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Issue #23                                   October 18, 2002

              Numerology / Astrology
           Alternatives for a New World

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       T A B L E    O F   C O N T E N T S
  ==> Culture Poll - Halloween Traditions 
  ==> Culture Article - Halloween Myths
  ==> Spirituality Article - Tarot and the 22 Paths (part 2)
  ==> Useful Resources For You

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                C U L T U R E  
The Halloween poll is still up, cast your vote on your 
favorite Halloween activity, here are the current tallies (in 
order from most to least):

Apple Cider & Fall Season....... 30%
Costume Parties................. 28%
Decorating Your House........... 16%
Trick or Treating............... 12%
Carving Pumpkins................ 12%
Other (enter your own)..........  0%

I'll leave the poll up for a little longer to give everyone a 
chance to vote. 

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              C U L T U R E
Halloween Myths                        by Brett Simpson

Halloween will be on us soon, and so it's good to first take 
a look at how this holiday came about and what makes it so 
popular today (especially in the United States).

Before Christianity the Celtic pagans held two great Fire 
festivals every year - Beltane (on May 1), and Samhain 
(November 1) - these two events were meant to mark the 
beginning of Summer and Winter.  Because the Celtic day 
started at Sunset and lasted until the following sunset, the 
festival began on the eve o November 1st, or October 31st.  
Halloween on October 31st was meant to mark the transition 
from Autumn to Winter and was the time of year when the 
souls of the departed were supposed to re-visit their old 
homes to warm themselves by the fire and enjoy the good 
cheer provided for them in the kitchens and parlors of their 

The name Halloween was created when 'All Hallows Eve', 
the festival of fire and spirit was moved to the SAME DAY as 
the pagan festival of Samhain.  It is also the night before 
the Christian festival of All Hallow's (Saints) Day which 
commemorates the Christian Saints and martyrs and is marked 
by All Souls Day with prayers for the souls of the dead in 
the Roman Catholic Church.   All Hallow's Eve or Hallowe'en 
was moved from May 13th to November 1st in the 8th century, 
most likely to make it coincide with the Celtic pagan 
festival of Samhain, so that All Hallows Eve became the 
same celebration as Samhain for the Celtic Pagans, and on 
the same day!

For the Celtics, the day and evening was one when offerings 
of food and drink were put out for the spirits as they 
passed by moving from East to West - the direction of the 
dying sun.  Today the masks and costumes are meant to 
symbolize these spirits, or to keep the evil at bay by 
scaring away the spirits with the ugly masks.  As the 
children visit the neighbors for candy and treats - they are 
collecting the 'food offerings' that were originally left 
for the spirits. 

The Jack-o-lantern or (will-o-wisp), sometimes called a 
corpse light or candle was originally the mysterious lights 
seen hovering over lakes, ferns and marshes.  It is said to 
represent a person's spirit counterpart or double.  The 
lights are called 'swamp gas' by scientists and are believed 
to be either the ignition of gases from decaying plant or 
animal matter, or an optical illusion caused by atmospheric 
conditions.  They look like small glowing balls of fire or 
like candle flames and are associated with the souls of the 
dead, or sometimes the wandering soulS which cannot find 
refuge in Heaven or Hell.

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             S P I R I T U A L I T Y
Tarot and the 22 Paths (Part 2)        by Brett Simpson

In this article will delve closer into the details on how the 
22 cards of the Major Arcana in the Tarot deck are related to 
the tree of life and the paths between each of the sefiroth 
(or spheres) in the tree of life.   In previous articles we 
defined the 22 Major Arcana cards and symbology, as well as 
defined the terms needed to help us proceed further with 
exploring the pathways between them.

