Welcome to the second issue of The Dreamtimes!  
       Alternatives for a New World
Editor: Brett Simpson
December 21, 2001                Issue #2

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Welcome to the second issue of our Ezine The Dreamtimes.
I want to thank all of you who have signed up during our
years in business, we have over 90,000 subscribers!

Many of you wrote to ask about how to determine your Moon
Sign.  The Moon Sign calculator is almost finished, but not
quite, so I've had to put that off until next issue, sorry, 
but I want to make sure it is working perfectly before I 
let everyone know about it.

In this issue:
-> Quotations of Value
-> The Dreamtime Marketplace
-> Spirituality Article - Mind/Body Medicine
-> Book Review - The Evolving Human by Penny Kelly
-> Culture website recommendation - Seva Foundation
-> Featured Dreamtime Search - Meditation

     Q U O T A T I O N S   O F   V A L U E 
"As we come to trust and love our internal guide, we lose 
our fear of intimacy because we no longer confuse our intimate 
others with the higher power we are coming to know."

Julia Cameron (The Artist's Way : A Spiritual Path to Higher
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"And I'm not talking about meditating or being quiet and
serious all the time.  A critical part of being alive is
our ability to have fun, and having fun often means going
fast.  What I'm urging is balance, a mindfulness that allows
us to bring a different rhythm to our days.  When we give it
a chance, we'll discover a surprising truth: It's when we slow
down that we show up."

Stephan Rechtschaffen, M.D. (Time Shifting - Creating More
Time to Enjoy your Life.)
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T H E   D R E A M T I M E  -  M A R K E T P L A C E

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             S P I R I T U A L I T Y
Mind/Body Medicine             Written by Brett Simpson

Meditation and the mind is a powerful way of learning  
compassion, reverence and respect.  As the focus of this 
issue seems to turn inward, I hope that all of us can 
spend some time looking within during this holiday time, 
regardless of our religious or spiritual outlook.  It is 
good to spend at least 5 minutes every day in quiet 
contemplation, or just listening to the voice inside of 
us that reminds us of our connection to each other and 
to the force of creation.  

If you have trouble meditating, that is alright, you are 
making a change in your own personal space and sometimes 
it does not come quickly, or easily; the most important 
part is to remember to keep working at it.  Remember to 
continue to let each thought disappear into space, or, 
pass it over your head and up into the universe.  Most 
importantly do not let it stick with you, as it is this 
quiet 'lack of thought' that will bring about the greatest
changes in your mind.

It is also good to get in tune with nature in some respect
every day.   I do a personal greeting every morning to
welcome each day.  As we involve our mind, our body must also 
be exercised, some of you have indicated that in our
online poll.  

Our recent poll asked you which was your favorite
Mind/Body workout.   I deliberately left the responses 
to only six, so that others would feel free to add their 
own if they wanted to   I'll leave the poll up for a 
few more days, but the current results are as follows,
in order of the highest percentage of responses:
Meditation   (27%)
Massage      (17%)
Aromatherapy (17%)
Tai Chi      (13%)
Yoga         (10%)
Aerobics      (7%)
Other (sex, feldenkrais, reiki) (10%)

visit the homepage at The Dreamtime to vote for your 
choice at:
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            B O O K    R E V I E W
The Evolving Human - Penny Kelly | 1997 - Lily Hill Publishing
Review by Brett Simpson

I had a chance to meet Penny Kelly several months ago and I 
was impressed.  After reading The Evolving Human, I am even 
more so.

This autobiographical sketch of the author's life for a 
16 year period covers the inexplainable aspects of spontaneous
kundalini awakening and provides philosophical essays, and
teachings that were received from a higher source.  Not only
did Penny encounter considerable difficulty while working
through the traumatic emotional and physical changes that can
occur with kundalini, but she did this without any knowledge
of what was happening to her (at the time).

Raised as a devout Christian as many of us are in the Midwest, 
USA, she had little understanding of many of the things that 
occurred throughout her spontaneous awakenings.  This adds 
validity and a deeper sincerity to many of the topics discussed 
such as spontaneous out-of-body experiences, remote viewing 
of others actions, and the amazing powers of communication with 
animals, insects and even with her truck as it mirrored the 
state of her emotional turmoil at one point.  Credit goes to
the author for reaching beyond these experiences to locate their
source: she changed her college major to study the brain and
spiritual energy, endured deep questioning from her trained
therapist friends and finally found the true definition of the
word kundalini during an epiphany.  She explores many aspects 
of this new energy which causes a burning heat and an intense
sexual sensitivity that initially confuses the author herself 
as she desperately tries to get a handle on what is 
happening in her life.

This book draws on deep references in many fields including 
Walter Russell and his 'Polarization and Unified Field Theory' 
and Gopi Krishna's 'Kundalini, The Evolutionary Energy in Man'.
It is the refreshing personal stories, that are woven throughout 
the deep realizations and discussions of theories, that tackle 
issues such as space, time and our place in the world of 
electromagnetic wave frequencies that make this book stand out
as a welcome and thoughtful account from a feminine perspective.
The discussion of the nature of time and how everything is
happening simultaneously is particularly creative.

There are also a few interesting chapters dedicated to the concepts
of human stages of development and how, we, as spiritual beings
operating within the physical realm, have an opportunity to be
influenced by these situations.  Also included is an extensive
Glossary of Eastern thought and spiritual terms and several
appendices relating the author's experiences with dream
interpretation and experiments in telepathic communication.

RATING: 5/5 - A powerful and personal account of spiritual 
evolutionary change from a feminine perspective that is both 
enlightening and sophisticated.
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            C U L T U R E   W E B S I T E 
Seva Foundation                       Featured Website(s)

In this time of giving, it makes it even more valuable to 
give a gift of service and love.  I know that many have
given considerably after the terrible events here in the
USA this year, but I wanted to provide one more chance
for anyone to give a gift this year that will provide a
culture with wellness (water), healing and spiritual

The Seva Foundation is extremely well designed site and offers
an opportunity for anyone to give a gift that brings peace,
friendship and love to others in other parts of the world,
or to indigenous people the world over.  In this time of
global awareness, it becomes even more important to cultivate
with compassion, and heal with a gift of love and kindness
to others.  Seva,  an ancient Sanskrit word for service, 
was cofounded by Ram Dass in 1978.

Some of the larger projects are a method for overcoming the 
overwhelming diabetes problem among Native Americans, to
initiating a refugee protection and accompaniment program
that supports indigenous culture, sustainable agriculture
and micro enterprise in Guatemala.  The organization is intent
on helping to solve some of the larger issues of community,
literacy and the preservation of indigenous values in places
where peoples may be living without other means of support,
economically, politically or culturally.  Congratulations to 
a group that seeks out relationships with the people they 
assist that go beyond helping to include a means of promoting
cultural exchange, and an integrated approach to support for
renewal and traditional spiritual values within the community
they are assisting. 

The website also offers t-shirts, posters, music, calendars
and a recipe book besides the gifts of service that can be
purchased.  Also a nice eCard feature will let you send 
an electronic card to anyone with a Seva Foundation photo 
and your own personal message.

The organization works from a set of guiding principles that
affirms the spiritual and cultural roots of the communities
and people they assist.  The Seva Foundation provides the
means of helping others in many ways and they earn our highest

Visit Seva Foundation:
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 F E A T U R E D   D R E A M T I M E   S E A R C H
Meditation Pathway                   Community Feature

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