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March 29, 2002                 Issue #9

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Welcome to the ninth issue of our Ezine The Dreamtimes.

In this issue:
-> Quotations of Value
-> The Dreamtime Marketplace
-> Healing - Aromatherapy Poll
-> Healing Article - Aromatherapy

     Q U O T A T I O N S   O F   V A L U E 
"The color and arrangement of food creates certain
mental and physiological readiness.  For example,
depending on what foods are displayed, the content
and concentration of our saliva changes.  This is
further augmented by our conscious responses to the
aroma and taste of food.  Depending on what qualities
of food we need, we become consciously and
unconsciously drawn to the tastes, smells, and colors
of the different foods."

Gabriel Cousens, MD (Spiritual Nutrition & the Rainbow Diet)
INFO: http://www.thedreamtime.com/newsletter/9/featured.html#rainbow

"The ancient Greeks were the first to divide the human
senses into the five categories of touch, sight, hearing,
taste, and smell.  The sixth sense has not been named
officially, but it might be accurate to call it the
pheremone sense: a system of chemical communication that
processes those airborne molecules that facilitate
subconscious communication between people."

Michelle Kodis (Love Scents)
INFO: http://www.thedreamtime.com/newsletter/9/featured.html#lovescents

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                 H E A L I N G 
               Aromatherapy Poll

The new poll is about the focus for this newsletter, 
Aromatherapy and how you use it for healing.  Please 
visit the home page and place your vote, or add an 
'Other' answer if your method is not listed.  

Visit the homepage at The Dreamtime to vote at:

                 H E A L I N G 
Aromatherapy                         by Brett Simpson

Aromatherapy uses the plant power of essential oils,
which are the essence, or hidden powers and life force
of every living plant.  For a little history, the term
aromatherapy was coined by Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, after
he had placed his burning arm in a vat of lavender oil
and found out how quickly it healed. He later used
aromatherapy to succesfully treat soldiers during WWI in
the 1930's.  Jean Valnet studied from Gattefosse, and
furthered the science, and Robert Tisserand translated
many of the French works into English to help spurn the
resurgence of aromatherapy today.  

Why is aromatherapy so powerful?  Most likely it's because
the scents in the oils are actually triggering emotions and
memory when they are carried to the olfactory bulbs in the
brain after we smell something.  Aroma molecules get as
close as possible to the brain without actually being in
the brain.  Memories are registered, and chemicals are
released in the brain.  Aromatherapy may provide medical 
assistance to many conditions including hot flashes,
PMS, ADD, and alzheimer's disease.  

It's my guess too, that the power of the plants is something
that has been deeply coded by Mother Earth, and the universal
energy that touches all of us.  This coding is the only thing
I can use to explain the fact that many plants contain unique
chemical makeups (phytonutrients and phytochemicals) that
serve no purpose in the plant itself!  They must be here for
our own healing, and to inspire us to communicate deeper with
the planet.

All essential oils themselves are somewhat anti-bacterial,
however two that are particularly powerful are lavender and tea-
tree oil.  The essential oils of a plant are usually retrieved
in one of four ways.  1.) steam distillation, 2.) solvent
extraction: the plant is immersed in a chemical which then
leaches the oils from the plant material, 3.) liquid carbon
dioxide extraction (costly but the purest form of extraction),
or 4.) Maceration, the plant material is crushed (an inferior
method which creates an infused oil, rather than an essential
oil. Rosewood oil should be avoided if possible as it only
originates from the rainforest trees of brazil, which cannot
be re-grown or re-planted easily.

Caution: essential oils are highly concentrated and
potentially hazardous, if misused.  Consult the safety
guidelines of any oils you use.

There are 8 basic oil families: Citrus, Floral,Herbaceous,
Camphoraaceous, Spicy, Resinous, Woody, Earthy.  The oils
themselves will actually enter the bloodstream and not leave
a trace when they finish their work.  It is usually important
to make a blend of essential oils since the oils themselves
resonate in one of three variations; top, middle and base 
vibration oils can be mixed together to provide the most
effective blends.  The top notes (use 4-5 drops) evaporate
quickest and include citrus, and light smells such a lemon,
eucalyptus, basil, rosemary.  The middle notes (use 3-4 drops)
are the heart of the blend include lavender, geranium,
marjoram, and the base notes (use 1-2 drops) are the musky
smells that evaporate slowly and linger the longest, such as
patchouli, vetiver, jasmine, myrrh. Blends need to be stored
in a colored bottle (choose an amber color one if you can,
as this color prevents sunlight from damaging the oils.)