I'll begin the discussion by teaching you the realm of the 
spheres in the tree of life.  It is important to understand 
the spheres before going further and understanding the paths 
between them.   The spheres are split up into three main 
sections, 1.) the personality, 2.) the soul, and 3. ) the 

Within the realm of the personality we have 4 spheres 
beginning with the very bottom sphere 'Malkuth' (the body and 
senses), just above that is 'Yesod'  (the subconscious).  I'll 
be working from the bottom of the tree up to the top in this 
discussion.  Above and to the left working our way up the tree 
of life we come to 'Hod' (thoughts), above and to the right of 
'Yesod' is 'Netzach' (feelings).   This completes the realm of 
your personality and it includes the sensory awareness and 
integrated energies for balancing your thoughts, feelings and 
experiences along with the expressions of them.    Your body 
and senses at 'Malkuth' are the root of the tree of life, and 
it is good to always return there to ground your energies 
before continuing each new pathworking.  

These lower spheres in the tree are important, and it is best 
to see that they are balanced before continuing on paths or 
pathworking that may take you to other spheres.  We'll talk 
more about the paths later, but for now, let's continue our 
discussion of the spheres.

The middle group of spheres represents your individual soul, 
that part of the total spirit that has separated and came down 
here to represent you.  This group of spheres is represented 
in the middle by 'Tiphareth', (the center of the self) and the 
link between your personality spheres and the higher spheres 
above this (the transpersonal spheres, or spheres of the 
spirit).   Above and to the left of 'Tiphareth' is 'Geburah' 
(the place of (Will and Power) for your personal self, and to 
the right is 'Chesed' (Love and Awareness).  By exercising the 
connections between Love and Will and the staying centered in 
the self - directing your attention to how your center self 
feels you will be able to gain a deep conscious awareness of 
bringing your destiny under your control.

While I'll be showing you ways to access the higher realms 
through the paths between them, it is equally important for 
you to be centered in a way that helps you apply the lessons 
you will learn from the pathworkings.   In this way, rather 
than being a player in the drama of your own life, you become 
the director instead!  This one powerful difference will 
provide you with valuable insights, lessons, and teachings 
that cannot be found in any other way.   

As you become more centered, you will learn to gain a control 
over your destiny, and to witness the unfolding of your own 
soul's purpose as it happens.  Now, if that's not exciting, I 
don't know what else to say.   To gain a better center, learn 
to find a greater connection to the other spheres in this 
realm of the soul by exploring deeply the connections between 
your 'Chesed' (Love), and your 'Geburah' (Will).

The realm of the spirit lies just above the individual soul 
and connects you to a spiritual connection with the three 
spheres , first to the left 'Binah' (Spiritual Love), and to 
the right 'Chokmah' (Spiritual Will or Purpose) and directly 
above 'Kether' (the Divine Self) .  Anytime you are in a 
transcendent state, when you experience nature as being part 
of yourself, when you feel wonder at the cosmic plan that 
encompasses us all, you are in this state of transcended 
reality which will help you to learn to manifest a spiritual 
reality in your everyday world.

In summary, here's how the three realms are layed out
(top to bottom)
SPIRITUAL: the divine self, spiritual love and will
SOUL: centered self, will and power, love and awareness
PERSONALITY: the body (senses), subconscious, thoughts, 

Almost all of the spheres are connected to others by paths.  
When you traverse these paths in meditation journeys it is 
possible to get a better understanding from your point of view 
on how each of the two spheres relate in your world, and how 
the connection between the two is made.  

If you work with a good tarot deck you will find symbols for 
the paths that are associated with that tarot card on each 
card!  This provides a very useful way for you to study the 22 
paths and their symbolic meanings.   Remember that the first 
10 spheres are the first 10 paths, the following 22 paths are 
numbered 11 to 32 and they work their way from the top of the 
tree of life to the bottom, though this is not the way that 
you would ever want to traverse the tree, since you want to 
start and end all of your journeys from the body and 
sensations of your self ('Malkuth'). 

In the next article in this series I'll lay out the 22 paths 
and we'll begin to look deeper at the symbolic meanings 
between the spheres on each of these paths.  Until then, keep 
in mind that you should try to stay grounded, feel your 
connection to the Earth, and stay centered.   

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