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Issue #20                                    September 6, 2002

              Numerology / Astrology
           Alternatives for a New World

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Editor: Brett Simpson   

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             S P I R I T U A L I T Y
Testing Oracle/Tarot Readings Yourself        by Brett Simpson

Following up on the article in the previous issue, I wanted to 
let you know about the success/failures I noticed and tell you 
which divination methods I worked with when testing them for 
their value.   Remember that I talked about the method for 
determining the value of using different divination methods 
(tarot, i ching, runes), etc.   I tested each of the methods 
by doing a 'blind reading' with each of the chosen methods and 
asking a specific question, but without revealing the 
reading's answer until after the event had passed.

You can learn about which readings will work best for you by 
interpreting the results.  Some readers believe that reading 
for yourself is not possible, or not accurate or predictable 
enough, but this method of interpreting the results will help 
you determine that for yourself.

I'm going to describe the decks/divination methods I used in 
the order (from best/most accurate, to worst/least accurate).  
I've also provided links to the decks/tools I used in case you 
wish to purchase any of them.  This list is not meant to 
recommend one deck over others, since you will need to 
determine that on your own, however if you are seeking a new 
deck, or type of divination I do highly recommend all of those 
listed below.

ORACLE OF THE DREAMTIME - Donni Hakanson:  this one provided 
the most complete and accurate divination for me.  It's a 
phenomenal tool.  The cards are round in shape and this helps 
to provide answers which could never be achieved with 
rectangular or square cards.  The answers are based on 
Aboriginal Australian animal/nature stories regarding the 
Dreamtime.  I used the 10 card southern cross spread.  The 
outcome was highly accurate, powerful in it's scope and 
helpful in providing alternate or follow-up ways to expend my 

I CHING - I Ching Workbook by R.L. Wing
I've returned again and again to the I Ching and now I know 
why.  The reply to my question was answered precisely, 
succinctly and with a deep and inner knowing.  I will continue 
to consult this powerful oracle and I recommend that anyone 
who does - use the I Ching Workbook for interpreting, 
recording and tracking the results they receive.

GAIA STAR CODEX - by Bonnie Dell and David Todd
This 64 card deck, and Gaiastar map approaches divination from 
another angle.  It is intended more for use by co-creators 
intent on creating a new reality, instead of on prediction.  
The card interpretations are meant to inspire further insights 
while the card images invoke a deep visual study: each card is 
a mandala image digitally created from natural elements such 
as rocks, flowers, feathers, food, etc. I found inspiration 
here and the reading made me aware of a method for 'abundance 
activation' by seeking out a spiritual and primal rebirth.  
Powerful images and text combined to assist me when I created 
the 6 card animator reading.

RUNES - The Book of Runes by Ralph Blum.
I like to pull a simple 3 rune cast whenever I have a question 
that needs an exact answer.  I did the same this time, but it 
seems the Runes do not provide me with the same level of 
detail as the other readings. There was an answer, and it did 
speak to me, just not as powerfully and without as  much 
emotion/fire/detail as the other readings. Still useful 

This 52 card deck of geometric Mandala images and energies was 
not as helpful as I had hoped for. The cards are beautiful: 
round, colorful and interesting to look at. There were a few 
insights for me to be had but it took considerable work 
interpreting these cards from the short meanings that are  
included with the deck.

This is an interesting and well done deck, but unfortunately 
for me, it seems that the traditional tarot decks and readings 
do not prove as useful for my analysis and understanding then 
the other types of oracle/divination methods.  Your luck may 
vary, and in fact if you are already an active tarot user, you 
may find this deck the best of the bunch, of course you'll 
need to experiment to find that out.

We all need to make our own decisions and interpretations, so, 
I hope that you too are able to try different readings using 
any and all of the divination methods you have available to 
you to see which work best for you.

Remember to include your feelings in you experiments, and to 
ask questions which you can test categorically such as: 
friendships, relationships, events, activities, etc.  As you 
do this, record your own findings in your journal and look 
back to it from time to time.  Eventually a pattern will 
emerge which will help you get a strong intuitive feel for 
which deck or tool to go to  the next time you read for 

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                A W A R E N E S S  
Psychology of Achievement 6 tape series by Brian Tracy
Review by Brett Simpson

The Psychology of Achievement 6 tape set (and workbook) is a 
Tour De Force from success author Brian Tracy.  It covers so 
much ground I'll have to split it into sections in this 

We feel good about ourselves to the degree to which we feel we 
are in control of our lives.  This law of control stated by 
Tracy is just one of many laws he explores.  It is this law 
which I believe Tracy helps us with the most, learning to gain 
control over our lives, in ways which sound nearly impossible 
before listening to this powerful speaker.  

