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February 15, 2002                 Issue #6

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Welcome to the sixth issue of our Ezine The Dreamtimes.

In this issue:
-> Quotations of Value
-> The Dreamtime Marketplace
-> Culture - Relationship Value Importance Poll
-> Nature/Healing Article - Pets In Our Lives
-> Book Review - Success Is A Journey
-> Nature Website - TPL.org

The Compatibility Calculator has prompted some questions.
Many people ask whether they should use their current 
name or birth name on this calculator.  For this one, 
it is important that the full birth certificate name be
used.  If you are adopted, this would be the name on your
birth certificate, instead of another name that you may 
have used after adoption.  Because this calculator does 
a full birth name calculation, the entire birth name 
should be used, first name, last name, and middle name 
(if one is on the certificate).   You can still find the
new free reading at this page:

     Q U O T A T I O N S   O F   V A L U E 
"In any event, our food choices can express compassion and
connectedness in a great many ways.  Buying organic foods,
for example, protects the health of agricultural workers.
It builds topsoil, helps clean up the water supply, and
saves wildlife.  Buying local produce in season reduces
the exploitation of farmers in the Third World, boosts
your local economy, and conserves petroleum.  Cooking
whole natural foods bought in bulk makes you healthier,
saves energy, and keeps some packaging out of the landfill."

Laurel Robertson (The New Laurel's Kitchen)
INFO: http://www.thedreamtime.com/newsletter/6/featured.html#laurel

"The light does not have volition for you.  In a way this
is good, for it grants you absolute freedom.  But it is
vital for you to know what you want.  It is no good saying
'I want something better than this.  My life is the pits.
God, send me down a pot of money and get me out of here.'
That will not work.  It is much too vague, and energy would
have difficulty finding you.  Think about what you want.
Write down the ten things you want more than anything else.
Imagine yourself having them.  Create a battle plan that
delineates your path to the goal.  Avoid all irrelevant side

Stuart Wilde (Affirmations)
INFO: http://www.thedreamtime.com/newsletter/6/featured.html#affirm

T H E   D R E A M T I M E  -  M A R K E T P L A C E

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                C U L T U R E 
     Relationship Value Importance Poll

Valentine's Day has is here at last, and our poll shows
a health number of responses.  Though I had hoped that
the Spiritual element would be voted highest, it doesn't
seem that it will overcome: a considerable number of
people have placed the Emotional Aspect of a relationship
as the highest in their list.  I will leave the poll up
for a few more days - to give anyone who hasn't voted yet
a chance to do so.  In order of the highest percentage of
responses, here are the tallies so far:

Emotional (50.0%)
Spiritual (41.4%)
Mental    ( 6.4%)
Physical  ( 2.2%)

Visit the homepage at The Dreamtime to vote at:

            N A T U R E / H E A L I N G
Pets In Our Lives                  by Brett Simpson

This article will cover a few wonderful new programs 
that are available involving humans and pets.  It's 
really fascinating about what we have found can be 
accomplished by combining our talents with the healing 
energy of pets.   We will also discuss a way to give 
back to our pets by providing Pet Hospice for your own 

Perhaps the largest and first group to study interactions
of humans and animals is The Delta Society, a part of the
Delta Foundation which was formed in 1977 in Portland Oregon
to study the Human-Animal health connection.  Currently 
the programs are one part of their mission of incorporating
pets into the lives of those who may need them for healing, 
or independence.  Therapy animals are used for helping to 
assist in healing, or to provide animal assisted therapy, 
or Pet Partners(r) to those who may require it.  Their 
website features extensive resources for researching and 
learning about how to volunteer to provide this type of care
in many types of environments, from nursing homes, to schools, 
rehabilitation centers,  hospitals, or wherever healing may
be facilitated with the loving cooperation of humans and

Therapy animals are also becoming an important way to teach
children how to read.  By pairing therapy animals, dogs,
cats, etc, with literacy-challenged children, the program
helps to overcome  characteristics that lead to reading
problems such as low self-esteem, lack of confidence,
anxiety and a shyness at performing tasks in front of
others.  R.E.A.D. Reading Education Assistance Dogs (started
in 1999 in Utah)  brings children together to read with 
certified therapy dogs, and provides a way for team members
to provide special reading assistance.    The program even
helped reduce stuttering with one child.  Significant
improvements have been found.  Children's behavior has
changed, their attendance improved and they completed more
assignments.  Similar programs have been started up around
the USA, as in Florida with the Paws to Read program.  For
more info on starting your own program, visit the R.E.A.D.
website, listed in resources below.

