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March 15, 2002                 Issue #8

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Welcome to the eighth issue of our Ezine The Dreamtimes.

Following along with the self-responsibility theme in 
this issue, I find it is important to point out the 
impact of learning your own Life Path number (sometimes 
called Life Lesson number).   This number may reveal 
the type of life experience you are involved in; 
it is meant to tell you exactly what it is you came 
here to accomplish to fulfill your responsibility in
this lifetime.  By fulfilling this Life Path, you will 
find the greatest growth.  To find out your own 
self-responsibility visit the Life Path page today 
and get your own Dreamtime Numerology Life Path at:

In this issue:
-> Quotations of Value
-> The Dreamtime Marketplace
-> Culture - Personal Responsibility Poll
-> Nature Article - Nature Spirits All Around Us Pt. 2
-> Healing Book Review - Reversing Hypertension 

     Q U O T A T I O N S   O F   V A L U E 
"Most of us believe truth exists, otherwise we would
stop our questioning; we continue our probing of the
world we live in because we believe that if we search
deeply enough, we will find the answers we seek.  The
remarkable thing about the search for truth is that it
is an ongoing quest.  It is part of life itself."

Lama Surya Das (Awakening to the Sacred)
INFO: http://www.thedreamtime.com/newsletter/8/featured.html#awake

"One of the greatest challenges we face as we develop
technology and expand scientific knowledge is to preserve
nature as a source of spirituality.  Recent history has
proven how easy it is to lose an appreciation for the 
sanctity of nature and to get so caught up in the
material dimensions of our science that we fall deeper
into materialism and lose touch with spiritual values.
Then we not only destroy nature out of the shallowness
of our appreciation but also lose nature's gift of
spiritual sensitivity."

Thomas Moore (The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life)
INFO: http://www.thedreamtime.com/newsletter/8/featured.html#enchant

T H E   D R E A M T I M E  -  M A R K E T P L A C E

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H. Janine Price. 
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                C U L T U R E 
         Personal Responsibility Poll

The new poll, seems to prove that many of you feel that 
your personal responsibility is most influenced by 
your own feelings - rather than those of others, even 
if the others are your family, friends, or spouse.  
In the 'Other' box, we've had a few who typed in their 
own replies: child, existence, guide, soul, spiritual 
guidance.  I'll leave the poll up for a few more days
to give you all a chance to vote if you haven't yet, but
here are the standings so far, in order from most to least.

My Personal Responsibility is most influenced by?
No one but Myself                    54%
My Family                            27%
My Boyfriend/Girlfriend or Spouse    11%
My Friends Comments                   5%
Other (enter your own choice)         3%

Visit the homepage at The Dreamtime to vote at:

                 N A T U R E 
Nature Spirits All Around Us (pt. 2)   by Brett Simpson

If you have been keeping your journal, spend some time 
reflecting on the entries that are most powerful.  The 
entries which hold power to change your life.  Those of 
you who have not yet started, take the time to get a 
notebook and prepare it.  Decorate it with feathers, 
flower petals, or pine bark and needles, or any other 
elements that are in your nearby surroundings.  It is 
important to hold the connection to the elements in your
own environment.

Myth is embodied by ritual.  You may want to create an 
altar in a special place indoors, or outside which you 
can place objects that represent the nature spirits 
around you every day.  Collect things that are available 
or have been left behind, such as an acorn, sea shell, or 
empty cocoon.  Think of each of these objects and what 
feeling you have when you see them.  Add these feelings 
to your journal.

As Spring approaches in the northern hemisphere you will 
be able to spend more time outdoors absorbing the smells, 
sounds and tactile experiences of the Earth Mother and her 
children.  Take the time to notice one special creature that 
may appear to you over and over again.  Perhaps you see a 
pair of doves nesting, and then flying near you as you are 
out walking, or maybe the wind reminds you of a happy time 
in your life - when your own emotions and love were carefree
and powerful too.  

Think of the energies, feelings and their emotions, smells, 
tastes and memories that this element or creature evokes 
in your mind.  Hold a ceremony or ritual for this feeling, 
to accept it with loving and open arms, or to release it 
and set it free.  Meditate and honor the feelings that you
experience and welcome them as transformations of the past.
Your future is made up of changes and new forms of expression 
and feelings.  Thank the element or creature you honored 
and notice if it acts differently the next time you come 
across it.

            B O O K    R E V I E W
Reversing Hyptertension - by Julian Whitaker, MD
Warner Books, 2000
Review by Brett Simpson

Doctor Whitaker was trained as an MD, before deciding to
follow a more natural approach to health care by using
supplements and diet to try to control many health problems
that we are dealing with in this modern age.  He states
on his website that he followed this course after treating
a patient that was taking vitamin supplements and noticing
how healthy she was and in this  book he says that 'I
believe that the single most important thing you can do
for your overall health is to take nutritional supplements.'

