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Issue #26                                   October 31, 2003

              Numerology / Astrology
           Alternatives for a New World

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  ==> Spirituality - Numbers In Your Daily Life
  ==> Course Review - Dreams for Healing
  ==> Useful Resources For You

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Editor's Note(s):
Happy Halloween and welcome to all the new subscribers!   

There is a lot of new news.  It's been a busy time around 
here.  I've moved to the east coast to Massachusetts: it's an 
inspiring and creative place.  With all of that going on, I'm 
going to be adding many more features/services to the site, so 
keep your eyes peeled. Also, the site will undergo a major 
graphics overhaul.   

Your Spiritual Path
A new Astrology Reading - 'Your Spiritual Path' was added.

Your Spiritual Path gives you a look 'inside'. It provides an 
unbiased perspective on the characteristics that define who 
you are on a spiritual level.  

More importantly it gives you a clear understanding of how you 
can best nurture and develop those characteristics that 
enhance your progress towards spiritual maturity.

As a past visitor of The Dreamtime, this power packed reading 
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Two nights ago, my girlfriend and I thought we heard a ghost 
in our apartment, yes, it's really like that here in the East!  
Big old Victorian houses are everywhere out here, and many of 
them look like they could be haunted....  stay tuned, I'll 
fill you in on our findings in the next issue.  Let me just 
say that the locked door to our basement was open... creepy.

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             S p i r i t u a l i t y 
Numbers In Your Daily Life     by Brett Simpson

I know you're wondering why you keep looking at the clock and 
it's 11:11, or why you're always seeing the number 3 
everywhere.   Many of you have written to ask this question, 
so it's about time for an answer.  Hopefully this article will 
enlighten you.   Watch for the follow up article where I'll 
list the numbers and the meanings.

Your subconscious makes you aware of lessons to be learned and 
things to work on all of the time.  The problem is that our 
minds filter out those little clues almost before we're even 
aware of them. 

You might see a flash from the corner of your eye.  A new way 
of doing things, or an insight into a past relationship and 
why it turned out that way.  Your subconscious may not feel 
that it's time for you to see it, and instead hides it.

Instead of being shown how you can become more interesting, 
and charming to those around you, you see 3's everywhere.  
Instead of hearing about conflicts between your work and 
family you see the number 24, or 224.

I'm going to compile a huge list of these numbers that I'll 
let you know about in the next issue. Each number has a 
powerful meaning.  If you can interpret the numbers even the 
larger 3 or 4 digit numbers there is a lot to learn there.

Here's an example.  On the move out here to the east coast 
with my girlfriend here's what happened.  On the way back home 
to pick up more things, every time I look at a mile marker I 
see 222.  Can you imagine.  We crossed 3 states, and in 2 out 
of the three I look up and notice the mile marker 222.

As you know, there is only one mile marker 222, and I happened 
to see 2 of them in 2 different states.  What's up with all of 
those 2's?  

2 is the number of partnership, of working with others, and of 
understanding your emotional sensitivities.  It's a number 
that asks you to become more aware of the feelings of others.  
2 is also a feminine number.

It was telling me to pay more attention to the feelings of 
those close to me - especially the females.  To feel more than 
think, and to listen deeply to what others are saying.

If you listen to the clues of the numbers and put them into 
practice you can see that your subconscious is much smarter 
than your day to day reasoning mind.

All of these little clues will continue to show up until you 
recognize them, and do something about it by following up, or 
something more tangible happens.  You might be put in a 
situation, or at a certain place just to work on the issues of 
that number.

By learning to understand your own personal numbers first, 
you'll have a much better idea as to which numbers are more 
important to you.  For me, the number 3 is a karmic number: 
it's missing in my name.   My main karmic lesson is learning 
to express myself better, and to accept working with others in 
small groups.

If I didn't work on some of those issues, I would be seeing 
3's everywhere.  It's just one way for your subconscious mind 
to let you in on something without hitting you over the head 
with it.  

Watch for your next issue where I'll lay out a long list of 
numbers and their meanings.

