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March 1, 2002                 Issue #7

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Welcome to the seventh issue of our Ezine The Dreamtimes.
In this issue:
-> Quotations of Value
-> The Dreamtime Marketplace
-> Culture - Personal Responsibility Poll
-> Nature Article - Spirits All Around Us
-> Spirituality Book Review - Robes 
-> Healing Website - BodyMindSpirit.net

     Q U O T A T I O N S   O F   V A L U E 
"Most people believe that they see the outside world
as a reality.  In fact, what they perceive is a very
subjective image of the physical universe.  The reason
is that everything that we touch, taste, smell, hear and
see comes into our consciousness via one of the senses...
As will be seen, there is no such thing as an objective

Z'Ev ben Shimon Halevi (Psychology and Kabbalah)
INFO: http://www.thedreamtime.com/newsletter/7/featured.html#kabb

"When you keep presence of mind, only then do you have
autonomy.  When you have autonomy, only then can you
manage affairs...  However, presence of mind is easily
interrupted.  Practice it for a long time, though, and
it will naturally become unbroken.  Once it is unbroken,
it is continuous.  With continuity, the light shines
bright.  When the light shines bright, energy is full.
When energy is full, then oblivion and distraction
disappear without effort."

Thomas Cleary (The Secret of the Golden Flower)
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                C U L T U R E 
         Personal Responsibility Poll

The new poll is up, and it's out to find out what 
influences your personal responsibility the most, this 
should be real interesting.  There are four main choices
and an option to let you add your own, so visit the 
homepage and submit your choice, we'll report on it in 
the next newsletter.   The options that are available
are as follows:

My Family 
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                 N A T U R E 
Nature Spirits All Around Us (pt. 1)   by Brett Simpson

While many are aware of animals, plants, birds, and other 
creatures of the physical realm, few are tuned in to the 
spiritual aspects of nature that are with us.  Let's begin 
our discussion of these spiritual elements by thinking of 
the weather patterns, and their association with the spiritual 
world.  Many would guess the ferocious winter storm is the 
'lion', and the peaceful and calm spring day the 'lamb', but 
there are other similar techniques which represent an 
archetypal language that we are all familiar with - most likely 
the familiarity exists in our DNA structure itself.

A gentle night rainstorm that soothes us to sleep (cat), or the
ice storm that disrupts our daily lives for days (tiger) each has
it's own natural and spiritual element.  If we think of these 
elements in a physical sense, then gradually we will learn to 
recognize the spiritual element in everything, from the sound 
of the wind, to the texture of pine bark: they each hold their 
own aspects of spirituality.   Learning to associate these 
spiritual elements with physical animals, plants, sounds,
feelings, and even tastes will teach us to become more open to a
shamanic path that can be used to internally recognize those things
in our lives that are beneficial, or distracting to our true 
inner goals and desires.  

Each day, spend some time getting in touch with an element of 
nature, for example, in the morning, spend a few minutes outside 
greeting the day, and thanking the sun for it's wisdom and warmth.
You can even assign a human attribute, or feeling to the animals,
plants, planets, or parts of nature that you share your life with.
Keep a journal of your feelings, and as your journal grows larger 
and larger, start to look for similarities.   Are some animals, 
plants happy feeling (do they give you a warmth inside)?  Are there 
others that make you feel joyful, silly, sad, or courageous?

As you spend more time with your own journal writings, you will 
slowly realize that your awareness has shifted, over time.  Perhaps 
your feelings are heightened, or you can sense things that you never 
even realized before!   These little gifts will grow and grow, in 
your own thoughts, until you truly look upon each aspect of nature 
as a powerful lesson, or a reminder of a past moment of pure joy!  
Write down these new lessons, and joyous reminiscences too.  Search 
for the spiritual aspect in each of them, and try to see them visibly 
in the natural elements outside.   Slowly, your world is shifting...

            B O O K    R E V I E W
Robes - by Penny Kelly     |  Authors Choice Press, 1999
Review by Brett Simpson

In this book Penny Kelly completes her transformation trilogy
by describing her encounters with seven small brown-robed men she
calls simply 'Robes'.   While some may try to quickly discount
the belief in these beings, who seem to appear merely to show
Penny their 'pictures' of the future, there are many things
that are shown to her since the book's writing that seem to be
extremely accurate.

If you have read any of the authors other two books in the
trilogy, you will most likely be swept up again by her
enchanting personal tale of spiritual encounters with 
beings. As in her previous books, it seems that Penny again may
be relating some of these encounters to her enhanced perception
due to the spontaneous kundalini awakening which happened
nearly 20 years ago and which formed the basis for her first
book The Evolving Human.   I believe this may be part of what
is happening, but can we all see these beings? Who are they, 
and what exactly is their purpose?  It is a question that
has yet to be answered, though the author does mention that
she has met at least a few other people who have also seen
the small brown robed men, who appear to her.

Though there are many lessons and fascinating descriptions,
the main focus of the beings seems to be to awaken all of us
to the unique personal responsibility that we must accept
if we are to evolve in a spiritual sense.  They begin by 
telling Penny that she is 'not doing what she came here to do' 
and they work to inspire her to accomplish the true perfection
of her self.  

