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Issue #21                                   September 20, 2002

              Numerology / Astrology
           Alternatives for a New World

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Publisher: The Dreamtime - http://www.thedreamtime.com
Editor: Brett Simpson   

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       T A B L E    O F   C O N T E N T S
  ==> Awareness Poll - Achievement Question
  ==> Spirituality Article - Readings and Synchronicity
  ==> Book Review - Miracles
  ==> Spirituality Article - Tarot and the 22 Paths (intro)
  ==> Useful Resources For You

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                A W A R E N E S S 
The poll is turning out as I expected!  It seems that the 
majority of you are most interested in Spiritual Enlightenment 
than any of the other form of achievement.  This is followed 
closely by a desire for Relationship Success, here are the 
current tallies (in order from most to least):

Spiritual Enlightenment.... 54.0%
Relationship Success....... 29.7%
Financial Independence.....  8.1%
Business Achievement.......  5.4%
Career Advancement.........  2.7%
Other (enter your own).....    0%

I'll leave the poll up for a little longer to give everyone a 
chance to vote. 

Visit the homepage at The Dreamtime to vote at:

             S P I R I T U A L I T Y
Readings and Synchronicity                  by Brett Simpson

Finding and understanding synchronicity with divination 
readings is perhaps one of the more difficult tasks - but one 
which is well worth the effort.  This article is an excellent 
follow-up to the two previous issues, and the last issue in 
particular where I discussed the use of creating a 'blind  
reading' for yourself.  You may want to refer back to those 
previous articles before continuing, or for reference.

First lets talk briefly about synchronicity.  The term was 
coined by Carl Jung the famous Psychologist and student of 
Sigmund Freud.  In an attempt to understand the unexplained, 
Jung made up this term to describe two meaningful events which 
occur without any explanation as when any inner-perceived 
event (dream, vision, premonition) has, or seems to have a 
corresponding external reality.   I like to include a 
divinatory symbolic meaning as an inner-perceived event.   

What this does is facilitate an easier, though still pure 
method for finding synchronicity meanings in divination 
readings of all types (tarot, rune, i ching, or any other 
variety).  I also believe that whether the reading is done by 
yourself, and for yourself, or by another person (or reader) 
makes no difference.  In fact, it may even provide greater 
evidence for a connection to the events through some magical 
power of our universe which somehow collapses time and allows 
these two unrelated events to share one archetypal meaning,  
which can only be understood by the person requesting the 

That's a lot of words there, let me further explain what I 
feel is going on.  The synchronicity of the two events may be 
occurring because there is some underlying emotional 
expression within you that requires you to see or feel this 
symbol/event, or action at this time in your life. The all-
knowing universe which is functioning outside of our own 
constructs of time allows these two similar events to occur 
with a symbolic meaning in your life. Why?  Because it helps 
you to understand something that you may never have been able 
to understand without the symbolic meaning that connects these 
two events!

Wow, is that heavy or what?  In reality, when you create a 
divination reading, you are tapping into the other-dimensional 
aspects of consciousness which are able to symbolically bring 
together two very different, but similar events to remind you 
that 'yes-it's possible'.  To let you in on the secret that 
our entire universe is really a dream, dreaming itself into 

Now back to our article...  Remember that the readings become 
important when you  can recognize aspects of possible future 
events in the reading itself.   These possible future events 
will appear symbolically in the reading, and very rarely may 
even appear in concrete form - as exact events, numbers, or 
things which occur near the event which holds a special 
meaning for you.

When you realize the power of these events, I think you can 
see how important it is to start journaling, and noting your 
reactions and the outcomes of the readings that you do for 
yourself, and for others.   Everything can take on an 'other-
worldly' symbolic meaning when it is placed in the context of 
a past reading.   But it is those objects, people, events, or 
aspects of them that occur and re-occur in your readings, 
divinations, dreams and visions which hold the greatest power 
and possibility for you.