This book is one of many that Doctor Whitaker has written,
he has others on Reversing Diabetes, and some of the other
major conditions that are killing thousands of people
every year.  Whitaker does a great job of explaining in
layman's terms how the circulatory system works, and what
keeps it balanced (paying special attention to insulin
resistance,  the sodium-potassium pump, and magnesium,
calcium and other beneficial minerals).    Anyone will
find this material very easy to read and understand.

 Within a few days of reading,  you may find that your
understanding of these principles is empowering enough
for you to talk to others who have these conditions.
Whitaker makes it clear that he is adamant and passionate
about his belief that 'hypertension is primarily a disease
of lifestyle, caused by poor nutrition, obesity,
inactivity, smoking, heavy drinking and chronic stress'.
This statement from the book, and others such as 'it is
perfectly clear that unhealthy living is the primary cause
of hypertension' make the power of this form of treatment
evident. But, this type of treatment does require a desire
to learn about the condition, and persistence in maintaining
a diet that may be different from what most of us are used

The benefits of a healthy diet and supplementation  may be
far reaching, as some of the cases and testimonials that
are highlighted at the beginning of each chapter lay out.
In each testimonial, the individual describes controlling their
blood pressure by exercising, changing their diet, using
specific nutritional and herbal supplements, and by using
stress reduction techniques.  Some combination of these
natural treatments that Dr. Whitaker outlines in the book
seem to stabilize and begin to reduce the blood pressure
problems that his patients report.

Whitaker (a cofounder of the Orthomolecular Medical Society
with Linus Pauling) has been running his own clinic: 
Whitaker Wellness Institute in California for the last 23
years, and serves as the editor of Health & Healing a
leading health newsletter, so his experience is not to be
taken lightly. His experiences in dealing with many types
of hyptertension are evident by the case studies mentioned.

After a few chapters regarding the causes of hypertension,
such as smoking and dietary habits, and a chapter on the
side effects of all of todays current Hypertensive
medications, we get to the meat of the book: 'Part II: Safe,
Effective and Natural Therapies for Hyptertension'.  In
these chapters we we are told about the benefits of diet,
minerals, drinking enough water, salt and potassium
balancing, exercise, stress, and each type of nutritional
supplement, as well as the average time it may take to
notice a change in blood pressure by using it.  This was an
important part for me, as I have tried many of these,
however I wasn't sure how long I should continue using them.
It is also nice to see a clear listing of the type of each
mineral or supplement to use, for example in the chapter
discussing Magnesium and Calcium we learn to look for a
magnesium source such as magnesium citrate, ascorbate, or
gluconate, and that the amount of magnesium should equal the
amount of calcium (as calcium  gluconate, ascorbate, citrate
or malate).

One chapter is dedicated to changing your diet, and discusses
the advantages of eating a little protein at every meal (to
regulate blood sugar), and the requirements of eating mostly
vegetables, and fruit, instead of the processed food we are
used to consuming daily.  Included in Appendix C is a full
two week menu plan with recipes for most of the dishes.  

In my opinion it is this chapter and appendix which lists the
meal plan and recipes, which holds the greatest value.  It may
take perseverance and dedication and personal responsibility,
but it makes perfect sense to me that your daily diet has a
huge impact on your health, and could possibly provide the
greatest benefits. 

Throughout the chapters we learn of the importance of diet
and the required amount of vitamins and minerals to maintain
a healthy body.  Unfortunately, if you live in the USA, or
other Westernized cultures, your diet may be the biggest
factor contributing to the heart and circulatory system
problems that are so prevalent.  For example, if you look at
many of the processed or packaged foods in your own home you
may find that the main ingredient is 'high fructose corn
syrup' or any other form of sugar that may contribute to
an elevated blood pressure.  Another of the enemies is salt,
and I've found personally that many of the pre-packaged
foods, frozen foods and canned goods contain a very high
level of sodium (salt), in fact I just pitched a can of soup
after I had prepared it when I noticed it contained 50% of
the recommended daily allowance of sodium!

Unfortunately many of us never learn this until it has
already had an effect, as many know Hyptertension is
often called 'the silent killer' because the symptoms do
not show up for many years when the damage has already been
done.   I was fortunate to find out at an early age (while 
I can be attentive to my health) that I have this condition,
and I hope that others will pay attention too.

The references in the back of this book will satisfy most
doctors, and though Dr. Whitaker holds a skeptical stance
toward the medical industry which, I believe, is healthy
he stresses takeing a natural approach toward healing.  Dr.
Whitaker recommends taking the book directly to your doctor
to ask him/her to support you in your decision to follow the
natural strategies it details.   Be aware that you will
need to put your time into this as well, and accept the
fact that you are taking part in the healing of your own

Rating 5/5: A well documented alternative healing and dietary
plan to provide a natural way to control high blood pressure.

INFO: http://www.thedreamtime.com/newsletter/8/featured.html#rev

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