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Issue #29                                   February 2, 2006

              Numerology / Astrology
           Alternatives for a New World

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  ==> Book Review - The Journey
  ==> Useful Resources For You

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             S p i r i t u a l i t y
Feng Shui For You (part two)                by Brett Simpson

In the previous article we covered determining your Feng
Shui House & Group, and your own personal Feng Shui number (Kua), 
trigram and favorable directions.  In this part we're going
to go further with setting up and aligning your Ba Gua Map
to your own home, and learning more about the 9 basic directions.

In the last article we showed you how to calculate your Kua 
number and the type of house you live in.  It is best if
your East/West grouping for your personal number is the same 
as your house, but if it is not, the next best thing to do 
is look up your favorable directions for yourself and try 
to use the Good Locations for the most important rooms in 
your house (Bedroom, Kitchen, or Office).

Remember that the Ba Gua is an 8 section grid that you are
going to overlay (draw) over the scale map that you have created
of your own home.  First things first, don't get frustrated, 
be patient and draw out a scale map of your own home using
standard graph paper - you can make up your scale if you like
but it's easiest if you choose seomthing that will help you
count distances, sizes of rooms, halls, etc - so if you start
with 1/4" graph paper (that has 1/4" squares on it) your best
bet would be to make the scale one foot = 1/4", that way 
you can draw the map easier, and use the squares for counting
out distances, etc.

Now take some time, it may take a while (several hours) to 
get your map drawn correctly, and you may need to use two
or three sheets taped together to fit your house on the 
paper.  After you have finished you now need to determine
the center of your home - there are many ways to do this
but the best method I have found is to use measurements: 
find the length and width of your house and then divide 
by two.  For example if your house is 36 feet long and
24 feet wide, the center would be at 18 feet in length, and
12 feet in width.  Mark the center of your home now with
a dot.

Now that you've found your center you can use a mapping compass
(available at most stores) to find direct North.  To do this
you need to make sure you're in a room or not near things that
will swing your compass (such as magnets, etc), and then get the
needle pointing in one direction, then spin the inner dial so
that the N lines up with the needle.

Now place the compass on top of your map with the center of your 
house lined up with the center of the compass (make sure you get 
a clear plastic mapping compass so that you can see through it).  
Once you've got your compass on the map, mark the place on the 
edge of the compass directly in line with N - now draw a line from 
there down to the center of your home.  You have now indicated due 
North on your map.

You'll need to now draw the 8 directions (N,NE,E,SE,S,SW,W,NW) 
using the chart of degrees (see part one of this article, note a 
correction was made from last time, as the original article was
missing S).  Using those numbers in the Compass Measurement 
section,  get a clear plastic drawing compass now (not a magnetic 

You may have used this in school to do things like draw circles, 
and determine the parts of a circle 30, 60, 90 degrees, etc.  
Using the numbers on the chart mark off the degree numbers around 
the circle on your scale map of your home - always using the 
center of the map as your Center position - and using the degree 
marking around the outside edge of the drawing compass.  When you 
have that done you can draw lines through the points to the center
of your map so that you have the 8 spokes of your wheel - and
your actual Ba Gua map grid drawn over the scale map of your 

If you find that your house is L shaped you will need to spread
out the 8 lines to include both sections (if the house has an
indentation - more than 50% of the width), or draw two complete
8 sided Ba Guas (one for each) if your house has an extension 
(less than 50% of the width).  Extensions usually require calming 
energy, while indentations require enhancing energy.

I like to use light colored pencils for this part, with different
colors so that it doesn't interfere with the map lines I've drawn
first.  Now that you have that charted out you need to use your 
Kua number (or personal number as shown in part one) to figure
out which of the 8 directions are fortunate/favorable for you, and
which are not.

If you live with a spouse and their Kua number is different than
yours, then you need to follow these special instructions:  the 
main doors and the stove should be positioned best for the male
(husband) and the bedroom should be positioned best for the female

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After calculating your personal Kua number use the following chart
to determine best directions/uses of rooms/locations in your home.

