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February 1, 2002                 Issue #5
 (Ice Storm delayed to February 4, 2002)

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Welcome to the fifth issue of our Ezine The Dreamtimes.
     V A L E N T I N E ' S      I S S U E

Let me apologize for this issue being a few days late.
We had an terrible ice storm here in the Midwest, 
USA which put 110,000 people without electricity, The 
Dreamtime included.  All of this happened Wednesday, and 
power was not restored until Saturday.  I hope that is 
a problem that NEVER happens again!

In this issue:
-> Quotations of Value
-> The Dreamtime Marketplace
-> Spirituality - New Free Compatibility Reading!
-> Culture - Relationship Value Importance Poll
-> Healing Article - Finding Time to Be Yourself
-> Book Review - Why Can't I Fall In Love by Shmuley Boteach

     Q U O T A T I O N S   O F   V A L U E 
"Knowledge of certain laws can be brought into play to speed
up your physical meeting with your soul mate.  The following
important and very basic law can be used by anyone: energy
follows thought.  All energy springs from the Magnetic
Universe via thought.  Energy assures the growth of yourself
or of an idea."

Michael (Finding Your Soul Mate)
INFO: http://www.thedreamtime.com/newsletter/5/featured.html#quotes

"The essential you is perfect, has always been perfect, and
always will be perfect!  There is nothing you can do to alter
the perfection of the essential you.  And this perfection
does not need to be guarded by ego  When you realize who or
what you really are, your ego can relax and you can really
enjoy your life."

Ken Keyes Jr. (Handbook to Higher Consciousness)
INFO: http://www.thedreamtime.com/newsletter/5/featured.html#handbook

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           S P I R I T U A L I T Y
New Free Compatibility Reading is ready!

In celebration of Valentine's Day, we have set up a 
new online Compatibility Reading for everyone to use.
As always, I like to let everyone know who gets this 
newsletter first. It's one advantage of being a subscriber.   

This new free reading will calculate your Physical/
Personality compatibility from a Personal and a Business
standpoint for two people. It will let you Email the
traits of each of you to the other person if you want to.

The reading requires the full birth certificate names 
of each person in order to do the calculation, but it 
is worth it, as you will get a trait listing for each 
of you and your compatibility.  It is *VERY* important 
that you indicate when the letter 'Y' is a vowel, 
otherwise 'Y' is calculated as a consonant.  Here is 
instruction on how to do that:  
'Y' is a vowel when it is the first letter of the name 
and is followed by a consonant (as in Yvonne); when 
there is no other vowel in the syllable (as in Mary, 
Lynne), and when it is preceded by another vowel and 
sounded as one (as in Bobby, Fay, Joy).   To indicate 
that the 'Y' is a vowel in the name you need to precede 
the 'Y' by using a tilde symbol '~' (found by pressing
shift and the single quote character on your keyboard), 
for example "Mar~y".

To find the new free reading visit the page at:

                C U L T U R E 
     Relationship Value Importance Poll

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, our recent poll asks 
for your opinion of what part of any Relationship is
most important. Now is your chance to choose one value
from the four most important values of all, as you can
see, I think it's a good thing, that so far only Emotional, 
Spiritual, and Mental values have been chosen, leaving the
Physical Aspect with no votes at all. In order of the
highest percentage of responses:

Emotional (58%)
Spiritual (31%)
Physical  ( 0%)
Mental    (11%)

Visit the homepage at The Dreamtime to vote at:

               H E A L I N G 
Finding Time to Be Yourself      Written by Brett Simpson

Yes, it's true, one of the hardest parts of living in modern 
times is finding the time you need to get things done, so 
that you can relax, and learn to be yourself.   With all of 
our concerns for living, it's time that everyone learn to 
think a little more about living, and what it means to be 
part of the Earth; but how do you do it?  

