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Issue #28                                   March 2, 2005

              Numerology / Astrology
           Alternatives for a New World

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             S p i r i t u a l i t y
Feng Shui For You                    by Brett Simpson

Wind and Water?  Do you know what they have in common?
They are the Chinese characters that are used to define
the ancient art of placement and of living space.  These
two words form the words you may have been hearing 
a lot about recently: Feng Shui.  

I finally get down to showing you the details of setting
up your own Ba Gua Map and how to use this ancient science
to find peace, happiness and greater fulfillment.  I 
can tell you, this is going to be a series of articles
as this topic is not one that can be discussed with just
a few words...  so, watch for follow-up articles in the
series to come in the next several newsletter issues,
just for you....

Now, I've gone into this as I do most things, with a 
healthy intensity: I know if you follow along you will
discover all there is to know about Feng Shui and
how it affects you.   My approach is a little different
than some of the standard methods currently out there, 
this is because I believe it's always best to go back
to the source, and find the true secrets of the ancient
arts before moving forward.

Ok, I know you may be asking - what's a Ba Gua (sometimes
called Pa Kua)? In case you haven't seen one, it's the
ancient Chinese method of indicating how energy flows
through an environment.  It is drawn with a circle, 
and the circle is split up by 8 seperate sections, or
directions as they are indicated.  You can think of it
as a wheel with 8 spokes coming off from the center, 
the spokes are used to seperate the 4 cardinal directions
N, S, E, W and the 4 directions in-between NE, SE, SW, NW.
Some Feng Shui schools also recognize the center as a
9th direction (or place of harmony).  Each direction has
an associated energy related to it, a Chinese Element
(one of: Earth, Water, Wood, Metal, Fire), an Animal
is present in 4 directions (Tiger, Phoenix, Dragon, Tortoise),
and a Chinese Trigram (3 lines representing an I Ching

This Ba Gua is then drawn (or placed) over a scale map of 
your home so that you can determine the fortunate and 
unfortunate directions and locations in your home.  Where to 
place certain items to enhance properties in your life, and
where to remove items, or not place them to cause problems.

The first step in setting up to use Feng Shui is to
determine the exact direction of your home and it's 8
different energy centers (locations on the Ba Gua).  To
do that you're going to need a compass, a good one and
preferably a Map Compass that will let you set an arrow
based on a direction, I picked mine up at K-Mart Department
store locally for around $7.00 USD.  

The first major thing to determine is the type of house
that you have: there are only two main categories of
house - an East-House, or a West-House.  East Houses
have a front door that faces (meaning when you stand inside
facing out the door, your compass reads this direction) either
North, South, West, or Northwest.   A West House faces
one of these directions: Southeast, Northeast, Southwest,
or East.  To check your direction you'll need to know
the degrees of angle for each direction using the chart

Direction      Compass Measurement
---------       -----------------
  N              337.5 - 22.5
  NE              22.5 - 67.5
  E               67.5 - 112.5
  SE             112.5 - 157.5
  S				 157.5 - 202.5
  SW             202.5 - 247.5
  W              247.5 - 292.5
  NW              92.5 - 337.5

Once you have determined the exact direction of your
house, draw a scaled map of your home by taking
measurements inside using a tape measure, if you
use standard 1/4" graph paper, or something similar
you can set a scale of 1 foot = 1/4" and you should
have no problem drawing out a scaled map of your home.
You may need to tape several pieces of graph paper
together to get it all on one large sheet.   We'll
lay out the Ba Gua (over the top) of your scale
map to determine fortunate/unfortunate directions.

Your house type is very, very important.   This is
because you also have your own East or West Group makeup
based on your date of birth.  It's most beneficial if you
are East Group Person and you live in an East-House, or if
you are a West Group person and you live in a West-House.
But, here's the key, if you are a West Group person
living in a East-House than you will do better to
arrange your Ba Gua Map over your house based on your
own makeup (West Group for me), instead of based on
the type of house! I'll  get into this more later.

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To determine which type of person you are (East Group,
or West Group), you'll need to make a simple calculation
that follows, note there is a different one for females
than there is for males.

Calculation for females:
1. Subtract 4 from the last 2 numbers of your date of birth.
2. Divide this number by 9. If no remainder your number is 9.
2. The remainder is your compass number (look up in table below)

Example: Born in 1962 1.) 62-4 = 58, 2.) 58/9 = 6, 3. 
Remainder = 4, look up 4 in the Chart - you are Sun (trigram) 
East Group person.

Calculation for males:
1. Subtract the last 2 numbers of your birth year from 100.
2. Divide this number by 9.  If no remainder your number is 9.
2. The remainder is your compass number (look up in table below)

Example: Born in 1962 1.) 100 - 62 = 38, 2.) 38/9 = 4, 3. 
Remainder = 2, look up 2 in the Chart - you are Kun (trigram) 
West Group person.