To find those events, you'll have to start taking note of what 
happens in your dreams, and readings, for example: how the 
cards are positioned specifically.  You also want to take note 
of cards which may fall out of the deck while you are 
shuffling, for example, or runes which happen to turn 
themselves over when cast.  You can see that watching even 
these subtle clues for meaning can provide you with the most 
powerful methods for understanding and making use of the 

How can you be sure that an events or person, an object, or 
place is a synchronicity?  Watch for it to occur and re-occur 
throughout your divinations. If it's a dream look for the 
dream that has a 'glow' to it, or otherworldly sense, or look 
for a dream that you wake up from asking 'who is that 
person?', or 'what does that mean?'.  These are the times that 
you can be most certain that a synchronicity has made itself 
known to you. The next step is to wait for the future event to 
occur, the person to appear in your life, or the object, or 
place to come into view.... Sometimes having the patience to 
wait for the outcome is the hardest part, but one that is well 
worth it!   

On a personal note, I've experienced synchronicities of this 
type throughout my life. I've seen almost all of them have 
outcomes, there's still a few that I'm waiting for, I know 
that they have got to be coming soon, as they were such clear 
visions in dreams that I've had.

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                B O O K    R E V I E W 
Miracles by Stuart Wilde            Review by Brett Simpson

Miracles are not logical!  In his inimitable way Stuart Wilde 
once again provides us with a mini-book that is so full of 
potential that it's nearly impossible for me to describe.

Everything is energy, and the Universal law is all knowing, 
all giving. Of course you have to know how to be specific 
about what you ask for, otherwise you'll end up with nothing.  
All of these little tidbits you may have heard before, but not
in the way that Mr. Wilde puts them.  Having a reminder book 
like this is well worth the price, you might want to buy a few 
of them and stuff them in your car, nightstand and office desk 
for whenever you need that little 'umph' of spiritual 

There are no accidents Stuart reminds us, all is created for 
us, by us.  The main core of the book is the 'Miracle Action 
Plan' a simple 6 step plan to make your own miracles, you can 
read the book in short time, but I bet the action plan will 
stay with you, and you'll find it highly valuable for 
remembering what you really want out of life.  

Understanding energy, time and personal power close out this 
great little book with a huge and powerful message that we 
should all listen to. Buy it with Silent Power for maximum 

Rating 5/5: Powerful, power packed mini-book that lays out a 
plan for achieving your 'miracles' in everyday life.  Highly 
recommended for a reminder book - read it often.
INFO: http://thedreamtime.com/go/to.cgi?l=td21mir

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             S P I R I T U A L I T Y
Tarot and the 22 Paths (Introduction)        by Brett Simpson

I know this information will prove useful to you, but before I 
begin there are a few definitions and things to discuss so 
that we have a base of knowledge to start with.   Over the 
next several articles in this series I will teach you how to 
develop your own pathworking through the tree of life and 
eventually you will learn to recognize and associate 
numerology, astrology and the tarot with the paths and with 
your own personal awareness and growth.   I'll lay out some of 
the more popular paths for journeying and help you to identify 
some of the symbols and numbers you may encounter.

22 paths:
indicates the 22 paths on the kabbalistic tree of life, there 
are 32 paths total, though the first 10 represent the 10 
spheres on the tree of life.  By learning to understand these 
22 paths and associate them with a pathworking meditation you 
will become more aware of the spiritual essence that is part 
of your everday life and the major events that are part of it.

Tarot Major Arcana:
the Major Arcana of the tarot is sometimes called the trumps 
and represents archetypal forces that affect your life.  
Arcana comes from the Latin word arcanum which means mystery 
or secret.

A term used to describe a guided meditation or journey.  When 
combined with the tree of life it indicates a journey on one 
or more of the 32 paths, each of which represents a specific 
type of journey related to physical, mental, emotional, or 
spiritual awakening or initiation of some type.  All 
pathworking journeys begin and end in Malkuth (earth).

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