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January 4, 2002                Issue #3

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Welcome to the third issue of our Ezine The Dreamtimes.

First, let me wish everyone a Happy New Year, one of joy, 
peace, happiness, fulfillment and one of bringing all of your 
dreams into reality!  

Second, after many requests, the Astrology Moon Sign
calculator page is ready.   It will calculate your Moon 
Sign, and give you a short description of how your Moon 
Sign may affect your emotions and feelings.   You can 
check your own Moon Sign or anyone else's, if you know 
their birth date, at the page located at:

In this issue:
-> Quotations of Value
-> The Dreamtime Marketplace
-> Healing Article - The Healing Power of Prayer
-> Book Review - You Are a Spiritual Being Having a 
       Human Experience by Bob Frissell
-> Arts website recommendation - Moondance.org
-> Featured TRiBe - Other Healing

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"Try: Seeing your own life this very day as a journey and as
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Where are you now?  What stage of the journey have you come to?"

Jon Kabat-Zinn (Wherever You Go, There You Are : Mindfulness
Meditation in Everyday Life)
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               H E A L I N G 
The Healing Power of Prayer     Written by Brett Simpson

Last week we talked about the Body/Mind connection, 
while this week we will examine the specific ability of 
the mind and a connection to the spiritual to act as a
healing catalyst according to research.  Much of the 
research was done by the Spindrift Foundation: a group 
that began studying the effects of spiritual healing (also 
known as nonlocal healing) in 1969 in a suburb of Chicago, 
Illinois.   Full time research started in 1975 and most of 
the experiments took place between 1975 and 1993.

Though the early studies were completed by Christian 
Scientists, it appears that the scientific community 
is just as interested as any religious group.  Early 
experiments documented the effect that prayer had 
on seed germination rates.  There was evidence that
indicated that prayed-for seeds germinated faster than
the control group which had not been prayed for!   Prayer
for oneself may be easier to prove, but in recent times
it has been the use of intercessory prayer (prayer without
the other person knowing about it) which is proving to be
most interesting.  

In several studies using double-blind, placebo controlled 
clinical environments to study the effects - the results 
have indicated that people in a prayed-for group were five 
times less likely to need antibiotics, but also intriguing 
to note that the distance from the subjects seemed to play 
no part in the outcome of the healing.  Clearly this type 
of radical remote energetic energy goes way beyond anything 
ever looked at by scientists, and it left some of them at 
a loss for words.

Larry Dossey, MD and author of Healing Words: The Power of 
Prayer and the Practice of Medicine, is the main proponent 
of these healing and prayer studies most recently.  It doesn't
appear to be related to any particular religion or how
spiritual the person doing the praying is, rather it's the
level of love and compassion they have for the person who is
being prayed for.  

It seems the most effective prayer is the type that is 
non-directed and that asks for a move toward it's 'norm', 
or 'thy will be done'.  Directed prayer which is more
specific (such as 'provide this seed with the water and 
nutrients it needs from the soil'), is helpful, but not
nearly as much as the non-directed type.

Our new poll will let you vote on how you feel about Prayer
and it's healing power.  Visit the homepage at The Dreamtime
to vote at:

            B O O K    R E V I E W
You Are a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience
- Bob Frissell | 2001 Frog Ltd.
Review by Brett Simpson

This mind stretching book by rebirther and Melchizedek worker 
Bob Frissell presents a great amount of information in it's 
150+ pages.  It attempts to explain the evolutionary shift 
that we are now experiencing and that is occurring at an ever 
increasing rate since the Harmonic Conversion of 1987.

I would highly recommend this book as an excellent place to 
start (almost as a tour guide) for the initiate, or for those 
who are interested in the Melchizadek material: The Ancient 
Secret of the Flower of Life (vol 1, vol2).  I have heard great 
things about previous Frissell books such as 'Nothing In This
Book Is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are'.  You Are a
Spiritual Being builds from the ground up by beginning with a
discussion of the dimensions as well as the levels of awareness
that we currently exist in.  According to Frissell we are going
into a deeper (higher) dimensional perspective of greater Unity
of Being with the One Spirit as we evolve, and I can say from
my own experience, I certainly believe it!

Unfortunately, even though we are all higher dimensional
(spiritual) beings, we have all forgotten the basic truth of
why we are here - this deep philosophical precept takes on
powerful evolutionary and spiritual consequences as it is
examined from many perspectives throughout the book.  Some of
the topics that are covered in brief (yet exacting) detail are:
creating our reality, victim mentality, reclaiming our
authority, sacred geometry, unity of being in conventional
religions, the merkaba, the universe as a hologram, soliton
waves, the nature of polarity, intuition, prophecy, birth
trauma, past lives, Earth changes, parallel worlds, indigo
children and an entire section on the Bible Code!  

If some of these topics have piqued your interest recently (as
they have mine), it could be because we are on the cusp of a
shift in consciousness which is expected to occur before the
year 2012.  You Are a Spiritual Being will help you remember,
as well as provide you with an understanding of why we must
increase our awareness by seeking out and practicing Christ 

Frissell has succeeded in writing an excellent guidebook for
everyone to 'wake up' to who they are, and to grasp a greater
realization of how indigenous cultures such as the Kogi people
of South America view our current predicament.  They believe we
are living in a world of shadows that does not allow us to
reach our highest potential.

From the Torah in Hebrew religion to Shinto of Japan, the
indicators are that there are great changes ahead as we ascent
to the next dimensional level.  These changes are covered with
an adept and awakened understanding required to handle such
topics with a simplicity that makes this book readable across
a wide variety of cultural and spiritual backgrounds. As stated
at the end, we are all likely to find out what it means 
when 'the future is now', and possibly very soon according to

Rating 4/5 - A pointed and awakened explanation of our
multi-dimensional existence and evolutionary advancement to the
next dimension that is expected to happen within the coming
decade via Earth changes and global awareness shifts.
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also check the Authors other books.

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Are you looking to express your creativity, share a bit 
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Not only is this an E-Zine with an incredible design and 
look to it, but the content here is just as great.  You will 
find main sections here with content ranging from fiction to 
nonfiction, poetry to opinions, as well as songs and stories, 
letters to the editor and many more features.  Each story, or
poem is well placed into the graphics design of the site, and
sometimes features original art work which can be clicked on
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I'd like to see some interesting discussion take place here
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