Compatibility Astrology Reading

Friends & Lovers - (18-25 pages)
For love, friendship, and partnership relationships...

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Your personal Compatibility Astrology Reading is a detailed report 18-25 pages in length.

Are you really meant for each other? Our Friends & Lovers reading will let you in on all of your partners secrets! This reading really 'lays it on the line' and will help you understand each other in all circumstances, including your emotional/love makeup and personalities and passions. It includes the following four major sections:

  • Your Approach:
  • The clues are in your astrological birth chart. Friends & Lovers finds and interprets them.
  • Your Relationship With
    Your Partner
  • The overall Astrological effects are detailed in this section.

  • Your Partner's Approach:
  • Do they have an easy time getting close to someone? What are the traits that influence ALL of their relationships?
  • How THEY Relate:
  • How will you get along? What role do each of you play in the relationship?
Many people are startled to find out how accurate their reading is. The reading uncovers new insights into your relationships.

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