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Issue #27                                   December 22, 2004

              Numerology / Astrology
           Alternatives for a New World

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Editor: Brett Simpson

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       T a b l e   O f   C o n t e n t s
  ==> Spirituality - Christmas Traditions
  ==> Program Review - Spiritual Film Circle
  ==> Music Review - Country And Eastern
  ==> Useful Resources For You

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             S p i r i t u a l i t y
Christmas Traditions                    by Brett Simpson

It was the winter solstice yesterday and a great time to
reflect on new plans, goals and thoughts for the course 
of the coming year.  But, before you get too carried away, 
let's have a look at all of the Christmas Traditions - 
most of them borrowed from the Pagans - and see what they mean.

The origin of Christmas itself leads back to two pagan
festivals:  the Norse Yule and the Roman Saturnalia. 
The Yule feast was celebrated by the Norsemen every year 
around the time of the winter solstice.  Many nations have 
festivals (feasts) surrounding the winter solstice, which 
honors the sun: Romans honored Saturn with Saturnalia, the 
Germans with Brumalia, and the Norsemen had their Yule feast. 

The entire Christmas period traditionally ran from Advent, 
which begins on November 30th, or the fourth Sunday before 
December 25th (November 28th this year) and continues to 
Candlemas Day (February 2nd).  Read more about Candlemas 

The winter solstice itself, is the day that the Norsemen 
held their Yule-feast in commemoration of the fiery sun-wheel.
They believed that during the twelve nights from the 25th 
December to the 6th January they could trace the personal 
movements and interferences on earth of their great deities:
Odin, Freya, Balder, and others.

The winter solstice was regarded as the birthday of the sun, 
since the days grow longer from this day forward, if you 
live in the northern hemisphere.  A Roman pagan festival of 
the nativity of "sol invictus" was introduced by the Emperor 
Aurelian on the December 25th, 274.  Yes, that's the year
274: the sun worshipping tradition has been going on for 
a very long time.

The tradition of the Christmas tree was most probably 
brought into the existing Christmas holiday out of 
Norse mythology, through the Germans who came to 
North American during the 16th century. As they 
celebrated the worldwide Christmas holiday declared by 
the Roman Catholic Council of Nicea (325 AD), they 
included their own form of paganism: the Yggdrasil tree
(again from Norse mythology).  

Yggdrasil, also called the World Tree, is the giant ash 
tree that grows through the center of the nine worlds. 
Beneath the three roots the realms of Asgard, Jotunheim, 
and Niflheim are located. Three wells lie at its base: 
the Well of Wisdom, the Well of Fate and,the source of many 
rivers.  I'll save further discussion of this for a 'Runes' 
special issue.

Burning the Yule log was adapted to English custom from the 
ancient Scandinavian practice of kindling huge bonfires when 
the Yule feast occurred.  It's probably a good bet that the 
Yule log was a way of brightening and rekindling the Sun as 
it returned to it's place higher in the sky over the next 
several months.

The idea of using evergreens at Christmas time came 
to England from pre-Christian northern European 
beliefs. Celtic and Teutonic tribes honored these 
plants at their winter solstice festivals as symbolic 
of eternal life, and the Druids ascribed magical 
properties to the mistletoe in particular: it was said
to encourage fertility and be an aphrodisiac. 
The evergreens (holly and mistletoe) were worshiped 
as a promise of the Sun's return.   

It wasn't until the 4th century that December 25th 
was officially designated as the birthday of Christ.
It took 500 years more before the entire Midwinter
Feast was given up in favor of the word 'Christ Mass',
or Christmas.  This most likely happened to give a 
name that would include both male (Christ) and
female (goddess Brigide) properties from 'Candlemas'.  
In Gaelic this holiday is known as "The feast day of 
Brigide of the candles". Brigide is the Celtic goddess 
of fire, the hearth, fields, poetry and childbirth 
(what a great combination).

Bridget (Brigide) was eventually sainted and Candlemas became 
a time when the candles that were used throughout the 
year where blessed by the church. Traditionally candles 
are set in every window of the home and lit at sundown 
(February 2nd) where they are allowed to burn until dawn. 
Another way of welcoming the return of the sun. 

Older pagan names for Candlemas include Imbolc and 
Oimelc. Oimelc meaning "milk of ewes" and Imbolc 
translates as "in the belly".  The addition of 
the Pagan meanings to the traditional names give 
further understanding to this holiday.  In the end 
though, Candlemas, Christmas and Sun worship all
relate to one thing - "light", and the return of
light (a kingdom of peace) on Earth.