While living with your pet may seem like pure heaven,
sometimes finding a place to live may be a little more
difficult.  I know from personal experience, finding an
apartment or home to lease can be almost impossible.
However there are some landlords that are sympathetic to
your requests.  I myself was able to find that sometimes
just asking the landlord to allow the pet, with an
additional deposit payment may be all that is needed.
For those who still have trouble here are some ideas.
Keep your cats nails trimmed regularly and provide scratching
posts and climbing options to prevent damage to rugs and
drapes.  Offer to go month-to-month until your landlord
is convinced that your pet will not be a problem.  Present
important points to the owner such  as 1. accepting pets
makes the buildings market share go up, 2. accepting one
pet doesn't require accepting all pets, 3. landlords can
rely on guidelines for acceptable legal means of addressing
non-compliant tenants.  Pet deposit warranties can be
purchased from Lease With Pets that will cover damages.
These offer a warranty to help you convince your landlord.
For pointers on negotiation see the Renting with Pets
section at HSUS where you can find 13 steps to finding
pet-friendly rental housing.  You can find a Model Pet
Ownership policy at ASPCA. If you are a renter find info on
designing a pet policy at MSPCA (Massachusetts SPCA's website)
or visit the San Francisco SPCA's website that includes a
landlord's guide, tenant's guide, referral list and pet
resume guide.

Pet Hospice is a means of providing care for your pet until
the end of their time here on Earth.  This alternative is
one that provides the owner an opportunity to spend precious
time together before they pass away.  It is a better to let
the pet die in it's own natural surroundings, such as your
own home, rather than in an unfamiliar hospital, that may
be frightening and painful to a sick companion.  Many of
the pets in hospice surroundings die in their sleep.  The
hospice promotes a quality of life at the end of life.  It
lets the owner decide on what quality of life is acceptable
before euthanasia is considered.    At this time, though,
it may be an issue as some veterinarian care cannot be
provided outside of a licensed premise such as an animal
hospital.  Some states have specific laws regarding this,
check with your veterinarian to find out if it is possible
where you live, if not take action to try to make it
available, since the people who see a pet through to their
death are usually not going to feel bad about getting
another pet, and they are more comfortable with the meaning
and decision that they make.  This type of hospice care
 must be demanded from the pet owners themselves as most
veterinarian schools do not address this issue at all.  For
more information see the hospice and human/animal bond
association links below. The Hospice Foundation offers a
database of Veterinarians who offer pet hospice care, though
it is limited, please contact them to add your Veterinarian
to the list if they offer this care.

Delta Society - http://www.deltasociety.org
HSUS - http://hsus.org
R.E.A.D - http://www.therapyanimals.org
Pet Renting - http://www.peoplewithpets.com
Pet Leasing - http://www.Leasewithpets.com
MSPCA - http://www.mspca.org
ASPCA - http://www.aspca.org
SFSPCA - http://www.sfspca.org
 (provide listing with pets as a search element.)
Hospice Foundation: http://www.csum.edu/pethospice
Center for the Human/Animal Bond:

            B O O K    R E V I E W
Success Is A Journey -
by Brian Tracy | Executive Excellence Publishing, 1998
Review by Brett Simpson

This wonderful little book by one of the founders of the
success movement is a chance to take a look inside the mind
of a powerful achiever.  Based on  a true life story of
the authors 'Bon Vivant' club which he formed nearly 40
years ago; he leads the reader through a nearly incredible
journey to conquer the African continent, including a
monumental ride through the Sahara on a Land Rover (not to
be imitated at home, or in Africa).