A dispersing agent of some type should be mixed with the
oils, especially if they are to be sprayed.  For this it is
best to use pure spring water with about 1/8 of a teaspoon of
Vodka.  It is very important to have essential oils that are of
the highest quality.  Only 1% of the oils today are pharmaceut-
ical (therapeutic grade) oils, 4% are used for perfumes, and
95% are oils that do not stand up to the higher qualities and
should not be used for aromatherapy.  It is important that the
oils come from the correct part of the plant.  many parts of
the plant can be used, however it is only the specific parts
that are best suited for that oils extraction that should be
used.  There is a potential danger in taking some of these oils
internally and it is not recommended.  The shelf life of the
oils is determined by the type of oil, for example, Patchouli,
Sandalwood, Vetiver and Myrrh may keep forever, and many of the
citrus oils have an extremely long shelf life (12-18 months).

Books that are useful:
Aromatherapy: A Lifetime Guide... - Valerie Gennari Cooksley.
    Good all around overage and methods for use, lots of
    therapeutic methods for skin, moods, emotions, respiratory
    and other body systems.  Probably the best essential oil
    reference guide (listed in the back of the book).

Aromatherapy: An Illustrated Guide - Clare Walters
    Perhaps one of the best introductory books, includes pages 
    of color photos of the plant parts used in the oil extraction
    process for 36 popular oils.  Also includes good sections 
    on massage, how to make your own soap, and skin cream, but 
    limited sections on therapeutic uses, or properties.

Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit - Restoring... Gabriel Mojay
    Follows the Chinese 5 element theories as well as yin/yang.
    Excellent Materia Aromatica of 40 oils  Blends and methods
    for restoring emotional balance.  Well illustrated.

Art of Aromatherapy, The - Robert Tisserand
    Well documented massage techniques, and detailed
    background on odor intensity, evaporation rate, etc.
    Very well done therapeutic index and cross-reference of
    properties of oils.

Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy, The - Christine Wildwood.
    Perhaps the best book here, covers all aspects of aroma-
    therapy, an excellent pictorial section on massage
    techniques, aromatherapy for pets, babies, and medical
    coverage of all aspects of the human body, skin,
    circulatory system, muscular, respiratory, nervous,
    reproductive and some coverage of spiritual aspects.
    Lacking a cross-index of therapeutic or oil properties,
    but lists all oils, their extraction method, oil types,
    cautions, price, and list of other potential oils for

Fragrant Heavens, The - Valerie Worwood
    Delves into the spiritual dimension of the fragrance.
    Excellent listings of methods of use, and our multi-
    dimensional bodies, listing of top,  middle and base
    notes, the chakras and emotional muscular sites on the
    body.  Detailed spiritual profiles of all the essential
    oils.  Rudolph Steiner stated that 'Matter is the most
    spiritual in the perfume of the plant.'

Fragrant Mind, The: Aromatherapy for Personality... Valerie Worwood
    The definitive reference on aromatherapy and how it affects
    the mind and personality.  Specific blends for emotional
    healing, addiction problems, creativity, and anything else
    you can think of.  Well done section on how to make blends,
    including illustrations.

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils, The - Julia Lawless
    An excellent reference source for all of the oils
    (over 150) includes their extraction method, uses,
    aromatherapy uses, and distribution - lots of illustrations
    and photos. The most comprehensive book listed here.

Power of Aroma, The: Using Essential Oils... - Joanne Rippin.
    Great pictorial book that goes into detail on massage for
    all ages, babies through the elderly.  Includes a useful
    chart for common ailments, and many pictures of plants,
    therapies and treatments that can be used.  Personal care,
    hair care is also covered well.  

Secrets of Aromatherapy - Jennie Harding -
    Great little book that outlines properties and uses, but
    most notably a fantastic section on massage blends and how
    to make them, how long they will keep, etc. Also includes
    case studies of aromatherapy treatments.  

Where to buy oils
The Attar Bazaar - Importers of essential oils and
aromatherapy massage oils

Aroma Vera Inc. - wild or organically grown plants
Massage oils in specific blends.

Aura Cacia - True botanical perfume essences

InterNatural - personal care, and other products

Leydet Oils - excellent quality, pure essential oils

Weleda - Massage and personal care products

Aromatherapy Market

National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy

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