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The Dreamtime Commitment To Privacy
(Privacy Policy)

Thank you for visiting The Dreamtime.com family of websites.

At The Dreamtime, we are committed to protecting your privacy. We use the information that we collect about you only to process orders and to provide a more personal shopping experience as well as provide promotion information, newsletters and other information at The Dreamtime that we would like to share with you. Please read this entire Policy page for more information on our Privacy Policy.

Protecting consumer privacy is very important to us. Our Online Privacy Statement is available to inform you about our collection and use of personal information so that you can make informed choices about how your own information is collected and used. This Online Privacy Statement reflects the TheDreamtime.com (and it's related websites: thedreamtimemail.com, thedreamtimemailer.com) policies covering personal information collected at this website on or after the effective date shown below.

We believe that information used responsibly benefits consumers and the economy, whether it is information we house on behalf of consumers conducting transactions or information we collect as a result of surveys or questionnaires. For example, we use consumer information every day to ensure fast and accurate processing of money transfers. In addition, The Dreamtime strives to better serve our customers by offering goods and services that we believe fit their needs and interests. When identifying an opportunity, The Dreamtime may use consumer information it has collected in an effort to identify consumers who may be interested in that opportunity. For many years, consumers have relied on The Dreamtime for safe and reliable service. The relationships we have developed have been established based on mutual trust. Each day we and employees and agents strive to reinforce our commitment to our customers. Central to that commitment is ensuring that we abide by a set of privacy policies, which are outlined below. These policies guide us in the collection and use of information as well as employee responsibilities in protecting your privacy. We use personal information about consumers only in a manner consistent with these policies.


What information do we collect?

We do NOT sell, trade, or rent your personal information to any third party under any circumstances, and it is our intent to protect your private contact and demographic information as much as possible.

We will never intentionally release, sell or give a customer's name, personal information or Email address to any other party or organization unless required by law.

The Dreamtime collects personal information in order to offer or provide goods and services to consumers and our customers. We may obtain this information from a variety of sources:

· Directly from free reading forms, questionnaires and other materials submitted to us by customers;
· From transactions in which The Dreamtime and consumers are involved;
· From clickthru activity on our web sites; and
· From a variety of third-party sources, such as government repositories, and consumer reporting agencies and other financial institutions.


When you receive a Free Reading, or Place an Order with us we collect contact information (name and contact) and demographic information (like your date of birth and birth name or current name).

We use customer contact information from our Free Reading(s) Registration forms to send you information about our company and to send you Birthday Greetings - we believe that everyone should feel special on their Birthday. Your contact information is also used to contact the you when necessary. Demographic and profile data is also collected at our site. We use this data to tailor your (the visitor's) experience at our site, to show you content that we think you might be interested in, and displaying the content according to your preferences, or to inform you of promotions or other information which you might be interested in.

We use the Contact and Demographic information that we collect from our Order Form(s) to notify you of your purchase, and to let you know of other offers or information that you might be interested in. We do not use your postal mailing address for mailing invoices, or for any other postal mailings. All personal information that we collect, when you order any of our products, related to preparing one of our Astrology or Numerology Readings or other similar readings (or products) such as birth date, birth time and birth certificate name is kept confidential and used to prepare your Reading. None of this information is shared with other parties. You may choose or opt-out of receiving our mailings at any time (see the choice/opt-out section below.)

The Dreamtime does not disclose customer information to third parties without first giving customers an opportunity to opt-out of certain kinds of disclosures. There are some disclosures to third parties that are not subject to the opt-out, such as disclosures necessary to effect, administer or enforce a transaction requested by you, to companies that perform services for us or to prevent fraud.

Finally, The Dreamtime may disclose information about former customers to third parties and companies with which The Dreamtime is affiliated, as well as unaffiliated third parties, as normal transaction duties are fulfilled. Those disclosures may consist of the following:
· Financial background information describing a customer's financial status;
· Identification information, such as name and address data;
· Transaction information, such as account activity, debit activity or credit activity; and
· Other information relating to financial matters.


The Dreamtime may disclose consumer information to companies affiliated with The Dreamtime and to companies or other parties not affiliated with The Dreamtime (subject to consumers' opt-out rights).

These recipients include:
· Financial institutions, such as banks, credit card companies and brokerage houses;
· Companies that process transactions or provide other services for us;
· Government agencies; and
· In addition, under United States law if The Dreamtime is permitted to disclose customer information to certain recipients.

We are committed to protecting the confidentiality of personal consumer information.

