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Issue #24                                   November 27, 2002

              Numerology / Astrology
           Alternatives for a New World

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       T A B L E    O F   C O N T E N T S
  ==> Book Review - Conscious Dreaming
  ==> Spirituality - Readings, Purchased vs. Do Your Own
  ==> Useful Resources For You

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                B O O K    R E V I E W 
Conscious Dreaming by Robert Moss      Review by Brett Simpson

This could be the best book on dreaming that's available!  It 
is that good.   Robert Moss has written a manual for those 
seeking transformational changes from the messages in their 

Covering all aspects of dreaming, including the hypnagogic 
state between sleep/wakefullness, Conscious Dreaming is a tour 
de force for the dreamer, psychologist, or anyone else wishing 
to get an in depth look at dreams and how they affect us.

The author, Robert Moss grew up in Australia and had contact 
with an aboriginal friend who made it clear how important 
dreams really are.  Following years as an author/writer, some 
of his novels are actually based on his dream characters, 
Robert has been leading international workshops on Active 

Active Dreaming is the basic background for the 
interpretations that are discussed in this book, though there 
are many other methods that are covered.  Active Dreaming 
involves a union of shamanic drumming, dream re-entry and 
communication with dream characters for fully understanding 
the meaning behind your dreams.   

The methods discussed here are powerful and fully documented 
with dreams from the author and others.   Since 90% of the 
dream is lost when you wake up, and the consciousness/ego step 
in to interpret, it only makes sense to try to go back into 
the dream for a more unconscious investigation of  meaning.   

Perhaps the main focus of the book in general is an attempt to 
bring the dreaming energy into our waking lives, to work with 
it, explore the dreams with the characters that are there, and 
to use the lessons that are learned as methods for 
transformational changes in ourselves and others around us. 

There are many other aspects of dreaming covered in great 
detail including: how to remember your dreams, how to enter a 
dream state while awake, how to recognize you are dreaming 
while asleep, methods for journaling, indexing and tracking 
your dreams and the locations that they take place in. 

Divided into 10 sections there is more here than I can even 
begin to review.  there are sections on working with partners, 
astral dreaming, shamanic dreaming, using dream radar (to 
remember actual future places that you have dreamed of pre-
cognitively), dreams of those that are already dead, dream 
guides, and a fantastic section on working with healing energy 
in dreams, how to protect from psychic energy attacks, etc...

Since our dreams are also future and past recollections, it's 
important to realize the importance of locating those elements 
in your own dream.  Robert discusses what he calls HSP - 
Hypersensory Perception which is often at work in dreams to 
provide clairvoyance, telepathy and precognition.  I have had 
many of these experiences myself, and perhaps this is the 
reason that I have become so interested in studying dreaming 
in general.

Though we often dream of the future, as the author notes, some 
of these dreams may be possible futures (which we do, or do 
not choose) to make our own.  Those futures may continue to be 
lived in another dimensional plane of reality, which is 
separate from the one we are currently living.  

It is the dream guides and our own ability to re-enter the 
dream world to ask for clarification that brings power to the 
dreaming mind as a teacher and helper on many levels that is 
quite fascinating.  To find and become aware of a guide 
assisting you through your dreams provides a level of 
awareness that is advanced and extremely valuable in it's 

The notes in the back list a ton of reference material and 
dream resources.  I give this book my highest recommendation 
and suggest that anyone with an interest in dream study and 
interpretation get a copy as soon as possible.

Rating 5/5 Fascinating tour de force that covers all aspects 
of dreaming, very highly recommended.
INFO: http://thedreamtime.com/go/to.cgi?l=td24cd

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             S P I R I T U A L I T Y
Readings - Purchased vs. Do Your Own      by Brett Simpson

Frequently visitors to the website are asking about taking 
classes, or learning to do their own Numerology, or Astrology 
readings.  I believe this is a good thing in some cases, 
especially if you who want to pursue a career in the field. If 
you want to pursue a career or not, I'd like to go further 
into which type of reading you should consider and why.

As you probably know by now, I've been a student of 
metaphysics, numerology and astrology for over 20 years.  
During that time, I've learned quite a bit about these ancient 
sciences and I've developed techniques for calculation that I 
use in my readings.  One of the first things I learned while 
developing my own style, was that there are so many other 
styles, and methods, that it seemed almost impossible at first 
to find teachers who agreed on how to make a calculation, 
which name to use when calculating, and so on.

This can be extremely frustrating for you, as it was for me.  
It's not an insurmountable task, but it is one that is very  
time consuming, and sometimes a pain to determine which 
method works best, and why! I was eventually able to 
determine which method(s) worked best for me by doing test 
readings on many others who I knew personally and that I could 
get a good enough feel from to know if the method I was using, 
was mathematically accurate enough to continue to use.

Believe me when I tell you, that there will be times when you 
won't be sure which method works, and why.  It happened to 
me for a long time.   When this happens, it also pulls your 
mind into the 'logical' aspect of the reading, and takes your 
focus away from the true vibrational qualities that you are 
trying to understand at that point.

It can lead to more frustration, and many months of 
difficulties in determining your own style, so that you can do 
one thing good - and that is apply your style to the person 
you are reading to give the best reading possible.  I say 
this, because I think it's important to be aware of how much 
trouble it can save you to think about purchasing a reading, 
and avoiding many of the hassles I've described above.

Remember, the last book I wrote, explained over 6 
different methods for calculating one number!   Yes, one 
number in your Numerology Chart - the Life Path - which also 
happens to be one of the most important numbers in your 
personal chart because this is the number that outlines how 
you should best go about achieving your Life Purpose.  Of 
course, knowing which calculation method is best in this 
situation, and you should trust the reader's knowledge in this 

When you consider that a very good detailed reading can 
sometimes be had for under $40, I have to wonder why you are 
so intent on spending several months of your time learning the 
background and methods behind the reading itself, before even 
looking at a detailed reading.  The low cost for detailed 
purchased readings which are available for delivery over the 
internet means that as a beginner (or expert), you should 
seriously consider purchasing one.

If you decide to study further, having a detailed example of 
another professional's work will also help you in discovering 
which methods and reading concepts resonate best with you.  If 
you decide you don't want to invest your time in studying the 
methods, having an accurately calculated reading delivered to 
you within a short time will provide you with great benefits.

So, the next time you think about learning another new reading 
method, think about purchasing one first.   You will be 
surprised at how valuable you will find a refreshing new 
outlook, that you may have never considered before.  And, you 
will save yourself the time and frustration of several months 
of study learning the methods which work best for you. 

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The Dreamtime click here:

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