Here's Your Compass Table Below
Number E/W Group  Trigram  Element   Favorable  Unfavorable
------  ------    ------   -------   ---------  -----------
1        E        Kan       Water   N*,E,SE,S    NE,SW+,W,NW
2        W        Kun       Earth   NE,SW*,W,NW  E,SE,S,N+
3        E        Chen      Wood    N,E*,SE,S    NE,SW,W+,NW
4        E        Sun       Wood    N,E,SE*,S    NE+,SW,W,NW
5      CENTER - If Female use 8 (below), Male use 2 (above)
6        W        Chien     Metal   NE,SW,W,NW*  N,E,SE,S+
7        W        Tui       Metal   NE,SW,W*,NW  N,E+,SE,S
8        W        Ken       Earth   NE*,SW,W,NW  N,E,SE+,S
9        E        Li        Fire    N,E,SE,S*    NE,SW,W,NW+

* = Major Location, + = Worst Location

In our next article in this series I'll go deeper into drawing
your Ba Gua map and aligning it with your own Home so that
you can begin to make real Feng Shui decisions based on what
you find.  It's going to be a lot of fun, so stay tuned...

               H e a l i n g
Snowshoe Fun                            by Brett Simpson

Have you ever wished for a new and exciting sport for
the Winter?  Something that lets you enjoy the snow and
have fun doing it.  Snowshoeing is what I'm talking 
about and even though the it's only been about six weeks
since I first tried it, it's fantastic, and I'm sure 
that you will also find it both fun and healthy at the
same time.

I'm going to let you in on some secrets involving snowshoeing, 
and even give you tips on places to go and clothes to wear.  
Read this article and you'll have a blast with the rest of the 
Winter, trust me.

If you can walk, you can snowshoe - and if you live anywhere
near a golf course, or public park, and in a four season
climate it's fairly likely that you will have no problem 
locating a place to get moving on snowshoes:  I suggest that
you start at a local park where you can usually rent a pair
of snowshoes for under five dollars here in the USA.  

If you are lucky you may live near a sporting or outdoor 
store that can rent you a pair of new/modern snowshoes.
In my town (South Bend, Indiana in Northern Indiana), 
the local parks offer traditional wood frame snowshoes
available for rent, and there is an outdoor sports store
that will rent newer snowshoes for a little bit more.

If you just want to see how it feels I recommend you 
try out the cheapest rentals you can find to get
an idea of the feeling of snowshoeing and see if you
will enjoy the sport - I'm betting you'll love it!
But, keep in mind that the newer/modern snowshoes are 
much lighter - and about 100 times more fun, while you're
trying out the old 'tennis rackets' as I like to call them.

Either way if you give this simple but fun sport a 
try I'm sure you will soon be falling in love with it like I
have!  Why?  Because it's an excellent way to get your
exercise outside in the Winter, and because there is 
great satisfaction and even spiritual awareness to be
gained from being out in the great outdoors in perfect
silence - away from the mundane existence that you may
be used to.

You can take it as slow and easy, or as fast as you like.
Everyone from their 80's to little children can do this
sport, and even running nuts have taken up the sport as 
a way to get in their running outside, in the Winter!  
Yes, it's simple, one foot in front of the other, there is 
little chance of injury since you're basically walking, 
but you do want to bundle up and keep warm. Wear nylon, 
or polyester inner layers so that they 'wick' the moisture 
away from your body, and an outer waterproof coat can be 

Ok, you're going to ask what special equipment is needed, 
right?   None, other than your snowshoes, though I just
recently ordered poles too - only because it will add
another dimension to my outings.  Other than that, you can
wear any pair of shoes, even running shoes if you like, 
but a good half/ankle height boot works best.  I bought 
an inexpensive pair of low hikers that I wear, but my 
girlfriend likes her LL Bean walking snow boots which 
are very light.  

Basically, you'll probably get along fine with clothes 
that you already have in your closet. If you really get 
serious, you'll find yourself interested in buying 'gaiters' 
short nylon coverings that go over your shoe and cover up to 
your calf, or knee, but in all we're talking about a sport
that can be thoroughly enjoyed for less than $100!  Try
that with any other sport.   

You can go further if you want, but for now, I recommend 
that you try it, it's so much fun, so healthy, and just a 
great way to commune with others in the great outdoors, share 
a cup of hot chocolate, and enjoy the silence.  Even alone 
this sport is great, but make sure you tell someone else where
your going.  Wear enough clothes to stay warm and an easy 1-2 
mile snowshoe hike will keep you warm and happy inside for 

When you strap on a pair of the newer lightweight
snowshoes which you can barely notice on your feet and
pick out a lightweight hiking boot you will soon realize
where all the fun comes from.  I ordered my snowshoes
sight unseen, and without ever trying the newer/modern
frames, but from the first time using them it's been
pure joy ever since.  

Once you find that you enjoy the sport - which I'm 
sure you will, you'll need to find a place to buy
your own pair.  I recommend that you check out
SnowLeopard Mountain Sports, BackCountry.com or 
Sierra Trading Post - online stores that carries many 
different brands and accessories that will help you 
find bliss in the snow.  Here are their links:

Personally I recommend Redfeather snowshoes because these 
are the brand I have, and because I checked their weight
in a local outdoor store before making the purchase.  For 
a recreational men's snowshoe you will want a simple pair 
of 9" or 10" by 30" long (that's 9-10 inches by 30 inches, 
snowshoes are measured in inches).  For hiking and breaking 
trail you may want to choose a little longer snowshoe.  
Women can do fine with shorter length snowshoes, usually
9" by 25" or something similar.

Choose a spot (trail) or even try it in your neighborhood
and off you go.  Enjoy yourself, have a blast and let me
know what you think - I'm certain you're going to think
this is one sport that's here to stay.
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