Christmas season usually ends on Twelfth Night on January 
5th when it is suggested that all evergreen decorations 
be put taken down if the luck of the year will last, however 
in the church the season may continue to last until Candlemas 
day (February 2nd).  The Twelfth Night used to be an occasion 
of feasting and revelry with each of the 12 Days of Christmas 
representing a month in the coming year.  I have followed this 
numeric symbolism through Astrology/Numerology and found it to 
be consistent as a method of representing the structure of 
our own universe.  More on this in future issues of this 

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         P r o g r a m   R e v i e w
Spiritual Film Circle        Review by Brett Simpson

Have you been looking for inspiring, interesting and moving films
for many years...  You  find some once in a while, but usually
they are foreign films, and usually they are hard to get a hold
of for purchase.  Your search has ended! (read below...)

I've contemplated the Spiritual Film Circle since I heard
about it many months ago - co-founded by Stephen Simon who
directed What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams, and who 
also produced and directed the James Twyman film Indigo 
(about indigo children), he is also working on a film 
version of Neil Donald Walsh's Conversations With God.

After joining the circle you will find an excellent selection 
of films each month - arriving in your mailbox (in DVD format) 
- it's like a breath of fresh air in the modern violent and 
depressing film world.  Each month a hand selected group of 
films arrive, some are short films 10 minutes, 32 minutes or 
close to an hour.  But always there is one full feature film, 
90-120 minutes in length.  

With your membership you also get a username/password to 
a website where you can get Movie Alerts for current 'box office'
films that are recommended, read articles, and my favorite
part - rate the films that you receive every month. That way
you will be more likely to see more films that you like : )

They are also sponsoring the world's first Film Festival at Sea, 
with special screenings, discussions and guest directors like
the director and cinematographer of What The Bleep Do We Know?
festival at sea info at: 

The best part is that all of these films are spiritual in 
nature and content, and they are truly a joy to watch.  I know
you'll find them exciting too - and that's the reason that I
knew I had to include this review in this issue of The 

Rating 5/5. Inspirational short and feature films with plots 
that 'really matter'.


            M U S I C     R E V I E W
Country And Eastern   2002 by Amacher, Wedgle, Mongush, Sazhena
Review by Brett Simpson				Exit Records #1006

Strange and iridescent.  Acoustic Spanish jazz guitar strung 
between a boudin (drum) and a egil (3 string gypsy violin)
with shamanic vocals and throat singing intermixed - this
incredible CD is beyond description and very, very good.

I'm going to try to give you an idea of the sounds here:
the main backing is a boudin (I thought that it was a 
bodran - a celtic drum, and it sounds like one?).  This
is an atmospheric jazz performance of world music that is
beyond scope and definition.  Crossing boundaries and
opening minds, it's sure to give you a fresh outlook, 
perk up your ears at times, and flat out awaken you to
a world sound that deserves attention.

Recorded in Moscow the long pieces (14, 15, and 17 minutes)
weave a pattern deep into the threshold of your DNA and 
into places you may have never been before.  Each piece
has it's own personality but my favorites are track 1, 3
and 6.  

The song lengths don't always match the track listings, 
but track 6 (Troubled Times? running 17:02) is fascinating, 
covering territory that starts out with a high and stuttered
vocal doing a mimic of the guitar... eventually we get into
deeper chanting, some beautiful high tuvan throat singing
by Andre Mongush is fabulous here (I wish it was a little
louder in the mix), and in between it all jazz guitar 
sweetness that sparkles and shimmers - coloring the 
whole thing like sprinkles on an ice cream sundae.

The vocals vary and are shamanic in intent and expression.
Vera Sazhena handles female and higher end, but also bows 
down low for some real interesting signatures.  It's hard to 
find much that I don't like, but I do have to say this CD is 
probably an acquired taste, give the sample at the website a 
listen, and if it intrigues you at all, then buy it now.  
This kind of authentic creative improvisation is nearly 
impossible to locate anywhere, so I highly recommend it.  
Barry Wedgle deserves an award for producing this and 
bringing the artists together.

Rating 5/5. Authentic and improvised soundtrack for a shamanic 
dream movie - deserves your solid attention (or late night listen).


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