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January 18, 2002                Issue #4

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Welcome to the fourth issue of our Ezine The Dreamtimes.

After many questions from users of the new Moon sign 
calculator page, let me just say that the calculator 
was written to allow quick/easy determination of a 
Moon sign without requiring the knowledge of someone's
EXACT TIME of birth, many people don't even know their 
own time of birth.   For complete accuracy you should 
consider having an Astrology reading done (there are 
instructions and a link to receive a free one at the 
Moon sign page) located at:

In this issue:
-> Quotations of Value
-> The Dreamtime Marketplace
-> Healing Article - The Benefits of Walking
-> Book Review - The Elves of Lily Hill Farm by Penny Kelly
-> Nature website  - Geolor.com
-> Culture website  - Doctorswithoutborders.org

     Q U O T A T I O N S   O F   V A L U E 
"When we have some pattern buried deeply within us, we must
become aware of it in order to heal the condition.  Perhaps
we begin to mention the condition, to complain about it or
see it in other people.  It rises to the surface of our
attention in some way, and we begin to relate to it.  We
often attract a teacher, a friend, a class or workshop or
a book to ourselves that begins to awaken new ways to approach
the dissolving of the problem."

Louise L. Hay (You Can Heal Your Life)
INFO: http://thedreamtime.com/newsletter/4/featured.html

"Since we and all other living things are formed and live in the
Earth's magnetic field, our bodies also have a magnetic field
of their own.  The magnetic field of our body always corresponds
with and is affected by the Earth's field."

Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming (The Root of Chinese Qigong : Secrets for
Health, Longevity & Enlightenment)
INFO: http://thedreamtime.com/newsletter/4/featured.html

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               H E A L I N G 
     The Healing Power of Prayer Poll   

Our recent poll asked for your opinion of what the
Healing Power of Prayer meant.   I'll leave the poll
up for a few more days, but the current results are as
follows, in order of the highest percentage of responses:

Means that we are all connected and able to heal others (44%)
Indicates love,compassion are elements of Spirituality  (37%)
Is proof that there is a God that is religious in nature(15%)
Doesn´t prove anything, medicine is more important      ( 3%)

Visit the homepage at The Dreamtime to vote at:

               H E A L I N G 
The Benefits of Walking   Written by Brett Simpson

With winter raging outside for many of us, it's time to find 
an exercise that is both 1.) not too strenuous, and 2.) enough
of a workout to keep the body in shape.  While many may not 
think walking is valuable as an exercise, simply because it 
may not get the heart rate up to a level required to rate 
as truly 'aerobic'; recent studies are showing otherwise.

Yes, walking has been shown to lower blood pressure, and 
the bad cholesterol LDL, and at the same time increase the 
good cholesterol HDL.  It has also been indicated that older 
adults who walk regularly are able to keep their minds and 
thinking more alert, and this has very important benefit: it
may be an excellent preventive for alzheimer or other
diseases that affect memory or thinking.   So, while it may 
seem light in comparison to jogging or biking, with the
weather being cold and snowy this may be a good time to start
thinking about getting out for a 20-30 minute walk at least 
once a day.

For those of us in the Northern hemisphere think about how you 
dress before you go out.  When it may be cold and/or wet, 
it is best to dress in layers, especially include layers close 
to the skin that will pull the perspiration away from your body.
Do not wear cotton near your skin, but as a top layer.  Another
important thing to keep in mind is the wind direction and speed.
I've made this mistake many times myself.  When you start out, 
if you are walking directly into the wind, you will get a very 
good idea about how long you can stay out on this walk. 

Walking will help to keep us all in shape if we work at several 
times per week.  But as with any exercise get clearance with 
your doctor before beginning this, or any other exercise program.

Helpful websites are indicated below that will let you check 
your average speed, calories burned and even purchase a 
pedometer - a device to let you measure exactly how far you 
are walking.

Walking Websites:
Health survey that includes walking comparisons, nice place
to start:

A cool site that lets you enter your walks, track calories 
burned, keep a journal and even join walking clubs:

Nice site that provides an online magazine, tours, photo gallery 
and bulletin boards, well done:

Stay safe while you walk, check out these 'perils' including 
pictures and ALL the links you could ever want:

For the health aspects, including maximum heart rate and ways to 
avoid injury visit this podiatrist site:

Put your activist mind into action and fight for a Car free city:

For outdoor hiking, there's always GORP:

            B O O K    R E V I E W
The Elves of Lily Hill Farm - Penny Kelly | Lewellyn 1997
Review by Brett Simpson

This interesting  look at Penny Kelly's conversations and
partnership with nature is beautifully written and a great read
for anyone who ever tried communicating with nature or any of
it's elements.  The author covers accessible topics in
agriculture and farming related to communication and elves and
plant spirits that live on her farm in Southwestern Michigan.