For more information on the contents of detailed Numerology 
Readings from The Dreamtime click here:

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            C o u r s e   R e v i e w
Dreams for Healing by Laura Hyde    Review by Brett Simpson

"Sink into this moment and allow yourself to just 'be'".  The  
Dreams for Healing: Using Dreams As A Pathway to Your Soul
course has begun.  

Throughout this course you learn all the basics of working with 
your dreams: colors, symbols,  archetypes, the four dream 
types, and even numbers and their meaning in your dreams. You 
can tell I'm partial to this section.

The course was written by Laura Hyde who has authored several 
books on transformative love and healing the soul, which are 
related to some of the principles in The Course In Miracles.  
I like her approach, and I know you'll find it valuable as 

This course is an excellent resource for learning about your 
dreams, and for bridging that to the next level: journaling 
and understanding the messages that your dreams have for you.
This course  will make you aware of why dream symbols and 
words in dreams can be so strange.  Learn to journal, and 
track your dreams, as well as color code them for their level 
of awareness.

There are 22 lessons overall (each 2-4 printed pages in length 
- over 71 pages overall).  You can choose to receive them 
daily, weekly, or monthly. I suggest you go for the weekly or 
monthly option, as it will give you adequate time to put 
what you've learned into practice.  There are exercises to 
help you along the way, and additional book resources as well 
as an online dream journal form (use it to explore the details 
of your dream - it emails you back your answers for safe 
keeping), a printable dream scorecard, and a color chakra 

The lessons themselves are concise, well written and are 
excellent for email delivery.  Some of the topics include 
Dream Recall (how to learn to remember), Insightful Dream Keys 
(5 important tips for helping you work with dreams),  Symbols 
and Characters in your dreams, Word Play, Deepening Your Dream 
Awareness, the  4 Dream Types (physical, mental, emotional, 
and spiritual), and Lucid Dreaming.

The Dream Keys section is especially useful.  It provides a 
list of 5 'Keys' to watch for when working with your dreams.  
The keys provide you with a basic tool box for learning to 
work with dreams, and if you think about them and how they apply 
to each dream you'll find your progress in dream interpretation 
goes smoother.  I worked with a few dreams from last night 
using the keys and they were really helpful.

As you can see, this is one power packed course.  It hits on 
all the basics, and takes them deeper.  You will really like 
how Laura has a way of teaching you how to recognize and work 
with your own personal symbols, and then apply them to your 
daily life.  I also felt that the personal dream 
interpretations from Laura's own files were helpful and served 
as excellent examples for getting the point across on many 
topics which previously were a mystery to me!

The additional resources at the end of each lesson provide 
links to books, and audio tapes for further study - some 
require additional purchases.  A few  of these are repetitive, 
and not appropriate to the lessons. There is an inconsistency 
with some of the additional resources.

The course could use a larger listing of follow-up 
books/materials for those who  want to go deeper.  I don't see 
a resource listing for "Conscious Dreaming" by Robert Moss, or 
one for what I consider to be the founding dream research 
book: "An Experiment With Time" by JW Dunne.  I also feel that 
the online Dream Journal would work better if it saved and 
organized your dreams and let you go back to view them.

In general most of the resources do apply and the artistic 
visual presentation is excellent.  The resources provide you with 
additional insights and tools for furthering your study of the 
dreaming worlds, as well as the symbols of your waking life.

Overall there is a generous amount of instruction here.  From 
learning to set your intentions, to fully understanding the 
meanings of dream symbols.  This course is a transformational 
catalyst that gets you moving in applying true learning, 
healing and awareness to your own dream world.  For the 
price you can't go wrong with this fascinating course.

I recommend this course.  It's well written and includes 
documented dream interpretation case studies that will really 
help you grasp the meanings.  Well done!  

Rating 4.5/5. Personal and power packed course that guides you 
toward learning more about awakening your dreaming mind.  

INFO: http://thedreamtime.com/go/to.cgi?l=td26drev

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"It is the honest part of oneself that sometimes speaks with 
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but pershaps socially acceptable."  -- 
-- Z'ev Ben Shimon Halevi - The Anatomy of Fate.

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