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Issue #25                                   August 7, 2003

              Numerology / Astrology
           Alternatives for a New World

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  ==> Spirituality - Positive and Negative of Numbers
  ==> Book Review - Wellness Foods A to Z
  ==> Useful Resources For You

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             S P I R I T U A L I T Y
Positive and Negative of Numbers      by Brett Simpson

Do you know you positive and negative traits?  The
key to mastering the numbers is understanding all 
of the different aspects of your numerological 
makeup.  I'll show you a quick guide to finding
your  positive/negative traits in this article.

Basic understanding of the positive and negative
traits of each number are important to be aware
of.  Recently I've had a lot of questions regarding
the traits and how they relate to compatibility.
The more advanced compatibility topics will be
covered later, but for now, let's start with
a quick run down of finding your first letter
number, and first vowel number.  It's surprising
to find out how amazing this works, and it will
give you a greater understanding of the value of

The first vowel is useful for finding out how you (or 
anyone you meet) reacts emotionally to things.  For
a quick analysis, find your first vowel letter in
the table below and look up the number for a quick
reading.  You may want to memorize these 5 traits 
as you can do this with anyone you meet.

Vowel Letter/Number Chart
A = 1
E = 5
I = 9
O = 6
U = 3
Y = 7

Look up the first vowel in your name (or anyone else)
and then find it in the chart below for the positive
negative traits that are part of your personality 

Positive/Negative Number Interpretations
1 POSITIVE: Independent, original, creative, intellectual,
            ambitious, active, positive.
  NEGATIVE: Selfish, egocentric, opinionated, domineering, 
            controlling, critical.

2 POSITIVE: Cooperative, considerate, receptive, adaptable, 
            encouraging, appreciative, friendly.
  NEGATIVE: Oversensitive, dependent, unconcerned, discontent.

3 POSITIVE: Outgoing, charming, creative, imaginative, artistic.
  NEGATIVE: Vain, jealous, extravagant, gossiping, shallow, 
            superficial, self-conscious.

4 POSITIVE: Practical, efficient, reliable, strong-willed, 
  NEGATIVE: Stubborn, demanding, narrow-minded, dogmatic, 

5 POSITIVE: Versatile, adventurous, adaptable, progressive, 
            independent, curious.
  NEGATIVE: Unrealistic, inconsistent, undependable, 
            restless, overindulgent.

6 POSITIVE: Responsible, understanding, compassionate, 
  NEGATIVE: Opinionated, outspoken, perfectionist, jealous.

7 POSITIVE: Perceptive, creative, intuitive, thoughtful, 
  NEGATIVE: Secretive, sarcastic, repressed, aloof.

8 POSITIVE: Self-disciplined, organized, ambitious, 
            dependable, self-reliant, successful.
  NEGATIVE: Selfish, unreliable, impatient, boastful, 

9 POSITIVE: Compassionate, generous, idealistic, 
            understanding, romantic, emotional.
  NEGATIVE  Impractical, over-sensitive, high-strung, nervous, 

Now use the first letter of your name (or nickname) to 
check how you react to things mentally.  This is your
immediate reaction and may not necessarily be how
you choose to act.   For a quick analysis, find the 
first letter of your first name in the table below and 
look up the number in the chart you used above, for a 
quick reading.              

NUMBER 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

For more information on the contents of detailed readings from 
The Dreamtime click here:

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            B O O K    R E V I E W 
Wellness Foods A to Z by Sheldon Margen  
Review by Brett Simpson

This excellent, concise book on foods lives up to 
it's subtitle: 'An indispensable Guide For Health-
Conscious Food Lovers'.  Part of the UC Berkeley 
Wellness Letter books, it features three great sections 
on eating for optimal health including antioxidant 
scores and a very well covered 'Guide to Phytochemicals' 
that goes into detail on specific phytochemicals (those
plant based chemicals that are minutely influencing
our bodily functions every time we eat a fruit, nut
or vegetable).  

Also included is a 46 page vitamin/mineral guide, 
and another 40+ pages on Wellness Foods: The Basics.
In this guide you're shown the nutrient values 
and types of foods to consume to ensure healthy 
living and a healthy lifestyle.

The main section (Foods A to Z) is 440+ pages of 
detailed and colorful (well photographed and 
highlighted) text that covers just about anything
you would ever want to know on foods to help
you stay healthy: from how to choose them in
the market, to their Caloric, Nutrient information
panels including Carbohydrates and Dietary Fiber
that are present in every food.  I can't say enough
about how well documented, and useful this book

It goes beyond fruits and vegetables to include
the specifics on various meats as well.  You can
look up the cholesterol levels of various fish
to find out that Roughy has the lowest level, and
also has 0 Saturated Fat.  Facts and tips in the
sidelines, and serving suggestions (sometimes 
including cooking tips) make this guide one
of the best available on eating healthy food.

The well-presented and thought out layout may 
inspire you to purchase and cook these foods 
with every meal.  A cooking glossary, brief
listing of herbs/spices and excellent index serve
up a healthy message to everyone.  

Rating 5/5 One of the best all-around guides to
healthy food, concise, well-documented and 
illustrated, very highly recommended.
INFO: http://thedreamtime.com/go/to.cgi?l=td25well

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