     Major Health Long.  Prosp. |  Diff. Loss Obst. Death
---- ----- ------ ----- -------   ------ ---- ----- ------
 1    N      E      S     SE        W     NW   NE    SW
 2    SW     W      NW    NE        E     S    SE    N
 3    E      N      SE    S         SW    NE   NW    W
 4    SE     S      E     N         NW    W    SW    NE
 -      5 Females use Kua #8, 5 Males use Kua #2     -
 6    NW     NE     SW    W         SE    N    E     S
 7    W      SW     NE    NW        N     SE   S     E
 8    NE     NW     W     SW        S     E    N     SE
 9    S      SE     N     E         NE    SW   W     NW

Major Location = "Overall Harmony".  
Favorable for maintaining good fortune and a comfortable life.
Better than average luck and strong protection from bad luck.

Health Location = "Doctor From Heaven".  
The best location for sick family members or those with a 
health problem.  Position stove and the door of the stove
facing this direction if possible.

Longevity Location = "Longevity with Rich Descendants".  
Home life and family relationships, especially between
husbands and wives, parents and children and siblings.
Master bedroom is best here if there are any marital 

Prosperity Location = "Generating Breath"
The best location for attracting prosperity.  Can also
bring fame and recognition, or success in exams and
scholarship endeavors.  Great wealth for business professions
if this location is activated.  To tap this location
put your bedroom, study or face your front door in this

Difficulties Location = "Accidents and Mishaps"
Leads to financial loss and intermittent difficulties
and frustrations.  This location is not fortuitous, but
it the least unlucky of the four unfavorable directions.
A storeroom here would be best.

Loss and Scandal Location = "Six Killings"
Terrible harm to both you and your family in this 
location.  Missed opportunities, especially in your 
career and business.  Legal problems, illness, accidents
and death.  Toilets placed here will do best to flush
away or supress the bad chi energy.  A storeroom in
this location will also work well.

Obstacles Location = "Five Ghosts"
Bad luck can be created in this location, especially 
resulting in fires, burglary, loss of income or 
employment.  Can cause arguments and misunderstandings
between family members and between you and others.
Mischief of all types at home and work may be caused.
A toilet is best in this location for flushing away
all of the problems.

Death Location = "Total Loss of Descendants"
This is the worst possible location for disaster and
bad luck for any family.  The very worst of the 8 locations.
Doors and bedrooms (especially master bedrooms) should
never be located in this direction.  Bad luck in many
forms: loss of children, wealth, bankruptcy, or severe
illness may result.  The ultimate location for the
toilet in your home so that this bad luck can be flushed 
away.  A kitchen or stove can work here too, as long
as the stove/oven is faced in a favorable direction.

Watch for the next article in this series where
we will cover more details on colors, and objects which
can be used in certain locations in your home as 
remedies or enhancers for the 'chi' energy of Feng Shui.

               H e a l i n g
The Journey by Pat Ryan            Review by Brett Simpson

Are you ready to remove toxic ideas and to start finding change
in your life?  The Journey will help.  This powerful ebook 
authored by Pat Ryan a former psychology professor is really
good at showing you methods and helping you find your own answers.

I was a bit skeptical, but have always wanted to read this book.
With that in mind I sat at my computer for a quick read, and
printed off the workbook sections as needed to get to the 
real 'meat' of the book:  learning to understand my own
self-talk, and reasons for what has slowed me down in the
past.  The same is probably true for most of us.  

You too can learn from this great eBook.  It's fun, well
written in a conversational style following the lead character
Sarah through a period in her life where she has everything, 
yet still remains 'unhappy'.  

Throughout the book you'll learn about transforming your 
own life and how to learn to control your thoughts, emotions, 
and actions to overcome self-defeating beliefs.  A good section 
on finding your mission or 'life calling' is also included and 
it's likely that you will find it useful (as I did).  You'll 
learn to identify your top 3 needs. I especially like how Pat 
has gone into detail on the 4 personality types: Thinkers, 
Feelers, Doers and Intuitives.

What can be done to make the change?  Check out some of 
the detailed workbook questions and the goal planner information
and you will see this is an excellent resource for the new year,
or anytime that you are looking for a fresh perspective.

This eBook is one of the better ones that I have read, 
and it offers a new perspective on things that bring to
mind some of the best works of self-help authors that I 
admire: Brian Tracy, Marianne Williamson, M. Scott Peck and 
Tony Robbins among others.

The eBook format is well suited to this material since the
detailed workbooks/worksheets can be printed out for easy
filling.  Your personal goals are refined and given direction
in the last few chapters.  A unique and powerful text that 
offers new viewpoints on self-change.

Rating 4/5 - a detailed and well-written self-talk/self-help
book that completes it's promise of finding ways to make
you think about and initiate change, recommended.

Note: The Dreamtime sells this book.

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