One thing I recommend is to establish some type of ritual 
that will help you remember to spend a little time each day 
respecting nature and your place in the world.  Take a deep 
breath, relax, and learn to meditate or try yoga.  Both of 
these ancient techniques provide great stress relief for 
many people today.   

Are there are other tricks you can use to fool your mind and 
body into relaxing?   There sure are, and here are a few 
ways to do it:  1. take mini breaks during the day - 
spend 15-20 minutes of peaceful relaxation while letting 
the cares of the day drift away, 2. when you get home from 
work spend a few extra minutes outside listening to your 
environment - hear the birds, or the sounds that go 
unnoticed, 3. practice a daily ritual of remembrance: 
perhaps wrapping up your day with a journal entry, or 
just evaluating how your day went, how it felt to be alive 
today, remember little events that made others smile, 
spend time reflecting, and take a minute to look up at the 
stars on clear nights to feel the deep sense of wonder of 
how small we really are. 

How do you find that extra time to get into you daily 
ritual in the first place?  It's simple, if you follow a 
few principles, here are some basic techniques you 
can use to steal minutes from your already busy schedule:
1.  pull yourself away from activities that may be using 
your time without any benefits, for example TV watching, 
or anything that is solely for entertainment, 2. make a 
list when you need to leave your home and go shopping, 
you may be able to combine several trips into one, and 
gain some extra time for yourself, 3. plan your day each 
morning by starting the night before.  As an end of day 
ritual get into the habit of spending a little time to 
plan the next day: make notes of important things to 
accomplish and prioritize your list.  4. learn to identify
things which may be using up too much of your time, and 
try to eliminate them from your daily activities if you 
can. 5. make it a point to only handle your mail one time 
each day, then either file it, do something with it, or 
pitch it!

            B O O K    R E V I E W
Why Can't I Fall In Love - Shmuley Boteach | Regan Books 2001
Review by Brett Simpson

Heading into Valentine's Day I thought this would be an
appropriate book review.  I have to say I was thoroughly
impressed, and relieved that I have not found my soul mate
after reading this book.  Rabbi Boteach who is also known for
his book 'Kosher Sex', and was named preacher of the year
in 2000 by the London Times has succeeded on all accounts at
explaining what has gone wrong with modern romance.

Anyone who is feeling down and out, or that can't understand
today's world has a job to do: read this book, even if you are
in a relationship, as the last 30 pages addresses the art of
staying in love.   It comes from a refreshing new viewpoint
that many of us may have not considered before, and it's right 
on target too!

As the title states clearly, the first part is fully dedicated
to explaining why it is that people these days have a very
hard time committing themselves to a relationship, especially
one that is meaningful.   It begins by fully detailing the
state of affairs in modern culture, the lack of values, the
independence that everyone (even woman) are so happy to
declare, over-evaluation, and disposable romances, as well as
the distractions that help to keep us the way we are.   Through
it all, you immediately get the sense that Boteach knows what
he's talking about, most likely the 11 years of relationship
counseling hasn't hurt either.  The issues we all face are
eventually determined as the result of 4 things, 1.) no comfort
with exposing ourselves emotionally, 2.) lack of respect for our
innocence, 3.) no appreciation for the pain of loneliness, and 
4.) a loss of our sense of wonder.

In the good old USA, we have all been conditioned to believe
that we should find the 'perfect mate', in every way, though,
as the author mentions, do you have the perfect house, perfect
car?  No way and finding the perfect love: are you perfect 
yourself?  It's this crazy sense of perfection that may never
satisfy, and that we should all stop desperately searching for,
since it could lead to a society of singles that never do get

Along with some of the issues mentioned above, we place the
big success of our jobs ahead of many other things.  We
think that we can fill the holes in our lives, and souls by
working and becoming so irreplaceable that we will always
have a place to go. This is not always true, and especially
the way things have been going recently. We need to find the
time, each of us, in our own way, to explore who we really
are, and to not be afraid as we do it.  