Starting with 6 requirements for success, to the final 
'purpose of life' this series I believe is one of the most 
powerful ways for anyone to learn to gain the knowledge, 
understanding, and ambition to accomplish anything in life!  I 
know that you will find it equally valuable.  It has helped me 
understand the basis of all personality and action.   

I suggest you purchase this series and put these practices to 
work as quickly as possible.  They are techniques which are 
sure to see you succeed, personally, financially, in business 
and, most importantly,  in your personal relationships with 

Brian does an excellent job of tying all the concepts back to 
the basic laws of desire, ambition, fear, blame and guilt that 
we have all learned to respond to as children.  Learn a simple 
way of overcoming negative habit patterns, it works - I've 
been using it for some time now with great success.

Step behind it all and understand how the subconscious mind 
can be triggered to work on the goals, wishes, and dreams that 
you desire.  I really like how Brian makes sure that we 
realize that all things in our lives are a result of what we 
ask for, and what we create, and that we must accept 100% 
responsibility for each and every one of them. 

The acceptance of responsibility along with a sense of control 
that we can all create by following the time management and 
goal setting concepts in this set eventually leads to one 
thing.  More positive emotions, and less negative ones!
From this viewpoint Brian goes on to relate how all physical, 
emotional ailments are rooted in negative emotions.  It is our 
own reaction to outside elements that creates these emotions, 
not the other way around.

Refreshing viewpoints such as these make this series unique 
and provide a foundation for more advanced concepts which come 
later.  The series generally follows four main themes, 1.) 
building a positive self-concept by learning to accept 
responsibility and to stop guilt and blame, 2.) gaining self 
control by improving your self-esteem, using affirmations, 
visualization and goal setting/achieving 3.) the supraconcious 
mind and how to stimulate creativity to get answers, and  
lastly, the key to life, 4.) human relations, how to get along 
with others, including business, personal relationships and 
even how to build a relationship with your children.  

I'll try to touch on each of these sections throughout the 
review, but there is a lot of material here!  Even more than I 

There is a huge section on guilt and blame and the damage it 
can do.  You will determine how to stop negative emotions a 
the roots.  Cut down the tree (which has 'blame' as it's 
trunk) and begin to feel good again. Techniques for removing 
negative emotions, and worry are discussed. Learn the basic 
laws that drive all human expectations, master the self-
concept of yourself that is so important to beginning to 
change.  One solution: learn to forgive, each and every person 
in your life, most importantly your parents, and yourself.   
The kindest thing you can do is to learn to forgive everyone. 

Learn about the single most powerful affirmation that will 
keep your conscious mind focused on what you need. How to 
actively create effective affirmations with purpose. 
Visualization and when the best time to do it. How to make use 
of reference groups to keep you on track.  Also included are 4 
techniques for achieving success. Learn why goal setting is so 
powerful: your subconscious mind learns to trigger a success 
mechanism when you have goals in mind, and you keep repeating 
them. The goal setting information here is truly phenomenal, 
one of my favorite techniques covered here is how  to use a 
5x8 card for writing out goals every morning, just for a few 
minutes - how to write them, and most importantly, how to 
overcome the fear you may have of writing them down at all.  
Learn to find your area of excellence and take advantage of 
it. There is a 12 step plan for determining, writing down, 
setting a deadline, visualizing and achieving your goal.

This section may seem a bit out of place, but you'll soon 
realize it's not.  Here we have an explanation of what makes 
the supraconscious mind work, how to tap into it for creative 
purposes, or to get an answer to any question you may have.  
Learn the characteristics of genius and how to use them 
yourself.  Brainstorming power for small groups, and how to 
invite the supraconscious creativity into your own life.  

This final section provides an incredible amount of material 
on how to have successful relationships.  Since Brian sees 
this as the key to life, it makes sense that the program winds 
down with these lessons on maintaining a healthy and happy 
outlook, how to make others feel good, and how to disagree 
without arguing.   The information listed here is simply 
astounding in it's scope.  I've learned so much from this 
section and I find it invaluable in dealing with others in all 
relationships.  Discover the true value of respect and 
commitment.   What makes an ideal couple, when opposite 
attractions make sense and when they don't, and how to deal 
with children while still keeping their self-esteem high.  

Throughout the series Brian refers back to and builds upon 
material presented earlier.  I cannot stress enough how 
valuable I found this series of tapes, and workbook.  I 
strongly recommend you check it out, and if it feels right for 
you purchase it and work your way through.  It's astounding! 

For more information click here:

Rating 5/5: Brilliant Tour De Force gives positive instruction 
on achieving anything you want in life.  Highly Recommended.
INFO: http://thedreamtime.com/go/to.cgi?l=td20ach

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