The book starts out with a brief introduction describing how
Penny had happened upon a book called Agartha which related a
psychic woman's claim of contact with nature spirits.  It then
details in short order the author's own conversations with the
little folk which she initially regards as unbelievable.

Her first meeting occurs without any communication attempts on
Penny's part when she heads out for a walk with the impending
war in Kuwait on her mind.  In the beginning she only hears the
voices of the tiny people who speak with an Irish accent, at
least the one who seems to be the leader of this small band of
elves.  His name is Alvey.  Most of the conversation is between
Penny and the elves Alvey, Mairlinna and Kermots all of whom she
eventually sees as physical beings.  There are a few meetings
with Harvey, who turns out to be Pan himself complete with
hooves instead of feet.  

The fascinating part of the book is the interlaced stories of the
author's about trying to grow a bumper crop of grapes on her land
by using any technique that is required.  She eventually succeeds,
almost, in accomplishing what she sets out to do with the help of
the elves.  Through much stern discussion from the elves: they 
almost demand that all herbicide spraying be stopped and that every 
plant or tree that is killed be addressed in spirit form, Penny 
finally nearly accomplishes the goal that the elves themselves had 
set: to produce 100 tons of grapes on her tiny 13 acre farm.

When stormy weather causes problems the elementals are called in
themselves: wind, rain , and even thunder can be communicated
with, provided that patience and a calm understanding are
exercised. Eventually Penny and her farm hands try playing music
for the grapes and applying a special type of nutrient to feed
the grape vines boosts their grape production into the outer
limits!  This prompts the National Grape Co-Op to ask them how
they are able to produce such a great crop when everyone else has
a bad year!  Even this is not the 100 tons that was bargained
for, and so nothing is mentioned of the help from the elves.  

Through it all Penny weaves stories of her own body and it's
reaction to the dislocation from nature that is harming us all.
Several great resources are referenced including 'Rainforest in
Your Kitchen', and the value of enzymes in our bodies, and the
value of growing enough personal produce to feed our own bodies
and minds is taken into consideration.

The Elves continue to demand that Penny spend the time needed
to walk the land and work on it as much as is needed to produce
even higher yields.  but in the end she soon realizes that it
is not the communication with the elves, the plant spirits, or
elementals, or even the 100 ton grape harvest that is most
important to her own personal transformation.  The real
difference is that we all need to learn to live in balance
with nature, to accept the wonder of communicating with nature
spirits and elves as part of our daily living.  That is what is
most important and that is what she must pursue even though it
means quitting a job that is not suited to her, or that is holding
her back from having the time to live in balance and expend the
necessary energy needed to continue working with the spirits and
forces of nature that are around us all the time.

Rating 5/5 - A fascinating look at communication and partnership
with the nature elements and plant spirits that are with us
every day.  Well documented, well researched and a great read.
INFO: http://thedreamtime.com/newsletter/4/featured.html

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           N A T U R E   W E B S I T E 
Geolor.com                          Featured Website(s)

This fantastic site incorporates many graphics, links 
and resources inspired by nature, Native American philosophy
Earth issues and animal welfare.   Lorrie is a teacher who
is also multi-talented and I think you will see by the graphic 
designs and layouts here that her designs are very impressive!  
(note that Java is required for viewing these pages)

The Earth Issues page is loaded with specific information 
about Rainforests, Endangered Species, Extinctions, Global 
Warming and Animal Cruelty.  Each of these pages does a 
really good job of educating anyone on the issues at hand 
and is full of resources and links to information that 
reinforces the topic completely.  

Special thanks to Lorrie at Graphics by Lorrie for working 
up an absolutely beautiful set of graphics, that can be 
used in our Nature section, probably for Nature Spirits!
I can't wait to get started on it, but for now you can see
the pages at the Graphics by Lorrie page at:

Visit Geolor home page at:

          C U L T U R E    W E B S I T E 
Doctorswithoutborders.org        Featured Website(s)

Each year Doctors Without Borders provides humanitarian 
aid, in the means of volunteer doctors who travel around 
the world helping the victims of natural disasters, or 
armed conflicts.   The private, nonprofit organization 
was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999 for it's 
outstanding work.   

More than 2,000 doctors, nurses and other professionals 
bring medical aid to those in need, in over 80 countries! 
They are working to treat those who may never get the help 
they need, if it wasn't for this organization.  Working in 
countries including Colombia, Afghanistan, Angola and Sri
Lanka their message of hope and humanity carries through. 

The site provides detail information on the current work 
being done, lists details on how to volunteer, and has a 
bracelet of life that can be printed, or sent to individuals
or an entire classroom, to help raise awareness to the tragedy
of world hunger.  Donations can also be made online, or by 
a toll-free telephone call.

Doctors Without Borders is active in helping others, and 
in letting others know how they can help.  They earn our
highest recommendation.

Visit Doctors Without Borders:

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-> Nature spirits all around us
-> Finding time to be yourself

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