We've replaced the word 'courting' with 'dating' which is
time-specific, and time-limited.  We place limits and
boundaries on our relationships when we do this.  It leads
to unhealthy personal beliefs, that we can date as many as
we like, trying to find the right one, when really, there
are many times that we don't even give the person we are
dating now a chance! Take some time, open yourself up, and
give the person you are out with at least 2-3 dates, as
Boteach clearly lays out, you should be looking for someone
that is not the same as you, but someone who can complement
you, sometimes these are the people that turn us off

Boteach recommends that we ditch all of our magazines that
claim to have all the hot new ways to catch a man, or woman,
and for men to get rid of any magazines that portray women
in an unrealistic light.  This is serious material - and
many may have trouble buying into the good Rabbi's 
suggestions, but I bet that if we all did, we would have
a much more respectful and pleasant atmosphere in which to
find each other in.  He also doesn't believe in the games
recommended by others such as playing hard to get, though he
does state clearly that a little mystery is something that is
important, it's just the way that it's done that makes all
the difference.  

As we get deeper into the book we find even more enlightening
principles such as the reason why love/fear are opposites and
what it leads to if we do not open up to the love that we all
have inside to share.  There's a quick primer on overcoming
fear, and learning to trust, and a nice discussion on
loneliness and how to admit it - since one of our biggest
problems is that we cannot even admit that we are lonely in
the first place.  

Perhaps one of the best parts of this book is the huge
section on commitment, what it is, and a test to see if
you are a commitment phobe yourself (yes, I think I am).
Sometimes you're so close to yourself that you can't even
see the way you really are.   Follow this with a great
discussion of the 3 main types of relationships, 2 which
are unhealthy, and only one which is something to strive

With the dangerous thinking of the 20-something culture,
they are not oriented to marriage, or even to romantic love,
we could really be in trouble, unless some of you read this
and pick up this book (and soon).  The main object is to
prove that it is hard for us to be dependent anymore (without
looking like we are insecure), and we need to get over this
- there is a Declaration of Dependence which I highly
recommend you sign with your current dating partner.  It
puts a deep commitment pledge on each person, which you both
deserve in this day and age - and it presents a set of
values that need to be enforced somehow, and some way, before
we get so far away from the norm that we never are happy.
As the author mentions just the difference in sexes is enough
to be compatible, and commitment can come before love, what
is needed is a return to the values and understanding that can
help us all heal each other.  This book presents one way to
get there and one that has some real lessons in it to be
learned, rather than games to be played.

This book is thoughtful enough to provide a set of exercises to
help us all find and keep the love that we need in our lives.
There's one for overcoming loneliness, how to become more
self-confident and show more of yourself emotionally, retain
your innocence and to get the sense of wonder back into your
life.  Find compatibility and keep it with the exercises
here. But also learn how to be selfless and learn why we want
to fall in love in the first place.  

After learning that great lesson, there are 30 pages of
material for those who are already in love and want to
learn to stay in love.  This is invaluable material for any
relationship in my opinion; by following the concepts set
forth here, and following the 'RACIER' plan that the author
discusses you will surely understand why boredom sets in,
and what to do about it: preserve mystery and eroticism,
sensuality and respect in your current relationship.  

The book ends with a 12 step plan for learning how to fall in
love, the romantic way, rather than the way that our society
wants us to follow.  There are 12 real things to practice, to
help you learn to love again.  I believe this book is
possibly one of the best on the subject.  All of the topics
are fully explained in the context of modern society, as well
as from a traditional sense of value that the bible covers
when the Adam and Eve story is told.  Behind it all we learn
what makes us compatible, and why (it's natural), how to be
interesting, understanding, and most importantly, how to
commit to someone else so that you can continue your
relationship to the sense of love and possibly marriage that
you may be yearning for but are afraid to accept.

Rating 5/5 - One of the best on the subject of falling love,
and staying in love - get this book and get your love life
back on the romantic track.
INFO: http://www.thedreamtime.com/newsletter/5/featured.html#why

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