We are led through seven fascinating sections: from having
'the vision' to 'the dawn of reality' and finally
'reflections'.  Each section includes the trials and
tribulations that Tracy and his band of friends encounter.
Eventually all but Tracy and one friend quit, or decide to
give up.  Through each of the chapters we are given
interesting stories and keys to relate them to keeping our
own motivation and self-esteem on the high-end of the
scale.  Tracy does not leave out the spiritual aspect
either, which is what serves to keep me especially
interested in this man of wisdom (and perseverance).  In the
section on the dawn of reality, he covers the law of
reciprocity: 'The more of yourself and your resources you give
away with no expectation of return, the more will come back
to you from the most unexpected sources, and in the most
remarkable ways.' as well as the goodness of others: 'Most
people you meet are good, honest, decent people who mean well.
It is the occasional negative or dishonest person who puts us
on our guard with everyone.'   These little nuggets, though
they may seem trite, are genuine an sincerely placed along
the story line, much like the gullies and mirages that the
young men encounter throughout their trip.   It lends itself
to a wild ride, and an exciting learning experience at the
same time!

Brian Tracy is one of the founders of the achievement movement
and I've been fascinated with his message since reading a
few of his other books recently.  Though the story behind
the journey takes place in Tracy's 20's, it is clearly
evident, that even then, he had a knack for achieving,
persevering and completing any goal that he had set for
himself.  This book will serve many well to read and follow,
I suspect we would all be happier people and more likely to
practice 'spontaneous acts of kindness'.   I highly recommend
it, though, the one sore spot is the ending.  It's beyond me
why Tracy ends the book without a full description of the
end of the journey itself, the last section is stopped at
only one chapter, and it's almost like the author was given
a specific number of pages to work with, and he had to wrap
it up quick?   It leaves you wishing for more, and maybe
somehow we can convince Tracy to add on the ending to this
great 'journey'?

Rating 4/5 - Incredible African adventure by Maximum
Achievement expert provides a source for gems of wisdom
and perseverance, only the ending could be a longer.

INFO: http://www.thedreamtime.com/newsletter/6/featured.html#journ

           N A T U R E    W E B S I T E 
tpl.org                          Featured Website(s)

The Trust for Public Land has been one of my favorite 
charities for some time.  They are highly rated by 
charityguide.org, and were recently named for the
second straight year by SmartMoney as the nation's most
efficient conservation charity.  

One of many environmental groups that I support, the 
important part about TPL is that they are willing to 
set aside land for any use that is human related in 
nature, including such things as parks, greenways, open 
space, landscaping.  The nonprofit organization is doing 
much to try to curb urban sprawl in America, and hopefully, 
it's work will be with us for a long time.  I'm sick, 
of seeing all of our parkland, dug up, fenced in, and 
turned into baseball diamonds, and soccer fields every 
where you look. What we need is open space without 
boundaries, places to explore, and to feel as if we 
are intruding on nature, rather than the flattened,
lined, fenced areas of perfect, and exact measured
dimensions that define competition.  Sure we should 
set aside some land for our own recreation, but that 
includes the recreation of wandering, and exploring too.

The conservation of land is central to TPL's mission, and
it is the only national nonprofit organization working
exclusively to protect land for human enjoyment and
well-being. TPL helps conserve land for recreation and
spiritual nourishment and to improve the health and quality
of life of American communities.    Not that this does 
not benefit wildlife too, but it also, helps to put into 
perspective how important it is that we set aside open 
and green spaces for ourselves in our own communities, 
as well as preserving wild areas for plants and animals: 
oh, yes, humans are animals too.

The website is loaded with reference materials, photos,
news and worthwhile articles such as "Creating a Local
Greenprint for Growth".  The navigation bar lets you view
recent updates by region, such as the newly created park
in Chinatown, Chicago.  My only complaint here, is that
the photos are too small when the screen is sized at a higher
resolution, and there is not an option to click on them 
for higher resolution viewing - it's a shame, with such 
beautiful new projects being pictured.

Visit Trust for Public Land directly:

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