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Issue #30                                   August 3, 2006

              Numerology / Astrology
           Alternatives for a New World

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  ==> Spirituality - Feng Shui For You (part three)
  ==> Book Review - The Gift of Gabe (a Novel Experience)
  ==> Useful Resources For You

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             S p i r i t u a l i t y
Feng Shui For You (part three)              by Brett Simpson

In the last two articles in this series we covered calculating
your personal Feng Shui number (Kua), favorable directions
and aligning your Ba Gua Map to your own home.  In this part
I'm going to tell you how to choose the right colors, and
make adjustments to rooms and directions in your home to make
them more/less harmonious depending on the requirements.

You might want to go back to the previous articles and look
at those to get a good idea of your own Kua number, and 
favorable directions.  A few important points: 1.) If you 
live with a spouse/family it's important to setup the 
main doors & stove of the home for the male.  The bedroom 
should be setup best for the female.

Remember in the last article we covered the favorable and 
unfavorable positions.  These are different for each Kua 
number.  Now comes the most important trick.  You need to 
convert the locations for the person you are setting up 
for to the 8 Ba Gua positions - they will change depending 
on which person you are setting up for!

I know, it sounds complicated, and it is, but only if you 
do not have the handy-dandy conversion table I created to
help you find the directions.

You'll see the table below, to use it you need to do this.
Find the Kua number for the person you are aligning/setting
up the house or room for along the left side of the chart.  
Then, follow the row across to the direction you want to look 
up and find the direction, then follow that direction down to
the 8 Life Direction (which is on the bottom of the chart) 
to find the direction that corresponds to the one you are looking 

Here's an example: if you are a Kua #2 and you want to lookup the
South East direction and determine the best colors, and other 
remedies to use you would find Kua #2 along the left side, read
across that row to find SE (2nd from the end) then follow that 
column down to find that North (N) is the corresponding direction 
to use to lookup on the 8 Life Aspirations Master Chart, further
down in this article. 
You can then lookup the North (N) direction in the 8 Life Aspirations
Master chart to find all the colors, materials and patterns to use 
to make that direction more harmonious, easy isn't it... ok, 
here's the Conversion Table below:

Conversion Table: Personal Kua Direction -> 8 Life Aspiration
----    ----- ------ ----- -------   ------ ---- ----- ------
 1        N      E      S     SE        W     NW   NE    SW
 2        SW     W      NW    NE        E     S    SE    N
 3        E      N      SE    S         SW    NE   NW    W
 4        SE     S      E     N         NW    W    SW    NE
 -          5 Females use Kua #8, 5 Males use Kua #2     -
 6        NW     NE     SW    W         SE    N    E     S
 7        W      SW     NE    NW        N     SE   S     E
 8        NE     NW     W     SW        S     E    N     SE
 9        S      SE     N     E         NE    SW   W     NW
------------- ------- ----- --------- ----- ----- ---- -----
 8 Life   W      SW     S     SE        E     NE   N     W   

And, here's the 8 Life Aspirations Master Chart... for looking up
colors, patterns and materials.

      8 Life Aspirations Master Chart - Colors/Patterns/Materials
Direction     | Enhance         Maintain             Calm         |
---------      ---------------------------------------------------
 N  (colors)   red to pink     off-white to       pale green, purple
               white,grey,gold cream, black       dark green to blue
    (patterns) c./a./o.        ir./cl./wa.        tall and thin vs. 
    (material) metal/stone     glass              wood
-------------  ------------    -----------------  -----------------  
 NE (colors)   purple, red     bright white       red to pink
                               yellow to brown    white, grey, gold
                               black, beige       silver
    (patterns) p./st./z.       wr./hs./ch.        c./a./o.      
    (material) plastic(fire)   ceramic and clay   metal/stone
-------------  ------------    -----------------  -----------------  
 E  (colors)   off-white       bright green       pale purple
               to cream        dark green to blue red
               black/blue      purple, red               
    (patterns) ir./cl./wa.     tall and thin vs.  p./st./z.
    (material) glass           wood               plastic
-------------  ------------    -----------------  -----------------  
 SE (colors)   off-white       dark green to blue pale purple
               to cream        bright green       red
               black/blue      purple, red
    (patterns) ir./cl./wa.     tall and thin vs.  p./st./z.
    (material) glass           wood               plastic
-------------  ------------    -----------------  -----------------  
  S (colors)   bright green    purple, red        bright white
               dark green                         yellow to brown
               to blue, purple                    black, beige
    (patterns) tall/thin vs.   p./st./z.          wr./hs./ch.
    (material) wood            plastic            ceramic and clay
-------------  ------------  -----------------  -----------------  
 SW (colors)   purple, red     bright white       red to pink
                               yellow to brown    white,grey,gold
                               black, beige,peach silver
    (patterns) p./st./z.       wr./hs./ch.        c./a./o.      
    (material) plastic(fire)   ceramic and clay   metal/stone
-------------  ------------    -----------------  -----------------  
 W  (colors)   bright white    red,pink,white     off-white to cream
               yellow,brown    grey,gold,silver   black,blue
    (patterns) wr./hs./ch.     c./a./o.           ir./cl./wa.
    (material) ceramic & clay  metal/stone        glass
-------------  ------------    -----------------  -----------------  
NW  (colors)   bright white    red,pink,white     off-white to cream
               yellow,brown    grey,gold,silver   black,blue
    (patterns) wr./hs./ch.     c./a./o.           ir./cl./wa.
    (material) ceramic & clay  metal/stone        glass
abbrevs.(c.cirles, a.arches, o.ovals, ir.irregular, cl.ouds, wa.ves
         vs. vertical stripes, p.ointed, st.ars, z.igzags, wr.wide 
         rectangles, hs.horizontal stripes, ch.ecks)

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You can now determine the best colors, patterns and material to 
use in the specific rooms of your home, or even in those 
directions in your room by using the Master Chart above.

