degrees apart (a Trine angle). There will usually be a great understanding a respect between the two of you in this relationship. Your Moon signs indicate that you are very compatible: Aries is a Moon sign of high spirits and independent fire, whereas Leo is a Moon sign of charisma, popularity and warm-hearted generousity. Together the two of you get along just great! You each learn to value the other for the unique aspects that hold you dear to each other.

Read the 'by themselves' section below, your compatibility will be based on a mutual respect and understanding between the two of you (especially at first).

By themselves:
Aries - The Ram: An independent spirit within, you have a strong outgoing personality. You have a strong inner desire to excel, and this makes you very competitive. You work hard to achieve your ambitions. Leadership and decision making is most important to you. Usually very independent.

Leo - The Lion: You are very charismatic and popular with others. Among your contemporaries you are attractive and someone that they all want to get to know. You present yourself as honest, and generous. You love to live life, and especially in luxuiry if you can. You really enjoy being center-stage, and you may have trouble learning to stop yourself from feeling like you are not in control as this may affect your confidence.

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