The Dreamtime limits access to personal information to those employees of The Dreamtime and its affiliates who need it to fulfill their business responsibilities. Employees must adhere to The Dreamtime privacy policies. Employees violating these policies may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal. Vendors and other outside contractors we engage are subject to our contractual requirements to ensure that sensitive personal information is safeguarded.

We use appropriate security safeguards.

At The Dreamtime, security is a priority. We employ appropriate measures to protect consumer information against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction. These may include, among others, encryption, physical access security and other appropriate technologies. The Dreamtime continually reviews and enhances its security systems, as necessary.

We maintain procedures to assure the quality of information we collect and where applicable, we will inform consumers about how they can access their personal information and make corrections, if necessary.

The Dreamtime employs appropriate measures to assure the quality of information we collect directly from consumers. Where The Dreamtime collects information directly from consumers or sources other than our business customers, we permit them, if possible, to dispute or correct any erroneous or out-of-date personally identifiable information. Of course, this correction would not be possible if the information is proprietary to one of our business customers, reflects historical transaction information or if correction would violate the privacy or legal rights of a third party. Where applicable, we abide by laws related to such information. You can correct factual errors in your personally identifiable information by sending us a written request that credibly shows error. We reserve the right to independently verify claims made. To protect your privacy and security, we also will take reasonable steps to verify your identity before making corrections.


This site makes chat rooms, forums, message boards, and/or news groups available to its users. Please remember that any information that is disclosed in these areas becomes public information and you should exercise caution when deciding to disclose your personal information.


This site makes use of customer ratings and reviews that you may enter in our Shopping Cart. Please remember that any information that is disclosed in these areas becomes public information and you should exercise caution when deciding to disclose your personal information. The Dreamtime reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to edit/shorten, delete or remove Ratings/Reviews for any reason.


Our website(s) are not directed at children under the age of 13 and The Dreamtime does not collect or maintain information at our website from those we actually know are under the age of 13.


The Dreamtime may create links to third party websites. The Dreamtime is not responsible for the content or privacy practices employed by websites that are linked from our website.

We also have a network of co-branded or 'Powered by' partners, content providers, business associates, affiliate network referral systems and similar partnerships. Keep in mind that the information collected by these partner sites is not controlled by The Dreamtime and that we have little or no control to the information or access to that information that is collected by these partner sites. We usually only receive select information from these sites such as summary reports or statistical information that indicates sales information or overall number of visitors and clicks from our site(s).


The Dreamtime may disclose consumer information to third parties as described earlier in this notice. Many of these disclosures are beneficial to consumers because they permit goods and services of interest to consumers to be offered to consumers. We strive to give consumers choices about how their data will be used. You have the right to opt-out of (direct us not to make) these disclosures when the consumer information is about you. Of course, there are some disclosures to third parties that are not subject to the opt-out, such as disclosures necessary to effect, administer or enforce a transaction requested by you, to companies that perform services for us or to prevent fraud. When you use any service that offers opt out, you will be asked whether you wish to opt out. If you wish to opt out, simply check the appropriate box and submit your choice.

The Dreamtime gives users the following options for removing their information from our database to not receive future communications or to no longer receive our service.

  1. You can send email to brett@thedreamtime.com
  2. You can visit the following URL: http://www.thedreamtime.com/spirit/num_list.html
  3. You can Visit the following URL: http://www.thedreamtime.com/newsletter/
  4. You can send mail to the following postal address:
    The Dreamtime, 2220 Solomon Ave, South Bend, IN 46615, USA


This site gives users the following options for changing and modifying information previously provided.
  1. Email brett@thedreamtime.com
  2. Visit http://www.thedreamtime.com/spirit/num_list.html
  3. Visit http://www.thedreamtime.com/newsletter/
  4. Send mail to the following postal address:
    The Dreamtime, 2220 Solomon Ave, South Bend, IN 46615, USA

CONTACTING The Dreamtime

If you have any questions or comments about our Online Privacy Statement, or for some reason believe we have not adhered to our statement, you can contact us at:
Brett Simpson
The Dreamtime
2220 Solomon Ave.
South Bend, IN 46615

Or, Email the TheDreamtime.Com Data Protection Officer: brett@thedreamtime.com

We may alter this statement as needed for certain products and services and to abide by local laws or regulations around the world. The Dreamtime reserves the right to amend or modify this statement from time to time. We urge you to review this statement whenever you visit in order to obtain the most current statement.

Last update: 8/31/2005

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