I wish I would have had this myself when working out the colors
to use when I painted this spring. Let me tell you the best way
to use this chart.

First you need to determine if you are going to maintain the
chi in this area, enhance it, or calm it down.  To understand
this you need to know if this direction is favorable, or 
unfavorable for you, or if you are trying to bring up the chi
to compensate for a missing part of your Ba Gua, or calm the
chi for a part of your home that is unfavorable.  For more 
information on this, see the last 2 issues of this newsletter.

Basically if you want to bring up the chi or increase it, you
would choose the colors, patterns and material in the Enhance
column: this would be applicable for example if you were trying
to raise the chi to compensate for a missing section in your 
home to increase the chi force of that section.

Likewise if there is a part of your home that is an extension
you may need to calm that part by using the colors in the Calm
column in the Master Chart for the direction.

To decide on colors patterns or material for a room, look to see 
if the direction of the room is favorable for you (or your spouse, 
based on whether you are male/female) and then choose the colors 
from the Maintain or Enhance columns in the Master Chart.  In a 
room or direction that is unfavorable you'll need to choose colors 
from the Calm column.  Try to avoid Peach in the bedroom if you 
are married or have a live-in partner, though Pink is ok.  Avoid 
black in the kitchen if you can as well.

Here's a basic room by room rundown that does not take into
account any of the favorable directions - in other words a 
quick lookup chart, you can use if for fun, but if your serious
about this at all, I suggest you go through the previous 2 issues
of this newsletter and draw your own Ba Gua over your home.

                  Master  Children Living Spirit
Foyer   Kitchen  Bedroom  Bedroom  Room   Shrine Study Dining Bath 
l.blue  white   l. blue   blue    blue   blue   l.blue blue   pink
l.grn  (no)red  l. grn    green   green  green  l.grn  grn    white
pink   (no)blk. pink              white  grey   pink   pink   grey
white           peach             beige  black        (no)wht blk.
(no)brn.       (no)peach          yellow beige        (no)grey
(no)gry.        for couples       multi. yellow       (no)blk.
abbrevs.(l.ight, grn.green, brn.brown, gry.grey, blk.black, 
multi.colored) (no) No do not use the following color, ie: (no)brn. 
Do not use brown.

Watch for the next article in this series where we will cover more 
details on specific rooms, occupations and other remedies.

     S p i r i t u a l i t y / A r t s
The Gift of Gabe by Brian Joseph           Review by Brett Simpson

A fascinating journey through the poetry of Blake, Gibran and the 
song lyrics of popular songs by the Beatles, and Jimi Hendrix, 
Jethro Tull, the Police, Nektar, Supertramp, George Harrison, 
John Lennon and Paul McCartney. 

This spiritual soul searching guide to awareness through Eastern 
thought, physics and poetry is played out through a chance 
meeting with an "old man in the woods" on his way home from work. 
Gabe is his name, and he turns out to be even more than the 
author could ever imagine.

Gabe gives the author many things to think about, and hands him a 
book (usually a deep thought-provoking one by Carl Jung, Richard 
Bucke, Einstein, David Bohm, Krishnamurti or Joseph Campbell) 
every time he visits. 

Through Gabe's intellectual improvisations we come to understand 
that the songs we thought of as 'pop gems' are really also hiding 
spiritually awakening/thought provoking messages and 
philosophical concepts played out in music and lyrics. 

Gabe also waxes philosophic about the masterpiece rock songs of 
Jimi Hendrix (Purple Haze and Little Wing).  He believes that 
Jimi is someone that was going through a deep awareness 
experience - similar to samadhi, or kundalini rising. 

Also included are songs by Nektar, Pink Floyd (Wish You Were 
Here, Breathe), Jethro Tull and the Police (especially Sting). 
Overall there are over 90 songs that Gabe shares, and each one is 
a deep experience involving awareness, and our place in the 

Eventually a friendship grows as Gabe shares more of his own 
'personal philosphy' on consciousness and our enculturation (see 
The Crack in the Cosmic Egg by Joseph Chilton Pearce) process. 
Through it all simple appetite pleasures: blueberry pie, donuts, 
pizza or strawberries dipped in chocolate segue into deep 
discussions between the author and Gabe regarding everything 
about our human condition and our own spiritual awareness in the 
20th century. 

I wished that the discussions would have went further and gone  
even deeper into the material - including the exact lyrics and 
book sections - but copyright issues probably created problems 
here. Some of the poetry that Gabe shares is from past students 
and friends and is not as well written as the Blake material, but 
it does fit in with the story. 

My only complaint is I wanted this to last longer and go more 
into the lyrics. According to an interview at the website this is 
part 1 of a trilogy, the next book will go into even more Beatles 
tunes such as Penny Lane among others - we'll have to wait for 
that... and would hope that book and the third spend more time on 
the concepts in context with the actual song lyrics (if 

This genuine thought-provoking (and conversation stimulating) 
book deserves a place on any shelf, especially for Beatles or 
Jimi Hendrix fans who are also interested in going further with 
the message(s) in the songs, messages that even the musicians
and artists were not aware of!

Rating 4/5 - Any music lover or 60's fan is going to love this 
book. If you crave deep thought, especially about the rock songs 
of your past, this book deserves to be on your bookshelf right 
next to your albums.  Any Beatles fan will also find it to be a 
mosaic of rich and intuitive thought gems.  Recommended.
INFO: http://www.thedreamtime.com/at/go.php?c=td30gift

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