Their first request is that she read the book The Third Wave by
futurist Allen Toffler in order to open her mind up to a new
perspective of other things they have to show her.   In the
Wave book Toffler discusses the waves of economy which will
greatly affect humankind as agriculture, industrial, and now
communication.   Beginning with broader Earth Changes in general
the little men talk about the possibility of the Earth shifting
on it's axis, and how it could affect us all, if we are not
prepared.   They then discuss the fall of the Berlin Wall, and a
great discontent among the people that will eventually lead to a
new way of living for everyone in the next 100 years.  It may
sound so simple that anyone could talk about, but the little
men show Penny in great detail things like the nations splitting,
and completely different home environments that support small
group communities over the single family that we are used to
today. Some of the bizarre changes include a transportation system
that will send anything where it needs to go in a special
vehicle that runs on a track.  

These will come about after our economy collapses due to the
corporations wielding their powers in ways that are detrimental and
unhealthy to many.  Eventually, Penny is shown images of this new
way that lets everyone become responsible for a simple aspect of the
small community where they live. Each community will have a specialty
and trading will take place among communities in a bartering
environment that is striking in it's difference to today.  For
example, there is no need for money, and time is not so closely
watched either, since everyone works from the home, and all the
children are home-schooled in an enhanced multi-media learning
center that will be part of every home.

Through the loss of heart among great heads of nations,
the little men explain that there will eventually be a
collapse of most of the institutions we know of now.  This is
sure fascinating material, and intriguing in it's scientific
culpability.  The little men cover all aspects of life in the
future, including how our personal relationships will be different:
there will be large group families that will care for the children,
to assure that everyone is able to be cared for and loved in the
deepest sense.  They convey the body/mind principle and the
importance of sex as a way of rejuventating the eternal oneness
and connection to the Source.  

There will be a much greater awareness of personal power and growth,
and the possibilities that 'anything is possible', as we learn to
pay more attention to the curiosity of children between the ages of
3-7 years old.    As the child matures the emotional development
becomes even more important as the aspect of love and it's regenerative
effects are learned.   The men suggest that the commitment to love
as we grow older should be a "commitment to a way of life that
expresses peace, joy, health, and the creative power of the self",
it is a force, but not an emotion as we have come to regard it.

Eventually the robed men cover nearly every topic imaginable of life
in the future, including the importance of healthy eating: we will
all eat mostly fresh vegetables, since each plant provides a
re-tuning of the wave forms needed by the body.   They also show
her space/time concepts and how memory works in the brain: a tuning
to the frequency pattern of an event, and all events are available,
including past and future time.

The final sequence involves the year 2413.  Here the author is
shown life in domed glass-like buildings that control the living
environment, heat, lighting and allow the families to grow all
of their own food year round, even in colder climates!  In this
time everyone contributes to the health of the family (again
these are families of people, rather than blood-line families
that we know of today).  The goals are very different, since
they are to help each individual learn to discover their wisdom,
develop their personal self, and be creative in ways that are
harmonious with  nature.  At this time, we are told that there are
only 30 million people living on the planet, as many will leave at
the beginning of this millennium.  

There are many other fantastic insights explained in the book,
including human development, intent, creation and frequency waves.
My suggestion is to buy this book and read it, then go back
through to remind yourself of some of the parts that are important
to you, you may find quite a few.  In the end the little men state
that they have come here to show Penny the pictures so that she can
learn from them and to inspire her to write what they have shown
her.  Perhaps they are seeking a way of communication that will be
received by those who need it the most - those who find books such
as this, and who eventually learn to find the wisdom, self-
responsibility and desire to make the world a better place for

Rating 5/5 - Tiny robed men show the author visions of the
future that is both scientific and spiritually amazing. 
Highly recommended.

INFO: http://www.thedreamtime.com/newsletter/7/featured.html#robes

        H E A L I N G    W E B S I T E 
bodymindspiritcenter.net             Featured Website(s)

This fantastic website is part of a group of websites 
that are geared toward providing audio programs in 
many areas.  As the website itself states: "Programs to
inform, educate, entertain and inspire you."  To start off
my day this morning I listened to the show that is one show
in the 'Dancing With Dragons' program, hosted by Dean Allen
PhD, this program featured author Dr. Hank Wesselman who
has written the trilogy of books regarding his mystical
shamanic encounters with a man in the future, who is his
distant relative.

The site is chock full of free audio programs and interviews
with authors such as: Barbara Marx Hubbard, Stephen Lewis,
Heather Harder, Ramana, and Ilona Selke.  You will have to
search around here, to learn to get the hang of the
navigation, just remember that if you get lost and can't find
your way back to the main list click on the 'Channel Home'
link along the left side of the site.  

Many of the links here are not available yet, and
unfortunately the newsletter and member signup forms are 
inoperable.  I suggest that you contact the webmaster or
one of the show hosts to ask about getting some of the other 
sections active, and as soon as possible!  One feature that 
is working is the 'Channel Changer' in the upper right of 
the screen.  Have a click there and choose from 19 different 
channels: Coach Talk, Coping With Tragedy, Health Enrichment, 
Music Talk, Personal Pursuits, Relationship Success, Success 
in Career, Success in Recovery, Smart Money, Successful Women, 
and Meditation Channel are just some of what is available.
With this many channels, and all those free one hour programs 
in the libraries, you're sure to keep yourself busy here 
for days.

Visit Body, Mind & Spirit Channel directly:

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